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Hatzegopteryx- The lord of the skies

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Apex Flyer, Aggressive in the wild, More damage to creatures & players that are flying, Bomber saddle for Blowing things up.



A prideful creature by nature, one does not simply fly right up to a Hatzegopteryx. They greatly value their personal space and if one sees you in its skies it will pursue you with extreme animosity. Despite being slightly larger than a Quetzal they are far better at moving while grounded, being able to sprint and turn in place while landed. This leads them to actually be effective terrestrial hunters as long as their prey is much smaller than them (more dmg to smaller things).



Hatzegopteryx didn't get the title Lord Of The Skies for nothing, no creature is more fearsome in close rang, mid-air combat. They do significantly more damage trading blows with creatures that are in its domain (Flying). They also have a diving slam attack that can stun fliers for a very short time out of flight, but only if they are below the Hatze as it needs great momentum to pull this feat off (You really really don't want to hit the ground attempting this). Lastly, some crazy survivors designed a Bomber saddle for it to drop bombardments of grenades from up high. This is one creature you do not want above you.



Jump onto it from high above and hold on tight, because your about to be taken for the craziest ride in Ark.



rewrote but all the core ideas are the same, added the suggestion for it to have a dive attack, Found a pic I like more.

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To go along with the "bomber" theme here, here's my suggestion as I don't know of any other big flier out there.

Creature ability - The ability to bank left or right, similar to a AC-130, while gliding. Downside, extremely slow while in gliding mode to give hostiles an easier time to fight against it. Fast while in regular flight mode. You can ride without saddle.

Saddle ability - Gunship/Glide mode: 1 grenade launcher, one rocket/guided missile launcher, and one minigun emplacement (Each with a little more firepower and range than normal to give it the effect of a gunship). The Weapon emplacements are forced to turn in the direction that the Hatz is currently banking in with a 90 degree turn radius left to right. This is for balancing purposes due to the sheer fire power.

Undeployed/Flightmode: Minigun is the only available weapon and is forced to point forward, as well as having booster jets. Meant for speed, no airborne tricks(It is not a "fighter plane" like the tropeo or astrodelphis).

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My suggestion would be to:

1. make it be able to glide, divebomb, and conserve stamina in “gliding mode”

2. instead of making a bomber saddle make it a saddle like the diplo’s making able to carry lots of people who can equip weapons

I also think the hats should be accurate and be thicker than quetz but it should still look very fit and weightier than a quetz but should still look powerful and not just be a big pidgeon like the quetz. Although quetz is already more weightier than any pterosaur would have been.

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This Dino should be similar in size to the quetzal but have some real spicy changes. Like instead of just fly endless in the sky it would be found maybe around the outskirts of the redwoods or mountains. It would be hunting in a unique way to other flyers and be stronger and faster then a quetzal but dosent have a platform saddle and not as much health. It’s taming method would be unique and harder then most flyers heck the hardest. It would be Rex strong and killing everything it comes across. The flyer it would be matched with it the wyvere in power and it will be the fastest besides the jet boosted dino /creature. I also like the idea above mine so mix it in with this one make a really good idea.

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I made a dossier last year when I came up with a similar concept:



Hatzegopteryx will act as a supersized Ichthyornis. It would have an ability similar to the Ichthyornis that allows it to target any dinosaur the same size or smaller than a parasaur, and lighter than an ankylosaur and pick it up in its beak where it will attack it continuously. If the Hatzegopteryx kills its target in this manner, it will imbue the corpse with a buff, which allows it to regenerate health as well as harvest the corpse for Raw Meat and for a chance of Raw Prime Meat.
When tamed, it can be equipped with a saddle that is similar to the tropeognathus, minus the jet speed. And instead of a grenade launcher, it can be equipped with a manned turret on its back. The saddle itself is a normal 2-man saddle, but in the "skin" slot, you can add a mounted turret and the passenger seat transforms into a manned machine-gun turret.

In all my years researching life on the ARK, I've never seen a creature as bizarre as Hatzegopteryx. When standing on the ground, its neck reaches heights comparable to that of a Paraceratherium and easily towers over its large flying relative, the Quetzalcoatlus. How a creature this size manages to stay in the air while having a head as large as it has, remains a mystery.

Do not attempt to tame a Hatzegopteryx if you aren't on a large dinosaur or without adequate cover to protect yourself from its reach. There have been numerous reports of foolhardy survivors attempting to down a Hatzegopteryx on foot, only to get swallowed whole in the blink of an eye.  
However, those that find themselves successful in domesticating a beast like this will find themselves allied with an incredibly powerful aerial predator. Not to mention I once came across a survivor who came up with an insane idea to strap a custom saddle onto it that came fully equipped with a manned machine-gun turret onto its back.


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Hear me out some few abillities:

Wing Slap Cluster Grenade

To make a use of various grenades like grenade launcher:

You should be able to attach grenades onto his wings and when he slaps with both wings, all grenades set off forward doing cluster AoE dmg. Think how crazy fun it could be. Something like artillery bombardment.

Single Wing Cluster Grenade Bomb Drop

When in skies could flap 1 wing to drop attached grenades from it to fall on the ground, exploding. Could do it 2 times , cause left and right wing duh ( or both at once )

Dive Bomb

Be able to dive from skies >underwater and keep momentum, sth like rhino charge dealing huge dmg and being able to snatch underwater creatures ( if hit ). And go up to skies once again with momentum.

Barrel Roll

To make flying more fun, do a barrel roll to dodge missiles ( dmg resistance ) and speed up flying a bit.

TNT Box/ Boulder

Simple, this flyers carries a bomb with his paws and drops it at desired location ( bomb can be shot ). Added boulder cause some early game stuff

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hope this one makes top 2 so maybe ark will select 2 like they usually do because I want this and the gorg the most instead of some buffalo or goat which would serve 0 purpose or wouldn't look cool, one the buffalos ability's is to literally attract nearby carnos which is just not good and I still don't know why people want creatures you can find IRL if you go outside and actually touch grass lol.

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