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Giant flea (MOUNTABLE)




  As the name already says, it would be a giant flea that you could tame and ride, (close to a Phiomia size).

  It would be a great mount and extremely fast in jumping locomotion (fleas can jump 200x their size), as you can imagine, it would suck the blood of creatures and also produce a kind of poisonous saliva. (it will be useful later on in the topic <3)


  Domestication: Passively, using blood bags, the flea would behave aggressively, therefore it would be necessary to use repellent, to ride it would not be mandatory to use a saddle.

  Speaking of the saddle, our dear flea would have a differentiated saddle that would release a new item that would use its saliva (produced in its inventory), to make "sticky bombs with poison", would give torpor and residual damage, with its saddle it would be possible to throw these "bombs"

  Spawn Location: Caverns.


  Some skills:

  - Normal attack, with its front claws. (Collect blood packs with each attack)

  - Attack that would give a push and have a short cooldown to be used again.

  - Just like Deinonychus , it would be able to stick to medium to large creatures, only differently, the stamina would not drop as fast and it would heal.

  - Giant jump and rechargeable, would not take fall damage (Ark's biggest jump).

  - Could stick to surfaces, not climb, just cling, Tapejara style.

  - When not tamed, it would transmit some kind of disease to the player.


Final remarks: A meaningless idea I had lol.

 Any errors in the sentences, sorry. (I'm Brazilian and I'm not fluent in English).

 Thanks to everyone who read this crazy idea :)




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