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Introducing Muttaburrasaurus, the Vocal Mimic!




Greetings, Survivors!

I'm here to present you with an interesting and unique dinosaur that is sure to shake up the metagame and make quite a fascinating addition to your beastly collection: Muttaburrasaurus.

Muttaburrasaurus is a dinosaur closely related to Iguanodon that lived in Australia approximately 110-103 million years ago. Now, it has the opportunity to be revived aboard the ARKs with some tune-ups.


Muttaburrasaurus would live in heavily wooded environments or at least anywhere with trees it can browse from. It is a passive creature that will follow survivors around like a Fjordhawk, watching their movement and listening for the sounds they make.

Why is it listening to sounds? Well, Muttaburrasaurus has the unique ability to mimic the sounds of things it hears in its environment! When it is attacked, it will mimic the roar of a large carnivore in the area, summoning them to defend it. While the attacker is distracted by the carnivore, Muttaburrasaurus will flee the area. Luckily, it won't do this if left alone.


So, taming. Muttaburrasaurus is a passive tame, but not a conventional one. Since Muttaburrasaurus likes hearing sounds, you need to tame it by making some of your own!

Sounds it likes includes:

- Musical Instruments (Drums)

- Dinosaur Roars

- Gunfire and Explosions

Musical Insturments are its preferred sound. However, replaying the same sounds over and over will lessen the amount of taming you actually get, so you'll have to swap sounds every one in a while to keep the dinosaur's attention. In no time, the Muttaburra will respect you as a musician and become tamed!


Congratulations! You've tamed yourself a Muttaburra. Now what? Well, it has several unique attributes.

   Beast of Burden: Muttaburra has a naturally high weight and speed to go along with it, making it excellent to carry goods along long distances. It doesn't get any particular weight reduction, but its natural weight is so high it doesn't even matter.

   Vocal Mimicry: Now THIS is the reason you tamed this dinosaur. Muttaburrasaurus can cleverly switch between the types of vocals it wants. These four different songs have four different effects.

1. Song of Encouragement: This acts similarly to a Yutyrannus roar, encouraging allies to go forth and fight! They take reduced damage, deal increased damage, and gain cool down reduction on certain abilities.

2. Song of Betrayal: This song will have the Muttaburra emulate the sound of a large carnivore like a Rex or Giga. When this happens, all wild carnivores and tamed carnivores will go aggressive towards enemy players. This will operate similarly to a Giga's rage with forced dismount and friendly fire. This song has a very long cooldown before it can be used again, so it isn't absolutely busted.

3. Song of Trickery: In this mode, Muttaburra will mimic the sound of gunfire, explosions, or TEK weaponry. This can be used to trick enemies into thinking there is a fight, being used as a lure or a deterrent.

4. Song of Arousal: The serenade the Muttaburra sings gets tames... Hot and bothered. Breeding and hatching cooldowns are reduced slightly. (Suggestion from @LittleSpicyOreos)


Muttaburrasaurus would make quite the interesting tame to join you on your adventures across the ARKs, so I encourage you to vote for this mimicking dinosaur if you like the concept!

Below is an attached fan-dossier made by me written from the perspective of Helena Walker. Artwork is not by me (I wish I could draw)

Video Link: 

Good luck, Survivors!




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