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The Legend of TncHomoErectus / New Creature



  5.jpg.adb19063a3dea0560238206418400f8e.jpg  Homo Erectus

Homo erectus were accidentally found by Helena in the Ark records. The remains were about 4.5 to 5.9 million years old. The conventional view is that this species evolved about five million years ago at The Center. Why and how Homo erectus disappeared is unknown. Homo erectus had a larger skull capacity than the Survivors; the oldest remains had a capacity of 850 cm³, while the newest specimens measured up to 1100 cm³, matching that of the Survivors. His face is less protruding with larger protrusions and less prominent cheekbones.
These early hominins (hominins) were about 180 centimeters long; he was also of an extraordinarily slender yet strong build, with long arms and legs. Bodily disparity between men and women was slightly greater than among survivors; Homo erectus males were about 25 percent larger than their females.

Homo erectus used relatively primitive tools. On the other hand, it has also been suggested that they may be the first hominids to use rafts to travel across the oceans. It contains some evidence that fire was first used by these people. Archaeologists have found fragments of red clay dating back 4 million years. Examination of these pieces showed that the clay had to be heated to 400 degrees in order to harden. Homo Erectus was probably the first human to live in small kin communities, similar to modern survivor populations. Homo erectus is thought to have been the first human species to hunt in coordinated groups, use sophisticated tools, and care for sick or weak relatives. Of this species, The from the island Valguero , Cristal There is evidence that it spread to the isles and later to Ragnarok and Fjordur .

In a document obtained, the following information and data were obtained for Homo erectus .


In-Game Name: TncHomoErectus

Stats- Health:10000 St:500 Ox:300 FO:1000 WE: 750 MD: 500 SP: 160

Type: Mammal

Time: Permian- Triassic

Diet: Carnivorous-Herbivorous

Temperament: Curious, Semi-aggressive

 Abilities; Homo erectus , a hunter-gatherer species, is a creature intelligent enough to learn anything with its humanoid structure. They have engrams just like those of survivors . Examples of these engrams are Farming in the Greenhouse, Killing wild animals and collecting their meat, Raising baby dinosaurs, Giving them care, cocoons from broken eggs, and Farming . Homo erectus As they get older , they gain new abilities, and their most productive period is adulthood.

Leveling up; The leveling up of Homo erectus is slightly different from the leveling up of the dinosaurs. While dinosaurs can survive for very long periods, Homo erectus only survives up to 450 years old. Homo erectus older than 450 years has not been encountered in any record. Another difference from other dinosaurs is that the aging of Homo erectus cannot be stopped.

erectus growing old every 60 days in the Ark world They continue to age even when cocooned . It has been observed that their aging is delayed only when they fall asleep in a Single Sleep Capsule.


Homo erectus are able to reproduce and have intercourse with their women, and have the ability to continue their generation by growing their babies, but they need Dragon's milk and Honey to do this. A Homo Erectus in infancy grows up with only Dragon's milk and Honey, consumes various fruits and cooked meats in adolescence, and in adulthood it is fed with foods such as cooked meat, fruit types, Dragon's milk, Honey.

erectus who consume raw meat get sick and die in a much shorter time.

Another observation is that Homo erectus can only do one task at a time.

eg . A Homo erectus that takes care of the greenhouse is just doing the greenhouse work.
Homo Erectus , who is in charge of collecting meat, goes hunting for wild animals and gathers meat.
Homo Erectus , who is in charge of raising babies, takes the meat and fruits from them and takes care of raising the babies.

At the same time, a single Homo Erectus cannot do all the work of collecting meat, rearing babies, or farming.

Homo Erectus grows up to 40 years old, he has enough points to learn a new ability, and with these points he learns his new ability.

Ability learning ages; Ages 1-40 To collect and maintain agricultural lands.
41-80 years old Killing wild animals and collecting their meat. To raise and care for baby dinosaurs aged

81-120 . Cocoons
for babies aged 121-160 years, growing and hatching To farm othe
r resources aged 161-200 years.

At the age of 450, Homo erectus will die.

 The Legend of Homo Erectus ; Homo erectus Acting on Rockwell 's behest, Megapithecus and Broodmother live in peace and happiness in their home village known as The Center Arena. Lysrix attacks their village with all his might. The Homo Erectus , who had suffered so much during this attack, were captured and put in cages under the supervision of the Alpha Dragon, and they began to enslave the Alpha dragon. Megapithecus and Broodmother now come to the villages of Homo Erectus , which have beautiful fruit and vegetable buildings. lysrix settled. According to the legend, the village where the bosses were fought in The Center Arena was the village where Homo Erectus lived. The reason they have not been seen until today is because the Alpha Dragon has made them slaves in cages.


Homo erectus ; Only after killing the Alpha Dragon boss, the cages in the arena are broken and Homo erectus of different ages are obtained. The cages are made of very strong steel made by the Firebreathing boss, and powerful dinosaur teeth are needed to break those cages.


both pvp as well as Ark recorded as a very useful mammal for pve players. So much so that PVP players, who lost a lot of dinosaurs during the wars, have these mammals and both PVP and PVE players love this mammal because they do things such as raising all kinds of dinosaurs, farming and meat gathering, which are difficult for many of the players.





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