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The deinocheirus was around 6000 - 7000 kilograms (around 2k less than an average rex).  I would want to make it as large as a giga, since the giga was also enlarged this should be ok.  

The idea for this dino would be:  It's just as large as a giga / charchar, but a herbivore (although it is an omnivore in real life, but I want to give the herbs a stronger dino in the roster).  Also, instead of doing huge damage to dinos, it would do around rex DPS, but where it really shines is base destruction.  It would have a damage multiplier to builds (I don't know what, but I was thinking X4, I don't play a lot of PVP, so I don't know if this is balanced).  It would also have natural protection against bullets (around half damage) due to its thick lair of feathers.  This would allow for it to get up close and personal with the bases and create an opening for your tribe.  It also would be good for wood and fiber/seeds. 

It would be tamed via fighting it to around 10% HP (probably will be adjusted), then chasing it until it tires.  it will pass out, then you can tame it with berries, (fish variants if it would be an omnivore in game) and using honey as its "kibble".

It would be slightly slower than a giga, due to its short legs, but would have an impeccable range due to its lengthy arms.

references:                                    =D
Deinocheirus - Wikipedia                       (basicly theri but on steroids)



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My good people of wildcard we need big duck like i mean BIG DUCK so i suggest this magnificent BIG BOI of mass proportions not only is it incredible by its looks but it could have some interesting mechanics such a the following:

-This big feathered boi could have the basic nature of swimming like the Spino and be the first herbivore (but also thought to be a slight piscivore) the ability Hydration Buff due to its thought of tendencies of living in or around bodies of water (mainly swamps) so it would be nice to get a big hulking BOI a bit of a speed boost.

-for its basic moves it will absolutely have a claw slap inducing mass knockback and inflict a de buff to be discussed down the line, Another attack is a tail swab smacking creatures away from its behind giving it decent coverage, and finally it would have 2 roars one to be down the line and one roar long call for intimidation

-Due to its love of murky water this BIG FELLA would be covered in moss and plant growth it would have either a:


Healing ability (when nearby tamed and allied creatures would receive a healing boost when eating much like Argentavis Rapid Regeneration).

Or maybe a Poison Inflicting Debuff when attacking a creature due to the growth on its Massive crushing claws (when attacking instead of a bleed like most creatures it would inflict a slight slow say 10-20% [or whatever is a balanced amount] as well as inflicting the opposite as the previously mentioned Healing Buff causing the creatures when hit to heal less from eating.

Another Idea (more Passive) is a Plant Maturity Bonus Increasing the growth rate of plants nearby in a radius (to be determined) as well as give them a increase in produce for our favourite veggies.

-other than its mossy line the second call would be a Quack to confuse its enemies in a way i that would make them sometimes ignore there commands.

-Lastly as it has a large size its saddle would have multiple seats and a special feature to gather the moss on its feathers to then distribute the Plant Maturity Bonus as previously mentioned.

-And now for its taming method it would be different from most as the most recent creatures are all away from original ARK as it would have to eat a fish corpse and then something special will happen as it has massive feathers and covered in itchy moss the BIG DUCK BOI would love you if you scratched certain areas on its body much like the Strider.


Thank you for reading through this, i have always loved the Deinocheirus as i love ducks as my grandfather owned a duck pond and as a kid i always loved feeding them, i hope you consider this submission and i hope you have fun with this creature submission

I Tip My Hat To You sincerely TopHat 

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Hey there im reposting my previous suggestion of the deinocheirus.

This dinosaur is similar to the therizino its an omnivorous giant just a little bit higher than the therizino and much more bulkier. It also has a nice set of claws just like the therizino. It has a duck like beak perfectly suiting this terror gose which some part of the concept is based on

Gameplay: I think our modern creatures in ark  cant exist without a good utility.

   Pve:How many times have you been grinding Berrys and thought how much easier it would be if you can chose what you want to harvest like with the stryder. I personally thought about this a lot so my idea is deinocheirus has a secondary attack like the tickle of the therizino but it leans forward and starts biting the grass like a gose or a duck with small movements but fast and that attack only harvests the berries and harvestables selected.

Pvp: oh boy as many times Ive been trapped in a net and though about my life decisions, any way deinocheirus has sharp and long claws and sure packs some tricks. The saddle is shaped like a basket not for protection against projectiles but to prevent dismounting while neted. when neted it can use its sharp claws to cut the net and free Itself in just a few seconds. It can also free allies.

Neutral: Its primary attack is just a swipe that cause painful wounds slowing down even the largest of foes.

when stationary the primary attack becomes much more like a feroxes swipe attack while stationary swiping left to right while this attack is repeated it stacks a buff that speeds up the attacks, much like the tek claw. The buff is reseted by moving or pausing, however when fully stacked the buff sticks around for 5 seconds even while moving, the timer is reseted by further punching.

its omnivorous behaviour could mean it can eat sweet veggie cakes.


I hope you like my suggestion for the deinocheirus and help me get this incredible creature to the game




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Deinocheirus was an unusual ornithomimosaur, the largest of the clade at 11 m (36 ft) long, and weighing 6.5 t (7.2 short tons). Though it was a bulky animal, it had many hollow bones which saved weight. The arms were among the largest of any bipedal dinosaur at 2.4 m (7.9 ft) long, with large, blunt claws on its three-fingered hands. The legs were relatively short, and bore blunt claws. Its vertebrae had tall neural spines that formed a "sail" along its back. Most of the vertebrae and some other bones were highly pneumatised by invading air sacs. The tail ended in pygostyle-like vertebrae, which indicate the presence of a fan of feathers. The skull was 1.024 m (3.36 ft) long, with a wide bill and a deep lower jaw, similar to those of hadrosaurs.

This large beast would be a perfect fit for ark. Found in and around the swamp. The Deinocheirus would be a contender vs large carnivores. Possibly gathering meat, or converting narcoberrys in to narcotics, or turning berries into organic polymer, or pooping colored crystal or organic polymer, or some other unique mechanic. I think have a decent swim speed and oxygen would help. Good health and attack is a must. A saddle to ride. And some type of unique taming to master this giant.

Either way I would love to see the Deinocheirus in ark and I do believe it deserves and has a home in ark.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your vote. 


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This would be a more tanky version of the Therizinosaurus. Larger than the Therizinosaurus and a bit slower moving, this omnivore is the ultimate harvester. It would have an extremely wide range with its long arms and duck billed beak, allowing it to gather nearly every single kind of material aside from metal, obsidian, and oil. While not as efficient at gathering fiber and wood as the Therizinosaurus, it gathers berries at a rate similar to the maewing due to its insanely long reach due to its immense size. While it is an omnivore, it doesn't like normal raw meat. It will eat it, but it doesn't heal it very fast, nor does it replenish its hunger either. And raw meat is the worst option to feed it for taming, and mutton surprisingly does not work well either, as both food sources will rapidly reduce its taming effectiveness. However, it adores fish meat. Easiest way to tame one with 100% effectiveness, outside of kibble, is prime fish meat.
Deinocheirus would also have the unique ability of being able to act as a live fish trap. Deinocheirus doesn't need a saddle in order to ride it, thanks to its large hump providing a natural seat for any rider, but If you equipped a saddle to it and placed fish traps in its inventory, it would be able to enter a stance that allows it to trap fish by wading through shallow rivers that are abundant with fish. The trapped fish would consume a fish trap in its inventory, and you would be able to use them like you normally would with a fish trap.
Combat wise, where Therizinosaurus is built for offense, Deinocheirus would be built extremely tanky with a health pool on par with the rex and would possess built in armor similar to the Shadowmane (though not as great). The armor make up for the fact that initially it doesn't need a saddle, allowing it to survive encounters better than the likes of other creatures that don't utilize a saddle.

Deinocheirus is one of the more bizarre looking dinosaurs I have seen living on the ARK. Despite being an omnivore and being fully capable of harvesting vast quantities of berries to feed itself, Deinocheirus seems to prefer living near river beds and swamplands, hunting for fish. This habit seems to have caused Deinocheirus to grow larger in size than fossil records suggest, supposedly as a defense mechanism to allow itself to compete with other large fish eating river dwelling predators like Baryonyx, and Spinosaurus.

Deinocheirus has a large and bulky body, so it doesn't move very quickly. However, it does not need a saddle in order for one to ride it, and its sheer bulk grants it a natural defense that most other creatures don't have. Many survivors adore the Deinocheirus as a front line tank, while others love it for its incredible harvesting capabilities using its large claws.

Due its preference for fish meat above berries and crops, Deinocheirus has developed a unique skill to catch fish. Survivors have discovered that if they equip the large omnivore with a saddle and fish traps, Deinocheirus can stand still and take a unique stance that allows it to capture fish alive and place them within the fish traps in its saddle.

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Time:Late Cretaceous

Diet: omnivore

Temperament: docile...?

The deinocheirus is the largest omnivore that I have ever seen.They are slightly larger than a rex and much bulkier. They have two extremely dangerous weapons: first they have their sharp boney beek that can rip through flesh and bone; the second is its massive bulky arms tipped with razor sharp claws. They will eat anything from berrys to fish, they especially love prime fish meat. They can run relatively fast for their size and can run faster than rexes. They have feathers on their arms and tail. the males’s feathers are much more colorful than the females, males are also much bigger than the females. The biggest difference between the one on the ark and the one from the fossil record is that the one here on the ark is much bigger and bulkier. They are not particularly aggressive unless a predator the size of a rex or bigger is neer any dino smaller than a rex is scared of this guy. After you tame this guy you can equip a fabricatore saddle that can hold 4 people

Deinocheirus Paleoart by Mark Witton | Prehistoric animals, Prehistoric  world, Prehistoric creaturesDEINOCHEIRUS New reconstruction 2021. Available at... - MARIO LANZASA Paleoartist Envisions of Ancient Creatures

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About: The deinocheirus is a large creature comparable to a tyrannosaurus rex in size. It posses a muscular build with large hump along it's back. It is adorned with feathers and a bill like that of a duck.  Possessing power legs for surprisingly fast travel when in contact with water, this creature lives in murky areas and flat grasslands. These creatures posses very powerful arms and claws, being their primary defense from predators as observed by early tribes. 

Behavior: These creatures have shown to be passive towards human life who do not anger it. However angering one leads to an aggressive attack, hunting you down until there is but one standing. They are primarily solitary creatures however up to three have been spotted in one area at a time. Despite their solitary nature, these creature posses a strong parental bond, even towards members of other species. They have been observed to leap into fights to protect passive creatures when one is  threatened. These feats of extreme parental protection have been known to cause harm to humans who attack passive creatures and the deinocheirus itself. It seems when a passive or baby creature is being attacked around these creatures it inflicts great stress apon them, leading to a hormonal reaction that increases the damge they do greatly. Due to their sheer size and strength these creatures are able to damage structures up to stone.

Taming: Due to these creatures protective nature they have been known to take in adolescent or younger creatures under their protection. These creatures have been observed to be able to gain trust and form relations with others who share a similar mentality. Tribes on the ARK have utilized this by giving them a baby creature. And by protecting this baby creature with the deinocheirus, they gain their trust. It has been shown that carnivores will begin to rush towards the baby in this circumstance, seeing it as an easy meal. But by protecting this baby and the deinocheirus, they have been able to be domesticated.

Domesticated: When domesticated, these creatures can be ridden via equipping a saddle unlocked at level 74. The deinocheirus posses the same hydration buff observed in the likes of spinosaurus and shadow manes. They have also been shown to have comparable strength to a Trex, attacking with their powerful forms limbs and muscular tail. These creatures have also been shown to have a quite large oxygen stat and fast swim speed. They are shown to be resistant to the effects of jellyfish, but have been shown to take damage in deep waters Due to pressure. While possessing the same buff when pared to a mate, they also seem to gain a buff when with their offspring, resulting in a 5% damage reduction. They still have their protective behaviors, however when tamed it results in a 5% increase to stats across the board the last for 20 seconds when a nearby friendly creature takes damage. However one of their oddest features revolves around breeding, through some currently unknown method, they have been shown to produce an aura that increases the chance of mutations when breeding creatures. This, however, does come with the drawback of draining its own food rapidly along with inflicting torpor on itself. When unconscious, this buff is rendered inactive.

Other notes: These creatures can be taken into boss fights. Are omnivores that prefer to eat raw fish meat or mejo berries, filling their food the most. They have two attack, a basic claw swing and tail swipe like that of a bronto that knocks creatures back. They are unable to deal damage to baby creatures. When taming, the weaker the baby dinosaur given, the better. 

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I call for the implementation of Deinocheirus, a huge omnivorous dinosaur with long claws, a beak, and a hump on its back!
Since it is believed that it was a fish-eater, it would be very interesting to have special abilities related to fish, like Baryonyx, and perhaps an ability like the TEK claw in relation to its long claws.

Amazon | PNSO 成長シリーズ 64 先史時代 デイノケイルス デイノケイルス科 竜盤目 恐竜 動物 フィギュア プラモデル おもちゃ 模型  リアル PVC 恐竜好き 誕生日 プレゼント オリジナル 塗装済 完成品 29.2cm級 | フィギュア・ドール 通販デイノケイルス・ミリフィクスの復元骨格image.jpeg.129fa0f95b8777df23384e72ea9e5eda.jpeg

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Deinocheirus could be an amazing addition to the game, It could be a harvester of all plants, and a powerful fighter. Capable of defeating high level rexes, and able to swim as well!

It could be an omnivorous passive tame, where you walk up behind it in ghillie suit, feeding it fish or berries and then waiting 2 minutes to feed it again.

It could b semi aquatic, meaning it would spawn in rivers and swamps meaning it would be up against sarcos, spinos and other dangerous predators. It could have an ability where once it kills a large carnivore, it goes into a rush similar to a megatherium when it kills insects, and to maintain this rush it would have to kill more large carnivores making it a good creature for pvp or boss battles!


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A herbivore of a size that makes large carnivores tremble. Highly territorial and aggressive, the Deinocherius has enough hit points and strength to take on a rex. The swamp king will lay unfertilized eggs. Whoever tries to steal the eggs will die a few meters away thanks to his great speed.

Movements: Strong blows with their large arms and sharp claws make them bleed.

Tame: Steal one of their eggs (not very common) and eat it. he sleeps with tranquilizer arrows shot at his back. Make sure to clear the area as with low hit points it will run away and become vulnerable to other swamp creatures.

Farming: Use its snout to collect large amounts of berries, or its arms to gather wood.





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This big fella is like the therozino  but bigger and has bigger arms and hands, however smaller claws. It is almost the size of a Rex. It has some kind of thick sail on it’s back so it could perhaps be a very good swimmer and/or get water buff like the Spino. It has a duck beak similar to the Parasaur so a player and Dino detecting ability would be quite fitting. I think the Dino should also be quite fast as with most Dinos in it’s species being fast runners, big as a Rex but hella speedy on both land and water.

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Deinocheirus era un ornitomimosaurio inusual, el más grande del clado, con 11 metros de largo, y con 6,36 toneladas de peso. Aunque era un animal voluminoso, tenía muchos huesos huecos que le ahorraban peso. Los brazos estaban entre los más grandes de cualquier dinosaurio bípedo de 2,4 metros de largo, con grandes y romas garras en sus manos de tres dedos. Las piernas eran relativamente cortas y tenian garras romas. Sus vértebras tenían altas espinas neurales que formaban una "vela" a lo largo de su espalda. La cola termina en vértebras tipo pigostilo , que indican la presencia de un abanico de plumas. Su cráneo medía 1.024 metros de largo, con un pico ancho y una mandíbula inferior profunda, similar a los de los hadrosáuridos.


aparición y comportamiento:

Aparece en pantanos y cerca de lagos en la jungla en grupos pequeños de 2 con una hembra y un macho, o solos nunca en grupos grandes.

Es neutral en estado salvaje habitualmente, estar muy cerca del agua entrando por largo tiempo en ella, no es atacado por dinosaurios más chicos que el a excepción del espinosaurio, el rex y dinos medianos en manadas.


Su tameo sería con un nuevo objeto que serían las algas que sería la forma más rápida, pero también se puede con bayas o hongos acuáticos.

Su tameo es pasivo, requiriendo el uso de un traje de camuflaje y al menos 10 algas, consiste en hacer arte a el con la alga en el último espacio del inventario, cambiando de comer lo que te permite montarlo para comer algas que aparecen en las cercanías de la creatura, comiendo las algas(única forma de tameo perfecto) y cada que coma dos veces requiere que le des de tu inventario pidiendo este proceso 10 veces en un nivel 150.

Montura y crianza:

Su montura permite llevar a cabo 3 personas, 2 llendo a los lados del dinosaurio para usar cualquier arma(armas de fuego o blancas),su creación requiere de mesa de herrería requiriendo de 290 de piel, 180 de fibra, 125 de madera y 65 de metal refinado, tiene una velocidad ligeramente mayor a la del Therizinosaurus, pero cuando está en agua poco profunda su velocidad aumenta en un 75%.

Tiene una segunda montura que se hace con lo mismo de piel pero requiere de 250 de metal refinado, 15 de obsidiana y 25 electrónicos, tiene la misma configuración de pasajeros pero da el doble de defensa y permite a los que van a los lados replegar su parte de la montura para que no le puedan hacer daño y pasar por zonas de radiación o similares si no tienen ningún efecto en ellos.

Su crianza requiere tener a la hembra y el macho cerca durante la crianza en agua poco profunda, el huevo necesita de calor(también se puede en una incubadora) pero para que el huevo eclosione no puede estar cerca de los padres. 


Tiene una recolección de 4.5 estrellas de bayas, 4.3 de paja y fibra, 5.0 en algas, 3.2 en madera y 3.0 en perla blanca, tiene una reducción del 50% de peso en fibra, paja, alga, madera, piedra y hierro.


Sus estadísticas base son de:

1100 de vida.

375 de energía.

Oxígeno(funciona como el basilo).

3000 de comida.

675 de pesos.

28 de daños.

Habilidad especial y ataques: 

Con ataque principal tiene una mordida rápida, con ataque secundario tiene un pisotón que tiene por 2 de daño pero es lento, 

Tiene un rugido meramente cosmético, un ataque especial(requiere de estar cerca o en el agua) que lo que hace es agacharse un poco y se llena de algas lo que sube su daño en un 50% y reducción de daño en un 75% durante 8 minutos con un enfriamiento de 1 minuto 20 segundos, en este estado los dinosaurios más pequeños no lo atacan sin importar de ser domesticados.


Las algas usadas para su tameo tienen otras funciones la primera es que funcionan como comida, otra es que se usa para un crafteo nuevo, que sería como una trampa para peces y creaturas pequeñas a medianas(las medianas serían atrapadas como una clase de trampa de oso solo que más barata y con más rango además que alertara al deinocheirus al activarse, aunque solo podría agarrar creaturas no mucho más grandes que el baryonix), que se ponen y requieren de un trozo de alga extra que funcione como cebo, su última utilidad sería como alimento para el jugador y otros dinosaurios, siendo de facil acceso porque el deinocheirus genera de forma pasiva mientras camina por el agua.

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3 hours ago, Xgaming08 said:


also dope ideas guys, i feel like a fusion of these would be one badass dino!

LETS GOO we were so close last vote. I agree my boy.

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