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Diet: berries , vegetables

Temperment: agressive 

The Centrosaurus was one of the largest herbivores of its time, in the game it would be larger than the Triceratops and Pachyrino. Unlike the Triceratops, the Centrosaurus had only one large horn, which could pierce the skin of even a Rex or Bronto.

to tame the centrosaurus we have to immobilize it with a trap or chain bola and then give it a rhino horn.

A tamed Centrosaurus would be a great mount - its saddle can accommodate up to 3 people, and sitting on it, other dinosaurs cannot throw us off and we are resistant to temperatures.

With its huge horn, the Centrosaurus can collect a lot of wood and leather.


1-hit with the horn, collects leather, wood and inflicts bleeding on other creatures

2- tail strike, breaks the bones of opponents

3- carnivore repelling roar 

4- Passengers sitting in the saddle can shoot firearms

5- sitting in his saddle we cannot be thrown down



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