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Introducing Olorotitan resonacarmen - The Multi-Purpose Mega Hadrosaur!



Hello, I'm here again to present a new updated look at my first submission from the Lost Island vote:


(Re)Introducing Olorotitan, every survivor's dream and every carnivore's nightmare! 

Common name: Olorotitan
Species: Olorotitan resonacarmen
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Herbivore
Temperament: Territorial


"Whenever somebody asks me what I believe to be the most powerful herbivore on the Ark, one of the first creatures that come to mind is Olorotitan resonacarmen. Between its impeccable physical capabilities, thick hide and it's unique ability to rally other herbivores to aid it in combat, even some of the larger carnivores like Tyrannosaurus struggle to bring this titanic beast down."

"Olorotitan can often be seen with a group of about two to three Parasaurolophus aroud it. It is likely that the Parasaurs recognize the Olorotitan as a source of protection and choose to stay nearby to remain safe from predators."


"Taming an Olorotitan is no easy feat. They are highly aggressive towards anything that isn't an herbivore. I have heard many stories about unprepared survivors who died trying to domesticate this creature. Despite this, there are some tribes who have successfully obtained one. They say that if you bring a tamed herbivore with you, the Olorotitan will not see you as a threat and allow you to approach it and begin the taming process."

"Once domesticated, an Olorotitan is quite the formidable creature for any survivor to have in their arsenal. Its large size allows it to carry loads of resources. Some survivors even equip their saddles with bags to carry large quantities of food to feed other allied creatures on the move. On top of its immesurable strength and endurance, it can let out various different 'songs' that can invigorate allied creatures and enhance their physical abilities."

In-Game Info:
-Size: approx. Rex/Yuty size
-Taming: The Olorotitan will initially be aggressive when encountered, but when in the proximity of a tamed herbivore, Olorotitan will enter a passive state and will approach you. when this happens, the Oloro will be able to be fed. Follow the Oloro until tamed
-Preferred Kibble Type: Exceptional
-Extra Notes: In the wild, Olorotitan will be surrounded by 2-3 Parasaurs. If you attack/kill one, this will instantly aggro the Oloro and chase you down to kill you.

Offensive Abilities:
-Bite/Scratch: standard melee attack, harvests berries, fiber, wood, and thatch
-Stomp: performs a big stomp that can deal AOE damage; harvests stone, flint, metal, and crystal
-Titan's Song: cycles through 3 different calls that can provide buffs to allied creatures
   -Defensive Song: minor damage reduction to allies for a few seconds
   -Invigorating: minor speed boost and stamina use for a few seconds
   -Intimidating: stuns enemy creatures in place for a few seconds

Passive Abilities:
-Mobile Feeding Trough: Saddle functions as a mobile feeding trough to feed allied creatures while on the go.
-Weight Reduction: reduced weight on several resources and food items .
-Carnivore Scorn: Does slightly more damage to carnivorous animals; only effects Olorotitan.
-Fearless: immune to Yutyrannus' Fear debuff

Extra Information:
-Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olorotitan

Thank you for taking the time to read this over! If you want to see this get added to the game, feel free to give it a vote! it would mean the world to me!

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