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Creature suggestion MINMI PARAVERTEBRA the cutest armor buffing shoulder mount



My idea for a creature would be a new tanky shoulder mount that gives players a resistance to damage.

Minmi was a small ankylosaurid thought to be a very early ancestor to ankyolosaurus and other akylosaurs.

Wild Minmi are adorable but rare creatures in the mountains they call home. Although solitary they are very happy to be fed wild mushrooms by humans.


Domesticated Minmi are excellent for tribes at war providing additional armor to whoever they ride on. Minmi have also been found to "detect" selected levels and species chosen by the owner. When Minmi is close to the target it does a sort of dance and song depending on the temperment of the found creature.


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The minmi is a little ankylosaurud that every survivor will want in the wild the minmi is docile but don't get fooled if you attack one the others will be after you but also in the wild they will attack survivors with flak armour because it looks like metal metal is the minmis favorite thing to bash it's tail on so beware of the minmi but when tamed are a very helpful little pet and when on wandering they will farm metal from river rocks metal nodes etc they also are very good crystal gatherers and dilophosaurus fear minmi so they run if they see one but minmi in small packs can be fierce to things up to a trike minmi also reduce metal in there inventory the minmi has a mini game tame you will have to feed it food preferably basic kibble or mejoberries then it will trust you when it trusts you bring it to metal rocks or river rocks and let it's little tail hit away then it should tame ankylosaurs will not attack minmi so with a minmi ankylosaurs will not attack you when you attack them you can learn the minmi metal sack at level 8 this allows minmi to reduce the weight of metal even more than it already does so the minmi will be a great shoulder pet to survivors around the Arks


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