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Bugs that are easily fixed, that aren't...


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In ark, there are many glitches that I have encountered that can be fixed pretty easily (from my semi-limited coding knowledge) and I have no idea why they are still in the game.

3 examples are...

1. Death trap in scorched earths "Ruins of Nosti" cave. This "trap" has been in the game since scorched earths release and is definitely not intentional, ark may have unfair deaths, but the deaths at least make sense (you can tell what killed you). There is a loot drop inside the caves final room that when grappling or climbing down kills you before even touching it. You don't fall in the pit, and don't even touch the floor

2. Completely unavailable loot drop in scorched earths "Old Tunnels". This drop is located on a painting of a obelisk, when trying to open the drop, you cant.

3. Ice and Chalk Elementals cannot be transferred. On Valguero you can encounter 2 variants of the rock elemental, these 2 have the same design aside from colors. For some reason even though they are identical to Rock Elementals, they cannot be transferred through any means. This same issue occurs with the Ice Elementals on Genesis pt.1.

The first 2 could be fixed by just moving the drops. And for the golems, they fixed the same issue with Deinonychus' and Valguero ice wyverns, so why don't they fix the golems?

A statement that I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere was that "once a map releases, they are seen as done" (referring to scorched earth) and that doesn't really work out as many more issues are evident on other paid DLC maps and the free maps as well. Any thoughts on how we can have change?

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