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Basic things about:Utahraptors:

Utahraptor is a medium sized raptor, a bit larger and faster than a raptor, and is rlated to both the Deinonychus and the Raptor!He is the second largest Dromaeosour, and he is known for his speed and agility, his toughness and durability, and a strong bite!


His diet consists of mainly meat, but they do not consume that much food like other dinos, cause they could hunt whenever they feel like eating!


They inhabit redwood bioms , and some forest bioms, cause the food avail that they would have!

Abilites in Ark:

Utahraptor has 4 different unique abilities:Utahraptor

The First being just a normal bite, followed by a 10 seconds bleeding effect, because they had sharp claws and teeth;

The Second one being a observatory ability/ an ability that when you hold the right mouse button the crosshair on the Utahraptor would automatically turn on the prey to lounge on;

The Third being a ability to jump 15 ft high, plus climb any types of walls in ark, and the fourth being a lunge attack, that can be activated on the C button, and it can be really useful for PVP, something like a Purlovia or Kaprosuchus dismount you of your mount!

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Utahraptor will  be carno sized. With a jump, kick, and a bite. It will run fast and deal good damage. It is kind of like a big Deinonychus. I had an idea of having tranquilizer feathers at the end of it's tail. When it swings it's tail it would deal torpor. The way to tame it is to tranq it out and feed it. The kibble it likes is superior kibble. The kick with the sharp claw it will deal bleed. It will be able to jump high and pounce down creatures for 5 seconds. The Utahraptor will spawn in the deep forests and redwoods. It will most of the time spawn in pairs.


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