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pterosaur Dearc Impulsum, the living bullet.



Dearc Impuslum, a species found rarely upon rocky outcrops next to the coast, is a large species of rhamphorynchoid pterosaur from the Jurassic, but somewhat adapted to dealing with predators on the ark. The species has taken on similar features of the Peregrine Falcon and the Gannet, flying high into the sky and crashing down from the heavens at such a speed that it could knock even a Rex out cold with a single dive. Despite this being an incredible advantage for tribes that somehow manage to tame one, there are multiple drawbacks. Upon collision with its target, Dearc will be heavily damaged, completely stunned for two minutes and unable to run or defend itself, making it an easy target. The target that Dearc collided with will also be inflicted with a debuff called Dearc Concussion, making it unable to be fed taming food until a chunk of time has passed, meaning you would have to keep it asleep and safe until the debuff wears off. Wild Dearcs are also incredibly hard to tame, being a passive tame makes it seem easy but it is a lot more difficult than you'd think. Dearc is quite neutral to anything but its favourite prey, Leedsichthys, meaning either getting them angry to provoke them into diving or luring their favourite meal to do the same thing. Once a Dearc dives, it very rarely misses its target so you will have to dodge and weave as fast as you can on a flying mount or else you will be collided with and turned into glue. If the dive collides with something, there is a 15 second window to feed the Dearc some Prime Fish Meat, which it requires large quantities (up to 40 if its a high level) and with you only being able to feed a Dearc 10 times per dive, you will need to survive the bullet of the ark 4 separate times to tame a good level one.

Dearc would be large enough to ride, but only barely being slightly smaller than a Pteranodon in size. It flies quite slow, slightly slower than Argentavis and its bite is quite weak, hitting about as hard as a raptor. It is incapable of swimming and its weight capacity is quite low, although being surprisingly bulky for a flyer at 450 base health. The main reason you get Dearc though is the dive, with the dive requiring high altitudes to be used. The damage this dive does is massive, with it hitting up to 1000 damage easily, although like stated earlier the dive heavily cripples the pterosaur and makes it very weak; which leads to its uses being either a suicide dive to do huge damage but then get destroyed or an extremely useful taming tool to only be used in safe environments. Dearc Impulsum is unique and weaponises the diving mechanic well, making it dangerous to be around but having its counters and weaknesses. Dearc could also possibly have a target and lock on system with its dive to help it hit its target well.Skye-Pterosaur-Art-1-credit-Natalia-Jagi

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