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Nodosaurus: The Crystal Gahtering Expert



A herbivorous Nodosauran Ankylosaurid from the late cretaceous period. The Nodosaurus could act as the most effecient way to gather Crystal because we all know how hard it is to find crystal especially when we're trying to get a spyglass. As for taming, it would be one of the easier dinos to tame and all you have to do is pet it and occasionally hand feed it until it likes you. Everyone is asking for new Theropods or Sauropods or Flyers, but what Ark really needs is another Ankylosaur because right now, the Ankylo is lonely. I mean when it comes to cousins, the Stego has the Kentro, the Trike has the Pachyrhino, the Rex has the Yuty, the Spino has the Bary and the Bronto has the Diplo, Titan & Amarga but the poor Ankylo doesn't have anybody! The Nodosaurus could add another useful gatherer to the game and we really don't have too many of those. What do you guys think?


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