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My submission for this creature vote is the Haast Eagle, also known as Hieraaetus Moori. It went extinct in the 1400s, and was the largest eagle that has ever existed with talons the size of tigers claws, and has been credited with being the inspiration in New Zealand behind the legends of giant man-eating birds that would carry people away. It was the apex predator of its environment and was capable of killing creatures multiple times its size such as moa, huge birds that were nearly twenty times its weight. It is believed to have killed very large prey by divebombing vulnerable areas, and wrestling it to the ground while slashing with its massive talons. The impact of such a blow has been compared to that of having a large cinderblock dropped on you from a five-story building. Given this, I think it could function well as a powerful apex predator of the skies of the ark. Ark barely has any birds, and only a handful of them are actually very useful. Having the Haast eagle soaring the skies of the arks mountains and jungles would provide a new powerful flyer that would not only allow for a fast way to travel around the map but also be a useful tame full of utilities depending on what you need. 


-Claw slash that inflicts bleed

-Divebomb attack that can stun flyers mid-air and lock them in place for ten seconds(works on creatures up to the size of a quetzal)

-Pest Control + Eagle Eye, when set on wander it'll target and snatch small creatures in a large vicinity like microraptors, troodons, pegos, dilos, and ichthyornis, sinos, bugs(this also factors into the whole prime meat collecting ability) 

-The pest control ability also targets non-tribemates on foot trying to sneak into your base, so having some of these soaring around the base would be very beneficial from getting raided

-Wing attack, after soaring/diving for a short amount of time, it will gain the ability to perform a new attack. When landed, a built-up wing beat will result in gust of wind that pushes attackers back. Works up to creatures the size of a carno/baryonyx. The resulting hit has the potential to keep several attackers back for a short time. The wing beat will also collect nearby resources if not being used to attack anything.

-As a result of its pest control feature, smaller creatures are terrified of it and flee while it's being ridden(this includes hostile creatures like troodons, microraptors, pegos, etc

-Enhanced agility, able to turn on a dime at high speeds through the trees

-Perching, like a thyla or tapejara it can land on large enough tree branches to regain stamnia 

-Prime meat collector, can collect prime meat from smaller creatures with its talons

-Extremely fast, quick attacks, average stamina, and average weight but does get a reduction on the carry weight of meat and pelt

-Insulation, provides warmth from its feathers when flying through the colder regions of maps

-Does decent damage to armor with its talons

-A screech that boosts other allied flyers similar to the Yuty

Taming Method: Adults can be tamed by being brought and fed smaller creatures; the alternate and preferred form is by collecting eggs from nests in large trees and cliffsides. 

Pest Control: As this ability would be important I figured it's worth explaining more. The pest control feature would work in a manner comparable to the icthyornis hunt and retrieve feature, with added differences. You can determine how large of a vicinity you'd like to have it cover, then by setting it on wander any small hostile wild creature or enemy-tamed creature it spots will be quickly snatched, lifted up, and disposed of. As this works with enemy tribemates the eagle is capable of snatching survivors and attacking them until they've either escaped or been killed.

Appearance: Appearance loosely based on the largest living forest eagles like a harpy, crowned, and philippine eagles, but with obvious differences to give it a distinct, different look. To some extent, it would make sense for it to have some slight resemblance to the little eagle(ironically its closest living relative). Having a crown of feathers like some other large raptors that could be a color region would also add to its look. A small detail that should be mentioned was that it had a fairly long beak in real life. (Credit to artist Ben Garrod for the nest art of eagles, it's very accurate in showing the longer hooked beak. He's an amazing paleo artist so credit to him.)

Nests: The main goal of searching a nest is to find eggs, however even empty nests serve an additional purpose. Many large predatory bird nests are full of what's left of previous meals, so by passively searching a nest you'll be able to pick up pelt and keratin. This is the norm for most nests, but on occasion, you'll be able to find rare loot the birds have brought back to the nest like metal hatchets, picks, bows, sickles, crossbows, and pikes all ranging from primitive to ascendant quality. Nonweapon items that can occasionally be found include metal, flint, stone, fiber, blue, red, and green gems, and in rare cases, element shards. Nests even without eggs act in a similar way to loot drops, so no matter what you'll still be able to get something from them.

Other Notes: Rideable, can go with or without a saddle, although a saddle is preferred. Smaller than the argent but bulkier/taller than the pelagornis. It would have a slightly shorter wingspan, but more broad and robust wings in general. Posture wise it would stand similar to living eagles and have a tall upright stance when grounded. Regarding the wing attack, think of the build-up as similar to the woolly rhino charge. During its boosting shriek, its crown of feathers could flare up like a dilo's frill. Spawns with nests in the redwoods, near cliffs, and in the colder areas of the map at a higher elevation. The dive bomb attack could be viewed as acting similar to the Baryonyx's spin stun in the water, like an aerial counterpart. Drops feathers(pelt) and talons that can be used for crafting when killed. As a rule, they typically spawn in pairs, and where there are adults nests are usually very close by. Extra ideas in the comments are always welcome.

Terror of the forest | New Zealand Geographic

Haast's eagle was the largest eagle ever known to exist. They lived in New  Zealand as recently as 600 years ago, meaning they would've interacted with  the native Maori. There are legends

Haast's Eagle attacking a human : r/Naturewasmetal

Cryptids & Oddities — Recently Extinct Megafauna

haast eagles - Reddit post and comment search - SocialGrepWas Haast's eagle bald? | New Zealand Geographic

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The Haast's Eagle was the largest eagle to ever exist. It weighed around 15 kilograms (33 lb) and it lived in New Zealand. Although it seemed small in size, it targeted much larger animals and was generally successful in its hunts. Contrary to many animals today, the females were much larger than the males. It also had a relatively short wingspan for its size.

How a Giant Eagle Once Came to Dominate New Zealand | Science| Smithsonian  Magazine

Ark Characteristics

The eagle could wait in trees, similar to Thylacoleo, and swoop down to grab its prey. Since it usually killed by ripping out organs and causing blood loss, it could have a gore/bleed attack. It didn't usually pick up its prey like eagles today, instead it would attack it on the ground and slowly kill it. The eagle would not hunt in groups and they would prefer to be solo hunters.


To tame this bird, you would have to bring small bird like creatures to it while it's hiding in the trees. After it sees you, it would dive down and grab the animal while you're holding it. After it eats the animal, it would return to the tree and you would have to repeat this process. The eagle had no natural predators, however it would get into fights with other carnivores over food, so you'd have to be careful while taming to make sure it doesn't attack anything else. 

Tamed Abilities

The tamed version of it would have a grab attack just like other birds, however this grab attack would deal bleeding damage, so it's not good for carrying around other creatures that you are looking to tame. The eagle would also have a stun ability. It would be able to dive, just like other birds and stun whatever it hits on the ground as long as it's around carno size or smaller. This stun only lasts for a few seconds, but just enough for it to land and start fighting whatever you're aiming for. It would have a normal attack with its beak and also a bleed attack that would cause a ton of blood loss, since that's how it usually killed things when it existed.

Comment Suggestions

Comment other suggestions on this post for taming and things like that so we can try to make this as good as possible. I'm open to changing things if others come up with better ideas.

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This is a great idea but I feel like it isn't getting many votes due to all of its excess abilities for a normal looking creature. Here is what I suggest:

Small size and very nimble

it can move in all directions

you are not able to pull out weapons while on it

Has a bleed attack

has a dive attack with increased damage mid-air

Dive attack can stun flying creatures

Dive attack does massive damage and blows everything away on impact (excluding huge creatures)

can pick up creatures up to a human in size (can dive with said creature)


small creatures do not aggro onto it

100% damage increase on flying creatures

33% damage increase to small creatures (It can be lowered for humans)

25% less damage to medium-large creatures (flying creatures not included)

option to toggle enhanced vision (will make it easier to see living things but not as powerful as the blood stalker)


Low hp

very high stamina

Low weight

very high melee

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