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Ornitholestes and Maiasaura




It is the main enemy of maiasaura,it has a round protrusion on its mouth and long spines on its back, it is highly aggresive to every creature smaller than it, including people

it is tamable by throwing it fertilized maiasaura eggs,which calms it down, so you can feed it with superior kibble,without being attacked,once tamed,it is rideable with saddle, it can boost it's damage by eating fertilized eggs,also does 1,2 times more damage to creatures that lay eggs,it produces every one hour one ornitholestes spine,which you can put on arrows instead of flint, on the top,to make it do no damage and apply bleeding on its victim

Extra small and small eggs:1,1 times more damage to every creature

Medium eggs:1,2 times more damage to every creature

Large eggs:1,3 times more damage to every creature

Extra large eggs:1,4 times more damage to every creature

Special eggs:1,5 times more damage to every creature


It is a docile creature,which attacks only if provocated,it spawns in large colonies,in their nesting sites are on some places on maps,it can be tamed by helping it with incubating its eggs,by puting smoldering leafes on it,or by feeding it's babies with kibble or crops,when tamed needs saddle to ride,it gets a boost of 1,5 times damage and gets 50% less damage,if it kills a oviraptor or ornitholestes.





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