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Saichania, its name means "Beautiful One", and for good reason. This ankylosaur is covered in an extravagent set of scutes and osteoderms for protection, with a tail ending a club composed of fused bone. These clubs would be used for a number of purposes, from duels between rivals to self defense against predators. This dinosaur lived 72-70 million years ago in what is now Mongolia, and part of a special group of spiky, asian ankylosaurs. This group is infamous for their own unique sets of pin cushioned armor, contrary to the keeled scutes of their North American cousins. However, Asian ankylosaurs like Saichania come with an additional twist:  their knack for burrowing! 

Several different genera of asian ankylosaurs like Pinacosaurus, along with various unnamed Ankylosaurs found in Mongolia show signs for digging, be it specialized forelimbs to dig through the sand and dirt, to even having been found in shallow pits in the ground that were dug by the ankylosaurs themselves!

This knack for digging is where Saichania comes in. Being a superb digger, the Ark bred Saichania is a subterranian creature that can dig through the tough soil to navigate across a number of terrain. This digging also comes into effect when mining, with their club tails able to smash through tough rocks and mine for precious resources, along with their ability to dig for items and resources. In addition, these creatures can eat a number of ores and other materials/resources, with the pressurized minerals in their stomach resulting in dung filled with refined resources, which survivors can use as a crafting system, with feeding certain ingredients more likely to produced the desired resources. 

However, this creature isn't just a hard working miner, but its perfect for a sneak attack! Able to accomplish a wide range of maneuvers and traps for survivors to utilize.  Want to sneak up on a target, Saichania can dig underground and wait, before springing into attack and launching itself like a cannonball, stunning and damaging any of those foolish enough to not watch their step. Need to breach into a stronghold? No problem, survivors can dig under the walls of a camp or fortress and spring out in a surprise attack.

Using their club tails, they can deal a high amount of damage when defending themselves, or even going on the offensive. Being slightly smaller than its more famous cousin Ankylosaurus, Saichania is afforded greater speed, able to move in at great speed for a medium sized herbivore, while being a fairly easy tame for survivors. 

However, this smaller size has its costs. While its smaller size offers greater speed and maneuverability, it is not as heavily armored as Ankylosaurus, and can be vulnerable to large carnivores like Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus once they deal their cannonball-esque attack, with their armor providing limited protection, so survivors must use this tame wisely. 

Treat the beautiful Saichania well, and it will treat you with victory!


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