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Maiasaura-Mother nature Wrath



It’s history:
The Maiasaura that lived in the area currently covered by the state of Montana and the province of Alberta, Canada in the Upper Cretaceous Period (mid to late Campanian), about 76.7 million years ago

the Maia was large hadrosaurs, at a maximum known length of about 9 metres (30 ft) They had a flat beak typical of hadrosaurids, and thick noses. They had a small, spiky crest in front of the eyes. This crest may have been used in headbutting contests between males during the breeding season. Its body mass is measured approximately up to 4 metric tons (4.4 short tons). Maiasaura were herbivorous. They were capable of walking both on two (bipedal) or four (quadrupedal) legs. Studies of the stress patterns of healed bones show that young juveniles under four years old walked mainly bipedal, switching to a mainly quadrupedal style of walking when they grew larger. Maiasaura, like most other hadrosaurs, possessed little in the way of obvious weaponry, though likely could defend themselves with kicks, stomps, or their muscular tails. It is likely that they primarily resorted to fleeing in the face of danger, using the vast sizes of their herds to be less likely to be targeted.

Ark gameplay: Wild: Now you must wonder how it would work in game, First of The Maia would as big as Rex but smaller then a Giga the Maia would be a Fearsome creature in the wild due to its livening nature it’s been documented that these giant adopted many stray animals such as baby Raptors to even Gigas, and in my eyes i say she earned the name the Capybara of the Arks and many of those baby creatures grew up to be very loyal towards them and in some case they protected her from other creatures and Player, this mother of a beast is seen to be guarded by mostly 5 Raptors but if she low (around 1 hp there would be a 1 out of 100 percent chance a giga would spawn and this giga would be in permanent Rage mode Hellbent of protecting her, if near her nest her and her minions (raptors) would attempt to to hunt you down and chase you far away from her nest.

Taming process: It’s recommended you wear a full Ghillie suit and a bunch of Bug repellent to prevent her from finding you and you need to approach her nest slowly, if her nest is at warm temperatures drop some mejoberries in the nest then move away from the nest slowly, once she gets near the nest she will start to eat the berry’s beginning the taming process make sure you keep the ghillie and bug repellent on the whole time to prevent her from Attacking you, once her taming meter hits 50 percent you may approach her and help her look after her baby’s the raptors will also temporarily be tamed allowing to ride them with out a saddle but you can equip a saddle or tame them, once Tame the raptors will remains peaceful.


The Maia has a plethora of Abilities these include:

Leftclick/L1- Mothers Cry: When activated she can Call in 5 Raptors to help defend her they are max level and have the mate boost activated in rare case even Deinonychus can Spawn aswell, when she at 1 hp a Raged tamed giga would spawn and help her making her a well beefed up tame, if she in water and used this ability instead of raptor she would spawn a swarm of Max level Mega piranha up to 13 of them and if she at 1 hp she can spawn a mosa to protect her, the Creature she can summon are weaker in health for example the giga would have half the health of a Max Gigia but would have a imprinted damage boost same with the other dinos she can call one way to counter this would be to use rare flowers that would, so in pvp would effect them for around 15 seconds, also for players this ability would be on a 15 second cooldown.

Rightclick/R2-Default Bite: when activated she can bite her opponent from the front and Kick from the back and from both sides but this ability is extremely weak as strong as a default bulbdog bite attack.

X Attack/R1-Bipedal Mode: Just like a Iguanodon The Maia can switch from on all fours to on its hind legs and instead of a bite she Punches with her hooked claws she also use her tail to stunned her enemies approaching her form behind her.

Passive-Mothers Wrath: When one of her baby’s are killed your Maia goes into a fit of rage like the Megatherium bug rage, she would get a 50% boost in her attacks and a reduction of Damage intake turning her into a beast on par with the Rex, She also uncontrolled and would throw you off her mount charging at any wild dinos, the best way to calm her down buy eating Rare flowers unlike most creatures rare flowers would remind her of her mother due to the smell, the Maia would also focus her rage on protecting you from the wild dinos who were enraged by the flowers.

C Attack/L2-Creature detection: Just like the Parasaurolophus the Maia can Detect near by creature but it also can detect hp of the creatures around her.

Saddie: When comes to the Maia Saddle The saddle just like the Maiwing has 10 pouches for baby dinos, and passively imprint your dinos while your not around. The saddle also has a tube coming from her mouth leading towards a large metal container on the back containing Milk (i have based the Maia milk on animals like the pigeon nutrient like milk it produced from a organ in its mouth) that connects to the pouches feeding the baby dinos, the saddle also carries a feeding bin small but can contain lost of food and can keep it cool, this allows the meat and berry’s to be kept cool and fresh.

In conclusion: I think this tame would help relieve the player on imprinted and incubating the dinos while giving the ecosystem a unique symbiosis with the Maia and the other dinos while also giving a strong herbivores I do think there is room to improve and balance the Dino in-game to prevent it from being a op tame by giving it a unpredictable behaviour as you must have 7 baby dinos on you for the Maia to be useable as it won’t leave its baby’s behind I did note that if at a quarter health the baby dinos would be launched out of the saddle practically being food to the enemy activities the rage passive, hope you guys have a large supply of Rare flowers because your gonna need it Survivors. 




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Making have more draw backs to balance the tame
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Another event another dollar. Let’s hope my concept of Maiasaura makes some leverage this time unlike the last 2 creature submissions, so 3rd times the charm.   Anyhow My for Maiasaura is a Jack-of-all trades and would make an excellent addition to the already dwindling amount of Hadrosaurs, albeit Ornithopods already in the Game. We only have Parasaurolophus and Iguanodon, so surely we can squeeze room for another addition to the family, right?



Common Name: Maiasaura

Species: Maiasaura praesidii

Time: Late Cretaceous 

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Protective



Found mainly in the Island’s grasslands and redwood forests, Maiasaura praesidii is a large, herdminded  hadrosaur that spends most of their days foraging for food or gathering materials to build nests for their young. 

Maiasaura are typically docile in nature. However, when provoked, or when their young are in a state of peril, they will not hesitate to defend themselves or their offspring. Maiasaura praesidii’s cranium is strangely dense, similar in density to that of the Island’s Pachycephalosaurus. This allows them to mercilessly headbutt would-be predators or anyone or anything that dare wonders too close to their nests. Their headbutts can be truly devastating and are able to cripple any creature who manages be in their line of fire. For anyone out there who once thought Maiasaura was a poor defenseless creature, think again!  Many inexperienced and unprepared survivors have lost their lives in the hands, or more frankly the “heads” of Maiasaura praesidii.


Taming, more or less raising a Maiasaura is no easy feat. Maiasaura are fiercely protective over their nest of young and eggs, even if the nests aren’t even theirs. Therefore adult Maiasaura praesidii are proven to be too resilient, as well as too stubborn to be domesticated. In order to tame a Maiasaura one must successfully steal, hatch, and raise one towards adulthood, albeit they aren’t headbutted to death.  

Once raised, Maiasaura praesidii makes for either an excellent war mount or a beast of burden. Their saddle even acts as a preserving bin, long preserving berries, meat, and even eggs. Curiously, Maiasaura also have a strange effect on fertilized eggs and infant creatures. Fertilized eggs under their presence seem to hatch much faster and newborn creatures seem to mature much quicker as well. Maiasaura will even go outta it way to feed infant creatures, regardless of species, with whatever food it has stored in its inventory. This not only lives towards the species’ name, but gives tribes much less of a hassle of raising new additions to the family. 


- Left Click: A standard bite attack. Great for collecting berries, thatch, and wood

- Right Click: A standard headbutt attack. Deals torpor and does considerable amount of knockback. Great for knocking out enemies or potential tames.

- C Key: A powerful stomp attack. Deals area damage to a multiple enemies at once

- Passive Buff(s): The buff, “Babysitter”, will cause eggs and newborn creatures to hatch and mature much more quickly under the presence of a Maiasaura.
When set on wondering, Maiasaura will act as an organic food trough, feeding any newborn creatures nearby with whatever food is in its inventory. It will also imprint on newborns as well.

Maiasaura’s saddle acts as a preserving bin, preventing berries, meat, and eggs from spoiling too quickly 
Akin to Kentrosaurus, Maiasaura will receive a “pack boost” when others of its kind are nearby.


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If you don't mind, I'd like to suggest this: a heard animal that can have the highest level member as the alpha, these heards of about 10 or less can spawn either across different biomes or in a location that spawns a couple of nests, these heards can also have something similar to kirukus and have juveniles spawn along with the adults every now and then. They will be passive and flee if attacked on there own and return the attack when in a heard or with a juvenil, and if they spawn near a nest they will always attack anything that gets to close to them. I imagen that taming them could be by either steeling an egg from there nests or by passivly feeding them, however the passive tame would requiere the use of rare flowers and have a very low taming affectivity, similar to that of a diplo. I do love your idea of making the maia about the size of a rex, along with the headbut mentioned in the dossier, maybe an attack it could also have would work like that of the amargasaurus in which the animation changes depending on where your looking, changing from a stomp to a tailwip. Something that came to mind would be giving it an ability similar to the iguanodon, which would allow it to not lose stam when running on all fours. The Maia would also count with 2 different saddles one that allows it to carry up to 8 babies and give it a function similar to that of a maewing with the addition of allowing it to imprint on the babies when they requiere it. The other one would function more as an armor by giving additional armor, superior to that of the "nanny" saddle and making the attacks stronger by adding metal claws on there legs, twin horns on the head and spikes on it's tail. To add to the maternal abilities, survivors will be able to open the maia's wheel of options and select something that would carry the name of mother's/father's love which would have the maia lay down in a curreled up pose allowing you to drop an egg next to them to incubate it. And as a bonus to the pack abilities, the alpha will be able to use a battle cry that increases the stats of pack members and allies, and in the case they don't have other members of their species with them, the call will only be cosmetic. Oh and please do keep the enemy detection ability.

I've always wanted a maia in game and I truly hope that it makes it, I'm sorry to hear that this is your 3rd try in getting this amazing animal in game.descarga.thumb.jpeg.808ff921c2d092bf8664a71e3b0f3b7f.jpegmaiasaura_by_medenadragon_d9e08v7-350t.jpg.a1454af88a9ba4ee8e5858a23b456558.jpg

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Maiasaura peeblesorum este dinosaurio seria una cosa parecida a lo DEINONYCHUS siendo estos unos dinosaurios que anidarían en la pradera no tan lejos del río pero no tan cerca del bosque para asi procurar que los dinosaurios no se acerquen demasiado a sus huevos, este dinosaurio seria super territorial al momento de acercarse a su nido pero si se le ve caminando solo será pasivo, se le podría ver haciendo sus migraciones desde un extremo del mapa para incubar sus huevos, al momento de nacer sus crías el maiasauria seria neutral del tipo en el que te podrías acercar a sus crías pero si sus crías muestran signos de incomodidad o miedo el maiasauria te empezaría a atacar con todo, se quedaría con ellas hasta que alcancen la adolescencia  en la adolescencia las crías del maiasauria serian mas ¨independientes¨ a tal punto de ellos poder mostrar signos de rebeldía ante su madre  este siendo comprometido con su tamaño identificado en los fosiles, este dinosaurio seria un excelente farmeador de fibra junto a bayas y madera con una reducción de esta misma de un 20%
para que el maiasauria pueda incubar sus huevos tendra que hacer un hueco en la tierra pero no podrá ser cualquier tipo de tierra tendra que ser en el bioma que el maiasauria quiera sin importar la condicion del ambiente si esta frio o caliente mientras el maiasauria este encima de sus huevos o cerca de ellos el huevo podrá ser incubado al momento de tu propio maiasauria este incubando será agresivo con todo tipo de ser vivo incluyéndote a ti el maiasauria solo podra tener el beneficio de manada si esta junto a sus crías esto también aplica para los maiasauria salvajes si hay muchos maiasaria salvajes pero no son padres e hijos no tendrán el beneficio de manada, en manada todos atacarían juntos si uno se queda atrás todos se quedan atrás teniendo una velocidad mayor a la del iguanodonte y teniendo la posibilidad de pararse en 2 patas para el combate como el iguanodonte pero mientras el maiasauria este con sus crías o bien incubando el maiasauria trataría de evitar todo tipo de conflictos hasta sierto limite en el cual el maiasauria atacaría obviamente 
aqui dejo la wiki del maiasauria para informarse mas sobre este dinosaurio denominado el dinosaurio ¨buena madre¨ https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maiasaura_peeblesorum 

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