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Alphadon is a prehistoric marsupial from the late cretaceous whose name means "first tooth." Though it doesn't appear much different from a modern day Opossum/Possum and it isn't an attention grabber I hope you'll at least give this a read, and thanks in advance to anyone that does! I have ideas for the creature which I will go over soon, but feel free to make suggestions and what not. This is my first submission that I've actually put some effort into, but I'm far from talented so... anyway here is the text from the dossier in case it's unreadable:
Wild- Nocturnal by nature Alphadon marshi, or more commonly known as an "Opossum," is a marsupial like no other. Should a survivor happen upon one it is recommended to leave it be as Alphadon happen to be great at dealing with parasitic species such as the leeches that plague the swamp.
Because of its skittish nature, Alphadon tends to run from combat rather than engage in it, though it is able to bite and scratch enemies. It does have a fascinating defense mechanism though. When all else fails the Alphadon will play dead, even emitting a foul odor to really sell the idea, and the effect is so convincing that most predators will back off in surprise!
Domesticated- Despite many survivors being put off by the creatures appearance, when tamed Alphadon can be a great companion for a variety of reasons. The Alphadons favorite foods just so happen to be parasitic, and as such it will automatically remove and consume these parasites from nearby allies whether they are humans or not. The Alphadons body temperature also happens to be colder than most warm-blooded creatures and as such it can not only keep you cool but it can also prevent the carrier from contracting certain diseases such as mega rabies!

My thought process: I know that since this would be a shoulder pet that it won't be very popular, but I wanted a tame whose primary purpose was almost like that of a healer in other games. From what I can remember we don't really have anything like a cleric in Ark. Daeodons, Snow Owls and maybe a few others can heal but we have yet to have a creature that can remove leeches and prevent diseases. And I figured that since modern day Opossums eat ticks and are naturally resistant to rabies that the Alphadon would fit into the role of a cleric creature quite nicely. Of course this is just what I came up with so if you have any ideas of your own feel free to mention them! (Also, I'm not an artist but I hope the dossier is enough of a proof of concept...)


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