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Hatzegopteryx- The lord of the skies

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I definitely agree that the skies in Ark are not dangerous enough most of the time. Unless you willingly fly into a Wyvern trench, fly into turrets, or into the mouth of a Giga, you are relatively safe. Perhaps it wouldn't be the fastest flyer, but it would be able to run and fight on the ground as well as the air, and I love the suggestion of it decimating smaller creatures as it most likely did in real life.

A Hatzegopteryx could make a great addition and potentially fill a needed gap in the sky if it comes with the right utility. 

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How is this not in the top 5?! This is losing to a beetle (That is mainly getting votes for the suggested saddles imo, which isn't guaranteed/likely) and what the baby a ravager and a sabretooth might look like (this one simply seems impossible to make unique and all the suggestions are basically "All these other dinos, but better.")

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The Hatzegopteryx was a Late Cretaceous pterasaur most likely related to the Quetzalcoatlus.

In ARK, it would act similarly to Pteranodons, though never straying far from the coast. They would live in small groups and harmlessly wander about stony beaches or patrolling the waters. While slow on land and not being able to fully fly, the Hatzeg would have tremendous gliding power, and be able to gain altitude at a major stamina cost (press and hold jump key).

Their finned wings aren't just for show, as they can both land on and dive into the sea! Hatzegs have a sizable oxygen capacity, and can move rather efficiently through the ARK's oceans. 

It stands slightly taller than a Tapejara, but is less broad than one. Often, Hatzegs will 'sneeze,' expelling excess salt from their nostrils- similar to modern day Marine Iguanas! Some survivors may use this as a  means of collecting salt in a pinch, that is if they don't mind dino snot!

Taming a Hatzeg is a harmless and threat-free endeavor! Simply equip a Fish Net and you'll attract one's attention, then go fishing! The Hatzeg will grab whatever meat you drag up, and become more trusting of you!

While gliding on the ocean winds, it would gain an incredible amount of speed (similar to Spinos and the Tropical Crystal Wyvern) and barely lose any height at all!

The Hatzegopteryx would be a mid-game tame, with unique oceanic abilities that provide quick and safe traversal over the ARK's vast seas. A perfect aerial addition to any survivor's aresenal!


Wikipedia Overview of Real Life Hatzegopteryx

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On 1/14/2023 at 2:49 AM, Kintyj said:



Apex Flyer, Aggressive in the wild, More damage to creatures & players that are flying, Bomber saddle for Blowing things up.



A prideful creature by nature, one does not simply fly right up to a Hatzegopteryx. They greatly value their personal space and if one sees you in its skies it will pursue you with extreme animosity. Despite being slightly larger than a Quetzal they are far better at moving while grounded, being able to sprint and turn in place while landed. This leads them to actually be effective terrestrial hunters as long as their prey is much smaller than them (more dmg to smaller things).



Hatzegopteryx didn't get the title Lord Of The Skies for nothing, no creature is more fearsome in close rang, mid-air combat. They do significantly more damage trading blows with creatures that are in its domain (Flying). They also have a diving slam attack that can stun fliers for a very short time out of flight, but only if they are below the Hatze as it needs great momentum to pull this feat off (You really really don't want to hit the ground attempting this). Lastly, some crazy survivors designed a Bomber saddle for it to drop bombardments of grenades from up high. This is one creature you do not want above you.



Jump onto it from high above and hold on tight, because your about to be taken for the craziest ride in Ark.



rewrote but all the core ideas are the same, added the suggestion for it to have a dive attack, Found a pic I like more.


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I guess this is close enough to the one I voted on, the Cryodrake. But I'm sure the Devs could maybe put some from the Cryo to the Hatz. We had suggested that you tame like Jake did with Turok in Avatar but without the latch thing.

Then I suggested that it should be able to dive in the water for a little bit to pick up creatures in the water.

I believe when I studied on the cryo it had said it was the biggest flying dino except for the Hatz. So maybe the Hatz should be like the Turok in Avatar instead.

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Most complaints/eye-rolls I've seen for this one are that it should just be a quetzal TLC that ignores the flyer nerf, but I think the Hatz could fill a new role of acting as a flying Moza. Currently you can fly high over the whole map without incident (other than eventually having to land for stamina), but having a high-altitude menace attacking and pursuing until the player flees to a lower altitude before breaking off would make just simply flying over the map still dangerous and eventful. 


Dear Devs: Even in Ark2 you'll probably want to discourage players from just simply flying over everything without incident. Colder temperatures, high winds draining stamina faster, and "feral quetals" or "flying mozas" could discourage players from just flying over the map without setting foot on the land you put all the effort into creating. Don't overdo it, we'll still need to transport stuff across the map, but it shouldn't be completely safe. 

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