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Confuciusornis, Ark's Ravens



A Dinosaur A Day — Confuciusornis sanctus, C. dui, C. feducciai, C....

Confuciusornis sanctus
Early cretaceous period of China
prefers wet forest habitats
omnivore favoring insects, seeds, and berries

Both genders can serve as buffs, males when crowing can give a combat buff to players as well as their tames, considering them all as part of its flock while females give crafting skill buffs so you can bring higher quality weapons to fights. Both serving important purposes in raids or fights.

another idea is that they can be honey guides, wild ones being find by beehives and tamed ones helping lead you and your dire bear to honey.

They can likely be a compliment to the Sinomacrops in that they can be great harvesters of chitin, being tossed towards insect bodies like the fjordhawk towards body backs then fly back with a nice stack of chitin.

Shoulder healer is something I have never seen in ark before. As long as its preferred food is in its inventory, it can slowly heal you over time.

Taming would likely depend on what its function could be.

if a honey guide than dropping sweet things like mejoberries and passively feeding it could work.

If a healer then perhaps the more damaged you are the more it feels a need to tend to you so it tames faster.... if you just drained yourself to go tame bats then why not go for this guy too? Reverse of the bloodstalker and bat taming methods.

I feel the forests of ark should have more small flyers in it to make the air feel more alive. The hawk and sino help with in this respective maps but I think we still need more.

also Confuciusornis is about as iconic as Archeopteryx when concerning early birds. It would be a shame to not include it.

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