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Add a stronger and more aggressive flying reptile (cassedrakan)








The Cassedrakan is definitely the largest flying animal ever seen on the island. It is found on the highest peaks of the highest mountains, which is where it nests. It is highly aggressive, and does not like to divide its territory, so building a base near one of its nests is not recommended.

Apparently the only way to have a Cassedrakan tamed is to steal one of its eggs from a nest, but this is clearly a very difficult task, since Cassedrakans are always protecting their nests. I have come across some tribes that use them as transportation, since the Cassedrakan can carry an animal in each of its two claws and can carry a lot of weight, and I have also seen some that use them as war machines, due to their high strength and endurance.

Cassedrakans spend most of their time protecting their nests, occasionally flying nearby. They are highly aggressive towards tribal bases that are close to their nests. In casual flight they are slow, but in attacks they reach a very fast speed, similar to that of a fleeing Quetzal.

The Cassedrakan is the largest flying animal ever seen on the island. A pterosaur with a crest similar to that of a tapejara, it has a pointed beak and sharp teeth. It has two horns on its face, a long neck, very strong claws, and a large, sturdy, and strong body.20230117_112010.thumb.jpg.3d2ed7872b9409af8d490508f6c23af1.jpg


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