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Atlascopcosaurus: Body-Shield Dino with a Saddle to mount the Players Weapons




The Atlascopcosaurus.

TLDR: Pachy-sized bodyguard dino, can't ride. Its saddle equips your gun for you to use as a weapon tripod and ammo source. (Not Auto Turret). 

The Atlascopcosaurus is a dino too small to ride on, but too big to ride on your shoulder. Instead, they can be used as a sort of combat-pack mule for the Players weapons, as well as being a defensive bodyguard by rushing to the players side when the Imprinted Player takes damage.
Equip a Weapon Saddle to the Atlascopcosaurus, then equip a Gun to the Saddle and place Ammo in it's inventory. Then Mount the Dino from either side and use the Weapon you placed on it's saddle to shoot at enemies, using ammo from the saddle. With the added bonus that (most) guns will be considered on a Bullet Belt, automatically feeding Ammunition to the Weapon without having to Reload! As well as extra weapon stability, the Dino will protect the Weapon User from some damage by acting as a mobile body shield.
The two can move around together as a unit while mounted, though their speed is greatly reduced.
For added fun, some Gadgets can also be equipped to the Weapon Saddle, such as a Spyglass, Tek Binoculars, a Charge Lantern, among a few other items.
To equip Tek Weapons, the Tek Weapon Saddle will need to be equipped.
All Ammo for the Gear Set, excluding Stone for the Slingshot, has a reduced weight while in the dinos inventory if a Weapon Saddle is equipped on the dino.

Entry 7/64.

Name: Atlascopcosaurus (Greek for "Atlas Copco lizard"); pronounced AT-lass-COP-coe-SORE-us.
Habitat: Woodlands of Australia.
Historical Period: Early-Middle Cretaceous (120-100 million years ago).
Size and Weight: About 10 feet long and 300 pounds.
Diet: Berries.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Small size; long, stiff tail.
Paleontological Record:

One of the few dinosaurs to be named after a corporation (Atlas Copco, a Swedish manufacturer of mining equipment, which paleontologists find very useful in their field work), Atlascopcosaurus was a small ornithopod of the Cretaceous period that bore a marked resemblance to Hypsilophodon. This Australian dinosaur was discovered and described by the husband-and-wife team of Tim and Patricia Vickers-Rich, who diagnosed Atlascopcosaurus on the basis of widely scattered fossil remains, almost 100 separate bone fragments consisting mostly of jaws and teeth.

Ark Details:
Where to find: Redwoods.
Wild: The Atlascopcosaurus is a non aggressive creature, usually found foraging for berries or running from predators. They lay eggs regularly enough to choose flight over fight when it comes to defending territory on their own. Instead, they are very loyal to their mates. If a female in a pack is attacked, the males will rush in to attack the predator while the females flee. A rather chivalrous act for wild creatures, however it seems to suit their survival.
While not the fastest on their feet, they are quite agile, and can "turn on a dime".

Domesticated: The Atlascopcosaurus is a very loyal companion when Imprinted. Both males and females can exhibit the same behavior of rushing in to the players side when attacked, attempting to place themselves between the source of damage and the player, standing defensively close to the player. They will not exhibit this defensiveness for players they are not imprinted with. While in this bodyguard mode, the dino will not chase after predators, and will always instead attempt to remain by the players side, only attacking enemies within it's immediate range.
Paired with the armored Weapon Saddle, an Atlascopcosaurus is a great sidekick to have in Combat. They can be used as a body shield by mounting them. The player does not ride on top, but instead "grabs" them from the side and uses them as a shield. If a Weapon is mounted on the Saddle, the Player is then able to use the Weapon from the dino's back to shoot at enemies, while the weapon uses ammo from the saddle.

Base Stats:
Health: Medium
Stamina: High
Food: Low
Oxygen: Low
Weight: Medium-Low
Attack: Low
Speed: Average
Fortitude: Medium-High

The Dinosaurs size is maybe a bit short. But with the Saddle and the Weapon mounted on top, it should all be near enough to the right height to let the Players head and shoulders be exposed.
Atlascopcosaurus - Everything Dinosaurs

Rough Mockup Example:

Prototype Sketch:

Functional Details: (Simple FSO Format).
(Exact specifics to how the feature set should work).

1. The Atlascopcosaurus is similar size to the Dilophosaurus or a Pachysaurus.

2. The Player cannot ride the Atlascopcosaurus.

3. The Atlascopcosaurus cannot ride on Players shoulder.

4. The Atlascopcosaurus can be equipped with a "Weapon Saddle".

5. The basic Weapon Saddle can equip any non-Tek item from the [Gear Set].

6. A Tek variant of the Saddle allows any item from the [Gear Set] to be equipped.

7. The Weapon Saddle provides Armor for the Atlascopcosaurus.

8. Primitive to Ascendant variations of the Weapon Saddle can be crafted using Blueprints.

9. The Weapon Saddle does not provide a damage buff to equipped [Gear].

10. The Player can "Mount" control of the [Gear] equipped to the Weapon Saddle by standing beside the Atlascopcosaurus and interacting with it.

11. Player Mounts the Equipped [Gear], aiming towards the opposite side from which they interacted with the Dino, and remains at their side at all times.
        (Looks towards Left when interacting on the Right, and vice versa).

12. The Atlascopcosaurus behaves as a movable Tripod for the [Gear] while the Player is Mounted - allowing movement and turning in all directions for both entities as a unit.

13. While Mounted, the Atlascopcosaurus and Player move together at a greatly reduced speed.

14. While activating the main function (shooting), the Dino cannot Walk around.

15. While activating the main function (shooting), the Dino can still be made to turn around (to allow player aiming range).

16. If on a Platform, the Atlascopcosaurus always remains in place with respect to the Platform it is riding on - even when "Shooting".

17. If on an Elevator, the Atlascopcosaurus always remains in place with respect to the Elevator it is riding on - even when "Shooting".

18. Projectile-Type Weapons equipped to the Weapon Saddle do not normally need to be Reloaded - allowing for sustained fire. (With exceptions)

19. Respective Ammo Type must be in the Atlascopcosaurus' Inventory for the [Gear] to be activated. (Need ammo in dino to shoot guns).

20. Projectile-Type Weapons equipped to the Weapon Saddle will not consume Ammo from the Players Inventory.

21. The Player can switch between First and Third Person view while Mounted.

22. The Player can Aim Down Sights while Mounted (ADS).

23. While ADS a Mounted [Gear], the Atlascopcosaurus will change animation to "Hold Still State" where they move around a lot less, allowing for better aim.

24. The Atlascopcosaurus will "Flinch" when damaged. Affecting the aiming precision of the Mounted Player. 

25. The "Flinch" animation does not stack while damage is sustained, but it will repeat when finished.  (To prevent too much camera shaking).

26. Atlascopcosaurus can follow Whistle Commands normally.

27. Atlascopcosaurus ignores Whistle Commands while Mounted by a Player.

28. Atlascopcosaurus makes eager-to-fight noises while Player is Shooting a Mounted Gun.

29. Atlascopcosaurus remains Silent if a Silencer is equipped to the Mounted Gun.

30. Weapon Attachments can still be used while Mounted to a Weapon Saddle.

31. Weapons retain their Paint Colors when equipped to a Weapon Saddle.

32. Weapon Saddles and Equipped Weapon Paint Regions should not conflict with one another. Both should retain their independent Color Regions.

33. Atlascopcosaurus will not move to attack enemies while Mounted.

34. While Mounted, the Atlascopcosaurus will melee attack any enemies attacking it or the player, if set to a Whistle State that allows - provided it does not move as per line 32.

35. While Mounted, some of the Damage sustained by the Player is instead absorbed by the Atlascopcosaurus. [~10%]

36: Imprinted Atlascopcosaurus will absorb [5%] more Damage for the associated Player while Mounted. (Because they love you more).

37. The Player can be Dismounted from the Atlascopcosaurus by enemies or wild dinos by abilities that intend that consequence.

38. While Mounted, the Player cannot equip any Item from their own Inventory or the Hotbar into their Hands.

39. Crossbows with ZipLines or Grappling Hooks attached cannot be Equipped to the Saddle.

40. Zip-Line Anchors and Grappling Hooks cannot be attached to a Crossbow that is Equipped to the Weapon Saddle.

41. All rapid-fire Gun Type Weapons equipped to the Weapon Saddle can "Overheat", causing them to "Jam" and requiring a "Reload".
42. When Mounting a Gun Type Weapon on the Saddle, it must be "Reloaded" once to load in the Bullet Belt.

43. The Dino will not behave as an Auto-Turret, and will not fire equipped Weapons without the Player being mounted.

44. When the Player is Mounted to Weapon on the Weapon Saddle, they are considered as "Riding" the Dino for sake of peripheral design clarity.

45. Ammo for the Gear Set Guns, excluding Stone, has [50%] reduced weight while in the Atlascopcosaurus inventory, IF a Weapon Saddle is equipped.

46. If set to Follow, an Imprinted Atlascopcosaurus will rush to the players side when the player is attacked, and remain by their side instead of pursuing attackers.

46. Non Imprinted Atlascopcosaurus will not bodyguard Players, and instead behave normally in combat - pursuing attackers.

47. Imprinted Atlascopcosaurus will not bodyguard if set to Passive, Neutral, or Aggressive.

48. When Player is attacked, Imprinted Atlascopcosaurus will move to stand in front of the Player, between them at their attacker.

49. If Weapon is only mountable from one side, Atlacopcosaurus will turn to present that side to the Player after proceeding with line 48.

50. The Atlascopcosaurus can turn very sharply, preventing them from walking out of place while exercising line 49.

[Gear Sets]: (Items that can be equipped to the Weapon Saddle).
Items that must still be reloaded between each shot are marked with an *

[Gun Type Set]:
- Slingshot*
- Crossbow (Including all Arrow Types except ZipLines).*
- Simple Pistol
- Longneck Rifle (All Ammo Types, including Tranquilizer Darts).*
- Harpoon Launcher*
- Pump-Action Shotgun
- Fabricated Pistol
- Assault Rifle
- Flamethrower
- Fabricated Sniper Rifle
- Rocket Launcher*
- Minigun

[Tek Gear Set]:
- Tek Phase Pistol
- Mining Drill
- Tek Rifle
- Tek Railgun
- Tek Bow---IF equipping it transforms it into an aesthetic Tek Crossbow variant, while still retaining its normal functions.

[Misc Item Set]
- Tek Binoculars
- SpyGlass
- Magnifying Glass
- Torch
- Charge Lantern

Extra Notes:
- All design details are suggestions. Some thought-out, some naive. Everything can and should be changed to actually fit sensibly within the game.
- Feel free to add your own extra suggestions, especially mention any concerns you might have if this can upset Official PvP balancing in any drastic way.
- Optionally, the dino could be made ridable with just a different saddle. Maybe. Idk. You choose that one!
- A Tek Atlastcopcosaurus would be cool to include!
- Maybe make the Weapon Saddle look cooler and a bit more armored than my prototypes :P
- I wonder if it would be a good/possible idea to consider the dino a type of "Turret" that the Ammunition Boxes can automatically refill.
- In a similar idea. I wonder how it might play out if the dino was just considered a mobile Ammunition Box with a very short range. Powering all nearby player weapons to consume ammo without having to reload from the Dinos inventory. Could just do away with mounting a weapon to the saddle altogether if that's the case. Maybe an "ammo belt" can appear between the dino and nearby tribemembers. Might be too overpowered for PvP in that case though. Equipping weapons to the saddle limits it and adds a cooler dynamic anyway.

- If Mounting the dino from either side to use the weapon causes some kind of complexity and buggy behavior, maybe just being able to mount from one side will be fine. For the saddle, the outside can have more armor plating, while the inside side has all the ammo pouches.
- I may add further notes and details.
- By SuperDooM

Edited by SuperDooM
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