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Unridable Dino is BodyShield with a Saddle that Mounts Players Guns on it



Saddle Design Suggestion for New Dino, or for Dilophosaur. By SuperDooM

TLDR: Dino with saddle has player-gun on it and acts like a body shield when mounted.

First of all: NOT a dino saddle with an Auto Turret.
I'm thinking a Dino Saddle that Weapons can be equipped to and Mounted like the Deployable Minigun.
I've been kinda wanting something like this for a while now, and it seems like it could be possible within Ark's game features.
I think this could add an interesting new little dynamic for Combat in both PvP and PvE, without really upsetting the general balance of the game.
The details can and should be tweaked to respect other design priorities. Or nerfed for PvP balancing.
I hope it's an interesting idea and hasn't been proposed before.
Enclosed with this document, is like, totally a 100% professionally accurate prototype diagram depicting the design idea.
Thanks for reading!

A new dino (or for the Dilophosaurus) that has a Saddle that the Player cannot Ride. But the Saddle can be equipped with any Gun, and the Player walks up to either side of the Dino and interacts with it to "Mount" control of the Weapon. The Player should keep standing beside the dino - using it like a body shield - and be able to shoot at enemies with the Gun without having to Reload, as long as the right Ammo Type is in the Dino's Inventory (with certain weapons excepted).

Functional Details: (Simple FSO Format).
(Exact specifics to how the feature set should work).

1. The Dinosaur is Dilophosaurus, or new dino of similar size.

2. The Player cannot ride the dino.

3. The Dino cannot ride on Players shoulder.

4. The Dino can be equipped with a Weapon Saddle that can be equipped with an item from the [Gear Set] list.

5. A Tek variant of the Saddle allows an item from the [Tek Gear Set] to be equipped.

6. The Weapon Saddle provides Armor for the Dino.

7. Primitive to Ascendant variations of the Weapon Saddle can be crafted.

8. The Weapon Saddle does not provide a damage buff to equipped [Gear].

9. The Player can "Mount" control of the [Gear] equipped to the Weapon Saddle by standing beside the Dino and interacting with it.

10. Player Mounts the Equipped [Gear], aiming towards the opposite side from which they interacted with the Dino, and remains at their side at all times.
        (Looks towards Left when interacting on the Right, and vice versa).

11. Dino behaves as a movable Tripod for the [Gear] while the Player is Mounted - allowing movement and turning in all directions for both entities as a unit.

12. While Mounted, Dino moves at a greatly reduced speed.

13. While activating the main function (shooting), the Dino cannot Walk around.

14. While activating the main function (shooting), the Dino can still be made to turn around (to allow player aiming range).

15. If on a Platform, the Dino always remains in place with respect to the Platform it is riding on - even when "Shooting".

16. If on an Elevator, the Dino always remains in place with respect to the Elevator it is riding on - even when "Shooting".

17. Projectile-Type Weapons equipped to the Weapon Saddle do not normally need to be Reloaded - allowing for sustained fire. (With exceptions)

18. Respective Ammo Type must be in Dino's Inventory for the [Gear] to be activated. (Need ammo in dino to shoot guns)

19. Projectile-Type Weapons equipped to the Weapon Saddle will not consume Ammo from the Players Inventory.

20. The Player can switch between First and Third Person view while Mounted.

21. The Player can Aim Down Sights while Mounted (ADS).

22. While ADS a Mounted [Gear], the Dino will change animation to "Hold Still State" where they move around a lot less, allowing for better aim.

23. The Dino will "Flinch" when damaged. Affecting the aiming precision of the Mounted Player. 

24. The "Flinch" animation does not stack while damage is sustained, but it will repeat when finished.  (To prevent too much camera shaking).

25. Dino can follow Whistle Commands normally.

26. Dino ignores Whistle Commands while Mounted by a Player.

27. Dino makes eager-to-fight noises while Player is Shooting a Mounted Gun.

28. Dino remains Silent if a Silencer is equipped to the Mounted Gun.

29. Weapon Attachments can still be used while Mounted to a Weapon Saddle.

30. Weapons retain their Paint Colors when equipped to a Weapon Saddle.

31. Weapon Saddles and Equipped Weapon Paint Regions should not conflict with one another. Both should retain their independent Color Regions.

32. Dino will not move to attack enemies while Mounted.

33. While Mounted, the Dino will melee attack any enemies attacking it or the player, if set to a Whistle State that allows - provided it does not move as per line 32.

34. While Mounted, some of the Damage sustained by the Player is instead absorbed by the Dino. [~10%]

35: Imprinted Dinos will absorb [5%] more Damage for the associated Player while Mounted. (Because they love you more).

36. The Player can be Dismounted from the Dino by enemies or wild dinos by abilities that intend that consequence.

37. While Mounted, the Player cannot equip any Item from their own Inventory or the Hotbar into their Hands.

38. Crossbows with ZipLines or Grappling Hooks attached cannot be Equipped to the Saddle.

39. Zip-Line Anchors and Grappling Hooks cannot be attached to a Crossbow that is Equipped to the Weapon Saddle.

40. All rapid-fire Gun Type Weapons equipped to the Weapon Saddle can Overheat.
41. The Dino will not behave as an Auto-Turret, and will not fire equipped Weapons without the Player being mounted.

[Gear Sets]: (Items that can be equipped to the Weapon Saddle).
Items that must still be reloaded between each shot are marked with an *

- Slingshot*
- Crossbow (Including all Arrow Types except ZipLines).*
- Simple Pistol
- Longneck Rifle (All Ammo Types, including Tranquilizer Darts).*
- Harpoon Launcher*
- Pump-Action Shotgun
- Fabricated Pistol
- Assault Rifle
- Flamethrower
- Fabricated Sniper Rifle
- Rocket Launcher*
- Minigun

[Tek Gear Set]:
- Tek Phase Pistol
- Mining Drill
- Tek Rifle
- Tek Railgun
- Tek Grenade Launcher
- Tek Bow---IF equipping it transforms it into an aesthetic Tek Crossbow variant, while still retaining its normal functions.

[Misc Item Set]
- Tek Binoculars
- SpyGlass
- Magnifying Glass
- Torch
- Flare Gun
- Charge Lantern

End of document.


Edited by SuperDooM
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