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The Shantungosaurus




This large herbivore would be massive almost giga and Carchar and would have the stamina of a iguanodon. This giant beast would be fairly speedy and have a almost andrewsarchus like saddle and would have a small section for platform building. It would have a stomp that does tons of damage to structures and creatures being the ultimate ground seige weapon

Taming: This creature can be extremely dangerous as it will spawn in groups of 3 meaning if you anger it you get the full force of the herd. So separating would be a wise idea to do ,but the way they would be tamable is by throwing them things like berries/honey and then gaining its trust while it feasts. After that it will go back on to defending its herd/territory and you have to help it protect a certain area for a few minutes.

Abilities: It will be able to have multiple riders 1 rider and a small platform saddle build area on each side of its body. The saddle for it will also have two andrewsarchus like turrets that fire rifle ammo. It will also be fairly fast and have almost the stam of a inguanodon. Its attacks will consist of a heavy stomp, a tail swipe .and a small headbutt. This creature will be a siege beast and use its brute for to destroy walls/barriers for others during battle. Its hide is so thick it can withstand that of giga bites sometimes as well.


NOTE: This is not my artwork

Also it likes honey and veggie cakes more than and other food but other things like berries work

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Absolutely incredible! I have never seen such a massive herbivore in all of my time on the island, towering over even the tyrannosaurs! The Shantungosaurus Fatalis is the largest hadrosaur on the island dwarfing the Parasaurolophus and Iguanadon, this large dinosaur has been seen herding with the other hadrosaurs on the island and protects the herd at all costs, and although a herbivore the Shantungasaurus is extremely aggressive towards any carnivore it comes into contact with. Only the most cunning survivors have been able to domesticate these giants, offering their own hadrosaurs to the shantungosarus's herd! Once tamed the Shantungosaurus becomes one of the most destructive seige beasts, able to run down entire armies and even cave in metal structures! Its hide is incredibly tough and its blood has a special coagulant that seems to make any wound heal over instantly!


To tame a shantungasaurs you must offer tamed hadrosaurs (Parasaurs + variants and Igunaodons). Wild tames are incredibly ineffective, the more mutations + Imprint the better for taming speed and effectiveness.



-Front limb attack + minor damage to all structures except tek

-Back kick + knockback + broken bones

-Charge + Medium damage to all structures except tek

-Back up on hind limbs and slam down with front + major damage to all structures except tek + broken bones

-Cosmetic bellow

-Can turn in place at an ok speed


-Bleed attacks only last 1/4 of the time they normally do

-Gets a herd bonus of up to 4 other tamed parasaurs or igunaodons


-Takes increased damage to armor penetrating attacks (

-Has cooldown on charge and back up attack

-Takes increased damage to creatures in packs that have a pack boost (Raptors, Ravagers, Hyenadon)





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Shantungosaurus is a large Hadrosaur, like the Parasaurolophus. It would have been the largest Hadrosaur that we know of, so making a rival to the Giga, or maybe even a Rex (Due to the Carcha coming out not too long ago) could leave us with a strong, late-game herbivore. 

It would likely be less of a damage dealer than the large carnivores, but it could function as a large stegosaur, using it's immense health to soak in bullets.


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The reason why I think this creature would be a good addition tot he game is that hadrosaurians are often pictured as weak and defenseless animals, but this way it would be shown that they were a really well adapted group of dinosaurs. I hope you enjoy my idea.



shantungosauruses usually seen travelling through the ARKs in small groups. They look a lot like a much bigger parasaur without the head chrest, but any survivor, who assumes that they are easy prey as well, will have a really bad day, because these dinosaurs are not something to mess with. With powerful tail and legs, and a size rivaling the mighty tyrannosaurus, these beasts are well equipped to defend themselves from anything what they consider dangerous. Sometimes even their warcry is enough to make their predators run away in fear.



The tribes who are lucky enough to tame a herd of these dinosaurs, had come up with many ways to use them. Their powerful kicks and stomps make them a great battle mount, and with a swipe of their tail, they can cnock out smaller creatures and humans. Some tribes even managed to equip various weapons to their saddles, making them even more dangerous. I’ve seen them vith cannons, ballistas and catapults, but there are rumors about highly developed tribes, who have put turrets, and even more advanced weapons on their edmontosauruses.



The shantungosaurus would be a rex-sized dino, with wery similar stats to it, but less meele. They would spawn in a group of one male and four females, and all members of the group would be the same level. Their roar could weaken carnivore attacks, or make their herd stronger, but you could use only one of them with one animal. The one you used first will be the one you could make with the invidual. Their tail whip could increase torpor really slightly. If they are in a pack, they could also get some sort of slight pack boost.



Firstly you would have to befriend the male in the herd, by giving him gifts, like berries, wood, rocks, honey ore rare flower (the rarer the item, the less you would have to use, and the faster the process would be). Then you would have to lead the herd to a safe spot, and if they won’t get attacked for a period of time, they would become tamed all by once (all creatures, including tames, would become hostile near the spot you lead the edmontos).



With stats comparing a rex, this would be a powerful creature itself. It could be used as a boss killing creature, and since it’s a herbivore, it wouldn’t suffer as much from the dragon’s fire for example. But it’s the saddle what would make it even more unic. You could craft it together with the items mentioned in the dossier (turrets, ballistas, cannons, etc.) making turret tames a lot easier, as you wouldn’t need a platform saddle, or a platform, to place the cannon onto.

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Info About In Game (Wild)

This creature is a huge creature you can find in the redwoods and rarely in light woods along beaches. It is a Neutral Mob that lives in group of 2 or alone. They make huge roaring sounds that can scare smaller creatures. When attacked does its roar to alert the small creatures to run, then fights. It runs very fast so if hunting will be hard to catch.

Info About (Tamed)

Like the yutyrannus, you can do its yell to scare off smaller creatures. It has a 2 minute cooldown. Due to this creatures size, It is an amazing mount due to its speed and just true force. It knocks down smaller trees while running and you should stay out of its way. They are good harvesters of berries. They can harvest trees but aren't to special. It has 2 attacks: Crush where it gets on its hind legs and then crushes and the bite where it just bites. If these guys are walking they are on all fours, but if running are bipedal.

Info About Taming

These guys are tamed through feeding them rare flowers, having them attack you, don't damage them during that time, and wait till they run so you can chase them down and once they are calmed down, repeat until tamed. They are not rideable without a saddle and do require a saddle at level 68. 

Crafting a saddle and more

The saddle requires

500 Hide

75 Smelted metal

10 keratin/chitin

1000 fiber

They do have a minor platform saddle but only with small space like the Astrocetus. Details not included.


Health: 1200

Stamina: 650

Oxygen: 150

Food: 5000

Weight: 780

Melee: (Base attack) 47

Speed (Sprinting) 1300

Torpor: 1340

Real life facts:

Largest hadrosaur. Max length 54 FT. 14 Tons. Herbivorous.

http://www.prehistoric-wildlife.com/images/species/s/shantungosaurus-size.jpgShantungosaurus hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

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Shantungosaurus the apex herbivore is alarge and neutral creature that happily roamsthey arks deserts and forests it's dart froglike pattern warns off would be attackerswhile this works on the smaller creatures ofthe arks the larger creatures don't fear themarkings but not to worry for this herbivoreisn't one to run away from a fight males ofthe species can use a head but that dealsheavy bleed further more females can do thesame except since they don't have a hornthey only do knock back but not to worry asthey also have a stomp attack this powerfulattack can shake a near by players screensand disorient them the stomps dance isbased off the size of the creature the smallerthe more damage it does if this creature isfound in a tough fight it might not win it calldo a bellowing and thunderous roar thatgives a buff to it and all nearby hadrosaurs,this creature is not only valuable as a tamebut also when killed as killing it will give youa shant horn and special hide that can beused to make a bleeding spear that causes gnash damage to tame these ginormous beasts you need to fight one till they reach 10% health then they’ll allow you to passive feed them crystal as they like the taste of the salt on them


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Shantungosaurus giganteus, El hadrosaurio gigante 

En estado salvaje, el shantungosaurus giganteus es sumamente territorial, llegando a competir con otros herbívoros de mayor tamaño y con terópodos carnívoros por el territorio, suelen ir en grupos de cuatro o más, son extremadamente agresivos con los humanos y no dudarán en atacarlos. , son extremadamente resistentes a las municiones y con sus poderosas piernas son capaces de aplastar a sus enemigos 

Tamed the shantungosaurus giganteus es excelente en combate cuerpo a cuerpo y daño de área, con una movilidad similar a la de un iguanodon cuadrúpedo y bípedo, excelente luchador para arenas de jefes y obtiene un beneficio alfa cuando hay más de 3 miembros en el grupo.

 Tiene un fuerte rugido que ahuyenta a los carnívoros más pequeños que su tamaño, y los herbívoros aliados obtienen una mejora que aumenta su salud y daño en un 50 %.

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Explore the Best Shantungosaurus Art | DeviantArt
Shantungasuarus is a massive herbivorous dinosaur that is in the game The Isle. It eats plants but (at least in the isle) is capable of taking on a rex. they travel in massive herds like cows and in ark could have a big stomp attack (might need bigger front legs like in the isle) and maybe a tail swing of some sort? It would be able to carry tons of weight, and survive travelling quite easily with its massive healthpool. It wouldnt be very fast, but not much slower than a trike, certainly faster than a stego. Its gathering speed could be about the same as a paras, and its damage at high level could be enough to get a player dead in maybe 5 hits if they have good gear and levels? maybe more like 2 hits on lower level players? -obviously depending on the level of the creature
I imagine this thing would be used a little in boss raids for taking hits, but mostly for carrying your items when you have to move to avoid being raided or because your starting base just got tracked by the alpha tribe and you dont wanna end up having to switch servers(again). Honestly thats my main problem with ark, getting shoved around by way higher level players when you just wanna play ark without being restricted to playing alone or in an unofficial server which means that you cant hop around dlcs. If this creature could somehow help with that, (maybe its skin is too hard to put trackers in to and for some odd reason it can heal disease?), that would be lovely.








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