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Imperial woodpecker; the dismount stopping shoulder pet




Campephilus imperialis is a huge woodpecker native to the redwoods. Because of this it is very used to being attacked by thylacoleos and microraptors so, it has found a way to deter them by pecking on their faces.
Because of this most creatures who will attack a rider will avoid them if they have this on their shoulder. They can also be left on a tree to collect sap. 

I think that there are not nearly enough shoulder pets. I play single player and there are no shoulder pets that I find useful past midgame. I love birds an think that ark has a lack of them. I am not sure if this would just prevent dismount or deter things like dimorphidons. Maybe the dismounting things would not attack at all or they just wouldn’t dismount. No matter what, I think that more shoulder pets should be added. 
As for taming, I think that it should be relatively complicated because it’s abilities are pretty op. But I can’t think of anything, suggestions would be great! Thank you for reading! ( link at top has pics and info)

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