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insectivorous Calumma Benovskyi "the power of the tongue"





Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the presentation of one of the least expected creatures of this vote with you the Calumma Benovskyi, a formidable chameleon that will help us in all our adventures in the ARK.


Among the most hidden corners of the forests they discovered Calumna Benovskyi, an unusual creature that also inhabits the most hidden caves and swamps in the area. The survivors decided to recognize it as Gigameleon because of its striking colors and large size.

Depending on the situation it is able to camouflage itself, either to hide from its enemies or to surprise its prey with its long tongue. It is usually quite solitary and has a friendly appearance, but survivors who got carried away by its appearance suffered from its great dexterity with its tail and had injuries before they could blink.


Despite being a solitary and hard-to-see creature, it cannot go unnoticed by anyone seeking to tame it. So it becomes a highly sought after creature by survivalists not only for its incredible tongue or large size, but for its ferocity, whether defending, attacking, exploring or harvesting.

Its ability to obtain chitin from the insects it devours can be even more grotesque than that of a megatherium, certainly a creature too resilient to withstand even the great pressure of radiation. For these and many other reasons, the Benovskyi calumma is one of the ideal mounts for any kind of survivor.    


Our beloved Calumma Benovskyi as her life has developed or many of her abilities have been discovered throughout the ARK.
Although many of the survivors consider her a slow creature, they are fascinated by the fact that she is as tough as a tank, able to withstand heavy blows. One of its great virtues is its effective tongue that most of the time hits the target, but that's not all that our Benovskyi offers as it can also serve as a chitin collector, even being a good companion when you want to go deep and explore the deeper areas of the radiation.

Attacks (technically explained):

There is certainly a wide variety of attacks or passive abilities that the Calumma Benovskyi can offer us.

- (RC) Its powerful tongue works as an anchor capable of attracting enemies to it or dismount the riders of the creatures to be able to perform the combo of blows, it can charge dinosaurs from smaller to the size of a carnotaurus.

- (LC) The big combo hit that mainly focuses on hitting twice and finishing with a powerful bite (which can passively go into hit lethargy).

- (C) A strong tail capable of slowing mounts or applying a strong stun to survivors.

- (Q) Allows you to change the tongue mode so that you can steal items from the enemy's inventory.

- (space) Allows him to adapt to any surface whether walking on walls, trees or even zip lines.  

- (CTRL) He is able to camouflage himself with his surroundings 

Attacks or passive abilities (technically explained)

- One of them would be that it can turn on its own axis thanks to its eyes.

- Its eyes have been proven to see differently from ultraviolet light to infrared light.

- It can withstand high radiation temperatures.

- And it has a healing effect when it devours insects.

-Be able to put torpor the creatures that hold with the tongue


One of the difficult tasks of the Calumma Benovskyi is its taming and you may be wondering how we managed to tame it. Well, first we must clarify that our friend Benovskyi is a solitary creature, but at the same time very territorial, it is enough for him to see you for him to grab you and start attacking you and even if he feels very intimidated he can camouflage himself. . and escape Therefore, it was thought that while you observe him for a period of time, at some point he will spit or defecate a kind of pheromone that if you spray it on your body you will be able to get closer.
Once sprayed with the pheromone you must have chitin in your inventory and the calumma with its powerful tongue will proceed to steal the chitin from your inventory, from time to time the calumma will begin to ask you for corpses of giant insects and you can drag the bodies and it will pick them up with its tongue and it will eat them, increasing its size even more.

But be careful that if the effect of the pheromone runs out, the calumma will proceed to attack you or if it is too far away it will steal some valuable item from your inventory!



It can be located in different regions of the map from swamps to forests and even in caves, it is worth noting that we can find it walking on the walls and even trees, but an advantage that has its location is that it is always located where there are insects, but it is always recommended to go with a lot of eye you never know where you can run into one.

Here is a reference to the comparative size:



Abilities better explained

The best known ability of the Calumma Benovskyi is its powerful tongue capable of holding dinos smaller than the size of a Carnotaurus, as well as dismounting survivors from their mount.


An added ability that would only work on tamed Calumma Benovskyi is the option to use their tongue as a whip, capable of having a percentage chance of obtaining some weapon, tool or resource from the enemy's inventory.



The camouflage was thought in a different way to be something new and repetitive, it consists in that the Calumma Benovskyi can choose to camouflage itself with its environment depending on the biome, either by adopting the textures of the environment, which would make it practically unrecognizable and undetectable to the cries of the Parasaur or to another type of detector. 


Its tail is a special case, because of its incredible size we decided that it could give strong blows with the tail that would be able to slow down the enemy making them unable to run or escape. 


This is the first sketch of the saddle, it is planned to help you carry a little more weight because of the included backpack. 

A tamed calumma with the mount equipped could give you the opportunity to try a new item, which is poison arrows. The calumma, being a poisonous reptile, can spray the arrows with its powerful poison that will give it a duration before the poison dissolves. Once the poison is dissolved, the arrow will become stone or if you used the metal one, it will become only the arrow of metal.



Here I add a wikipedia link on data of the true calumma, which is already extinct https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calumma_benovskyi

Thank you very much for your attention, this work was made by 2 people who put love and attention to every detail, I hope you like it, we will accept any suggestions.


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