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Dinocrocuta, the giant hyena




For a long time, I belived that hyaenodons are the only hyena species of the ARKs. Howewer a tribe recently led me to the habitat of these giant beasts, and I spent weeks studying their behaviour. Like modern day hyenas, these animals also live in groups led by females, which are bigger than males, and have a strong mane running through the top of their necks. They are not exteremly agressive animals, but if something gets too close to them, it better be a fast runner, otherwise it will end up as the dinner of them. While studying them, I was lucky enough to see a pack stand their ground against two tyrannosaurus, which probably thought that the giant hyenas will be an easy meal, like their smaller cousins. I only realised the immerse bite force of these mammals after seeing this fight. A dinocrocuta can break the leg of even a t-rex with ease by only one or two bites. In this time, I also found out that these giants share an other infamous ability with their present day relatives. The dinocrocuta will start to "laugh" if it feels threatened, which is one of the most terrifying sounds on the ARKs. 



Once tamed, the dinocrocuta will become a very useful animal in many unique ways. Their body structure allows them to gallop for a long time with a good speed, making them a decent travelling companion. But their greatest strenght is their bite, which will pierce through any armor with ease. I even heard rumors about dinocroutas chewing their way through walls, but I never experienced this myself. While most survivors use them in fights, some found out that these hyenas love to chew on armors or tools if given the chance, leaving behind only the materials. Because of this, some tribes give their unwanted items to their hyenas, and collecting the recources after the dinocrocuta is done with them. Meanwhile, others trained their dinocrocutas to lach on to wild animals, and the hyenas can often hold them down for a time long enough to knock out the dinosaur.



The dinocrocuta would be a giant hyena, reaching the high of a human. Males and females would look and ackt like different, females being slightly larger with a mane on their necks, and only they could make an alfa howl, referencing to modern hyenas, which live in a matriarchal rule. They could have a pack boost, and their bite could cause some sort of bleed or slowing. They would have a good health and really good meele with slighter weight and movement speed. While running, they would lose almost no stamina. Their laugh would be able to scare away creatures up to raptor size, and maybe give a slight debuff to bigger animals. They would be able to turn items and armor back to materials, maybe giving back a little more than the grinder. They would also have a pack boost and it would be able to hold creatures (maybe even carry really small ones in its mouth), by pinning them to the ground. You would be able to send more dinocrocuta in on one dino (for larege creatures, it would only be possible this way), and they would be able to hold the dino for more time. Te pinned animal's stamina would drain down in the process. Armors, saddles and reduced damage taking creatures (like stego) also wouldn't be safe from it as it would be able to deal only slightly reduced damage to them (for wild creatures it possibly wouldn't be reduced at all). 



To tame a dinocrocuta, you would have to feed it armor or different items (the more the item costs, the faster the process), then it would enter a friendly state, where you would have to help it patrol its territory, and prevent anything from stepping in it (the hyena would walk in circles, showing the border of their territory). If you do help it for an amount of time, it would become tamed. 



Because of its great meele, the dinocrocuta would be useful for bossfights and PVP. It would also be helpful in grinding unwanted items and loot, and it could break structures up to iron tier (but iron would take a long time to break). Its ability to pin down creatures would be a big help in taming, because if you have enough of them they would be able to hold the creature for the whole knocking out process. And because its damage wouldn't really be reduced by anything, it would be really useful in any fight.



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