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Deltadromeus (read before you judge)




The stealth dinosaur.
Diet:Prime meats only or kibble
Temperment:Highly territorial 

Ability 1 the Deltadromeus can change its vision to hunt and stalk prey meaning it will run fast and deal more damage to that dinosaur it has targeted and you will also be notified of the preys location like the tame tracker  however there is a cool down of 5 minutes.Good for taming can also do a tail whip to stun the dinos it’s tracking.

Ability 2
Armoured body  a bit like the stego it will take less damage and prevent dismount. It will move slower so you have to be careful not to get in a sticky situation while that ability is active it is also immune to any shadowmane effects.

Ability 3
The deltadromeus ,also known as the delta runner will be able to run up sheer surfaces and crawl on ceilings ,like the Desmodus draculae it will be able to stay on a ceiling and target players or an angry dinosaur.Unlike the parasaur it will tell you what the dinosaur is good for pvp.

Ability 4
The female Deltadromeus can go invisible at night but can not go into Armored mode can also automatically go invisible at night.

Where to find
This stalker will be found in forests sleeping like the megalosaurus. 
To tame this beast you must let it chase you until it gets tired.
Then it will do a knockout animation and you go and feed.  Once fed it will get back and you do the same thing again but be careful 
because it will fake it sometimes like an indoraptor  just to eat you but trust me it will be worth it.

Spawns everywhere but extinction and scorched earth.

Unlocked saddle at level 56
Hope you like this dinosaur.

Upvote this so we can see it an the game it would be awesome and a great addition to the game 

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