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Prehistoric WALRUS : Land to Sea soaker + beer keg (Valenictus)



drawings made by me and my sister.

Species - Valenictus imperialensis

Period - Pliocene 

Diet - Omnivorous 
Temperament - Territorial 

Location - more common on Icy shores, but rarely spawn in warm beach climates.

Valenictus is related to the modern-day walrus, but lacked all teeth both in the lower and upper jaw, except for the two tusks.
Due to this and their tusks getting in the way, Valenictus along with modern day walrus have a hard time catching and eating fish, thus they resort to eating various sea plants but
Most importantly Mollusks!! Valenictus would be able to walk on land at a slow pace, but really be at home in the water. 

I Intend for Valenictus to be an excellent harvester of silica pearls, but with the caveat of them eating some pearls along the way. Due to mollusk meat nor seaweed not being in the game. 

Passive - Thick blubber
Valenictus takes a 40% damage reduction from all targets due to its thick fatty hide, along with this the rider of Valenictus gets a hypothermic insulation buff. 

Saddle - Beer/grog keg
I've looked at the roster of creatures in ark and see many saddles that are dual used as crafting stations, so I thought I would include my creature to have a BEER KEG saddle. 
And this is where the first "ability" comes in, GROG - a special high potency beer that is made from tree sap and citronal, this beer gives a 60% defensive buff along with a 20% DMG buff and a 50% hypothermic insulation (normal beer is 40% across the board, grog is more resistance based) the saddle can also make normal beer at a faster rate than a normal keg.
I would like grog to be able to be drank by either Valenictus itself or all creatures, getting the buff in the process. 

Standard attacks -
left click should be a tusk swipe that can gather thatch and silica pears with great quality. 
Right click would be a body slam that flattens anything in its path. 

Special abilities - Taunt - intimidate 
Taunt - Valenictus bellows, taunting all hostiles in the area to attack Valenictus and ignore other allies tames for a period of time.
Intimidate - rearing up displaying its tusks, Valenictus intermediates attackers, causing them to loos agro on the walrus itself. (this does not fear like yuti just causing enemies to lose agro on the valenictus)

Behavior -
Wild and tamed Valenictus Males DO NOT like each other, if two males are in close proximity to each other they will square up and the male who loses the boasting match with be forced to wander out of range of the stronger male.  

Male vs Female - 
male Valenictus make Grog and beer in there saddle and have longer tusks and are generally bigger than females
Female Valenictus being smaller make a spiked shot that works like a powerful narcotic and makes the sleeping target not lose taming efficiency when hit along with a dmg resistance.

POTENTIAL ABILITIES - I'll post you guy's ideas here. 

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