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Caviramus, The Hypnotic Pterosaur!



Common name:Caviramus

Scientific Name:Caviramus Hypnotis

Time:Late Triassic


Temperament:Neutral/Waiting Predator



Caviramus Hypnotis is a solitary, medium size, fast flying pterosaur with a bizarre but fascinating way of hunting. Its crest, wings and tail feathers glow and shine in a hypnotic way, almost making the Caviramus appear angelic to smaller creatures, including humans! This hypnotising lures smaller creatures towards it, and the Caviramus will begin eating this animal whilst it is still alive, and it wont even try to escape either!


If one comes across a wild Caviramus, look away immediatley, looking at it for too long will leave you unable to escape its trance, it seems the Caviramus will not be bothered to pursue prey that is not attracted to it.



Im not sure how, but people have managed to both tame and ride Caviramus, its about as fast as a Pteranodon, at the size of a Tapejara, making it a convenient flyer for travelling, scouting, or even just basic melee combat. Its hypnosis is also a great way to lure wild or enemy creatures into traps. The hypnosis also seems to calm and soothe both humans and creatures.


I witnessed an extraordinary case of this soothing when a tribe I was staying with had knocked out a Tyrannosaurus, though unfortunately some Raptors had attacked it whilst asleep, the tribe brought their Caviramus over, and when the Tyrannosaurus woke up, it was perfectly fine!, perfectly domesticated as if the Raptors had never come along in the first place.


The Caviramus is really extraordinary I'll say that, its perfect even. So beautiful. So... Majestic. Vic, Victoria? Victoria is that you?


Image Credit:Dinopedia.fandom


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