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This creature is smaller than a normal compy, but with longer tail, this "procompy" can be found in the jungles of the ARK, and maybe it is going to be your new fear when you enter the jungles; this creatures hunt in swarms of almost 30 small dinosaurs that can attach to their prey (like deynonichus) and can trap small creatures like a raptor but this si far for being the reason because this little creatures are a real threat, the reason is that exists 4 different kinds of procompys, with 4 different kinds of venom (that they inflicts when they bite you), these creatures have stripes in their skin that can show which venom have that procompy:

-Purple stripes: maybe you guessed this one, inflicts torpor and can put to sleep even the biggest creatures in the ARK.

-Yellow stripes: this venom, is a paralyzing venom that has a similar effect like the creatures that can stun.

-Red stripes: this is a particular venom, it's an hallucinogenic poison, that can make you see things that are not real.

-Black stripes: these is going to be your worst nightmare, all the other kinds are a threat in maybe 10 procompys, but with only one of this, you can easily die, this venom has a debilitating effect that can make you weaker, your attacks now does less damage and you take more damage, and it gets worse if this creature bites you more than one time.

But this creature can be tamed in a weird way, if you can put to sleep a creature close to a swarm of procompys, they are going to start eating that creature alive, and when they are finally done, the swarm is tamed, but if the creature it's too small, only a few will be tamed and they are going to fight with the wild ones; in another case, if you interrupts their lunch these little critters are not going to be tamed and they are going to attack you.

Once tamed, these creatures have a lot of utility, you can use many of the purple ones to tame creatures that can be tamed only by knockout, the rest of the colours can be used as an venomous army against your enemies, or like a trap, they are small and long weed can hide them, if you put red ones around your base, other survivors will not see them and an hallucinogenic trap awaits them; this creatures can also work as a shoulder pet but don't think that that's all with that part, if you are using arrows or darts, your arrows or darts are going to do the same effect that the procompy that is on your shoulder.


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