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Euparkeria, The Amphibious Pack Hunter!



Common name:Eupar

Scientific name:Euparkeria Gigantis

Time:Mid Triassic


Temperament:Aggressive in groups



Euparkeria is a wolf sized, river dwelling crocodile that usually hunts in pairs. Its one of the more effective pack hunters Ive seen on the island, with groups being as small as two, to packs big enough they could be called a swarm.

Euparkeria, depite being a crocodilian, spends almost no time in the water, though its comfortable going in and is pefectly good at swimming. Euparkeria instead prefers to run down its prey in packs and tear them to peices, like the reptile version of a wolf. Another thing to note is their stance, Euparkeria will often move from four legs like a Kaprosuchus, to two legs like a theropod. When on all fours, Eupars wont drain their stamina too quickly, but on two legs, they will move faster at the expense of stamina. If one comes across a wild Eupar, remember that their stance means wether they are going to attack you, if on four legs, they are minding their own buisness, if on too legs, then the Eupar may be thinking of you as a menu item. They also seem to have a direct rivalry with Kaprosuchus.



Euparkeria are easily tamed through conventinal knockout methods, so long as one can separate the pack, and once tamed are an excellent all terrain pack hunter. One can easily bring their pack of ten Eupars to fight a Rex on a mountain, a Megalodon in the sea or a swarm of bugs in a cave, just dont expect one Euparkeria to pull its own weight. Euparkeria on their own are easy prey, and they also seem to become depressed when alone, note: a lone Eupar, is a dead Eupar.



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