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Aquatic dinosaurs !!! :D




  How are you all, I have some ideas of aquatic dinosaurs for ARK, dinosaurs that are needed and that would help us a lot, these are some examples

1)  Pristiophorus cirratus 

This saw shark is the best collector of fungal wood. 

Its taming would not be so difficult since this shark is neutral, and to tame it you have to give it honey pots to make it yours

This shark wouldn't have that much damage but it can help you in many situations.

11,421 imágenes de Pez sierra - Imágenes, fotos y vectores de stock |  Shutterstock


2) Monodon monoceros ( NARWHAL )

10 times better than the ichthyosaur, this dolphin looks very cute, but dangerous, it is very aggressive and would attack in groups together with an alpha, to tame it you have to put one to sleep and give it meat, it's just a bit difficult since they are agile and fast in the sea, the narwhal has speed, damage and very good energy, only it has very little weight and life, a headache for the largest aquatic dinosaurs since the narwhal has an agility to attack which dinosaurs They will not have time to attack you and it also has bleeding, this dinosaur is a good fish farmer.

En busca del unicornio: el narval.


3) Giant crab

this dreaded crab is a good war bunker, it is very big that can be built on top of your head, it can dive to the bottom of the sea, this crab can grab rex dinosaurs with its big claws and has a strong blow that stuns the enemy and The dinosaur would not be affected much by projectiles, and it can walk very fast outside and inside the sea (it can also swim).

to tame it you have to calm it down and feed it blue gems.


sorry if i have spelling mistakes with my english :(

If you don't win any of these dinosaurs I'm going to try to turn them into a mod for ARK :) 

would you like to see some of these dinosaurs in ark ? 

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