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Hide StructuresMenu & Tier Names of Alliances, Foreign Tribes

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Hello slowly I'm getting a little desperate.
Since the beginning of my game I am bothered by the menus of the structures and the numerous red and blue names of the foreign animals.

I don't want to know the name of every single animal in the stable of my fellow players.
If I already hide the names of the animals in my own stable (End button), why would I want to see everything in the other players' stables?

The wall of animal names bothers me, also the structure menus often hinder me to be able to recognize things that are more important.

Yes I know with the delete key you can hide the hud.
But then the text field of the egg is also gone.

Is there any key compi, plugin or whatever else for PC Steam players to turn off such structures and more distant animal names?

I would like to continue to recognize the names of the wild animals, if I am close enough or with the telescope, the number bar, how my animal, or me so and of course the buffs such as injured, etc..

It can not be that I am the only one who disturbs. (I have my own server, so I can also install plugins and the like).

Love greetings

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