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TLC humans, Structures, and more Armor options



Is there any chance of a human TLC pass, updating the old models and animations with something fresher, maybe add in npc tribes you can befriend or attack? I'm aware that there are mods currently, but most are outdated and at any point the mod creators can let it die, so it'd be great to see them added into the game without mods. It'd be cool to befriend (tame) npc tribes, maybe even get quests from some, kinda like how you can get quests in genesis.  While this would be more suited for PVE or Singleplayer, it would really change up how the game feels. 

Structures could use a TLC pass as well, They could look so much better based on other games related to ark, Arkitect Structures (atlas) mod is a must have imo when playing because it all just looks soo good, especially thatch and stone tiers.

Another idea is armor skins or just new armor, like NPC humans i'm aware there are mods currently, but it'd be so much better to have these as part of the game, rather then depending on a mod. More primitive styled armors, kinda like we saw in the ark 2 cinematic or outfits like you'd find in atlas or dark and light would add more variety to the style of the game. They could share the same armor levels as current tiers, or as skins just give more style variety to survivors.

 I just see the potential ark still has and how the modding scene can continue to inspire devs with adding content into the game itself and It always sucks when a mod stops being updated and abandoned when it makes ark more enjoyable.

All of these would be great to consider going forward into the future, keeping Ark1 fresh interesting as Ark2 proceeds forward. And if the rumors about UE5 updates to ark are true, this would be a perfect time to do things such as this.

Have Funsies!


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