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Giant Bison - Ice Age Cattle

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Name: Giant Bison

Species: Bison longicornis

Time: Pleistocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Territorial


Wild: Traveling in massive herds for greater pastures, the largest bovine in existence is a sight to behold. With their massive pair of horns, they are known to be aggressive chargers and capable of goring any predator willing to challenge them including wolves and bears. Their large bodies capable of withstanding the harshest winters with their ever-growing pelts, making them durable enough to resist freezing to death. 


Taming: Extremely sought for their pelts, horns, and the rich bovine milk, taming a Bison isn't as easy at it looks. Many tribesmen attempt to bull-ride in hopes to tire them out and begin feeding them when they aren't wide awake. Beware getting bucked off, I've seen many tribesmen knocked out with that heavy bull kick to the face. Some get gored if unlucky enough.


Domesticated: Once they are tamed, this of course unfortunately attracts every now and then random predators who want to raid your livestock and eat them all. The milk produced by the females gives any baby animal being raised a quite needed boost, potentially can be warmed up in an cooking pot for a special buff against the cold weather. With their hulking bodies, they offer extra warmth and can carry weight much like modern ox. Like modern cattle, their feces is much more potent fertilizer often referred to as "cow pie" that gives crops a boost of extra harvest.


ARK Meta:

Combat: Built in with a charge mechanic similar to Triceratops and the Woolly Rhinoceros, the Bison could impale its victims into their horns and gore them to bleed out, as well a herd buff to boost their strength with mate boost activated, dealing extreme damage. Crippling debuff inflicted on players and dinosaurs if it successfully charges.

Utility: Another farm animal for the common PVE (or RP) players who would love a cow in ARK (like the ones in Atlas). Bison milk in turn could be cooked warmly to drink as an insulation buff against the cold, or fed to babies, especially baby Wyverns who require milk themselves.  When Bison defecate, they drop a special feces called "cow pie" which is much better than other dinosaur feces, and more efficient, sometimes giving the crops a boost of extra harvest. With a unique cart or wagon saddle, depending on the type of saddle chosen affects how the player how much weight they can carry back and forth from point A to point B with more speed. The amount of Bison needed for the type of cart or wagon saddle affects not only speed, the weight and the mobility of the mini-wheeled base.

Bison Milk - Like other bovines, Bison can be milked for their nutritional sweet baby food. If fed to warm blooded babies, the calcium would help them grow much faster than normal than any other food if given the proper care. Can be substituted for any food a baby might require care such as kibble.65966801.jpg.ff4b57a9fb81c3a761d6681c9e410b3c.jpg

Bison Milk Cheese - A crafting recipe requiring Bison milk, a very delicious cheese with a very wild yet sweet taste. Who knows what else it could offer?__opt__aboutcom__coeus__resources__content_migration__serious_eats__seriouseats.com__images__2017__0-s-vicky-wasik-butter-d099ca32323349edbe19c3988edcdc30.thumb.jpg.693bbdedd86526f4d723e13728935a89.jpg


Raids: Having a livestock of these Bison will eventually lead to many predators wanting to assault your base to eat your beef, much in the same manner as how the Corrupted attack Element Veins/OSDs or the Nameless harassing you if you don't have a charge pet. You will have to turn full on cowboy to keep them at bay every now and then.

Credits for this post goes to TheIronWolf45 who posted this submission for Fjordur's creature submission

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I think a pack type ability is in order, but different from other pack boosts/abilities:  the stampede.

When you have a large group, a herd, and they being to move as one, they can perform a stampede.  A stampede is an attack where the herd runs down/over the target, doing damage and keeping it off balance, so that it cannot attack effectively.   This could be useful in PVE and PVP.   

The stampede would be proceeded by the thundering sound of hooves and the staking of the ground.

The stampede could be expand for PVP, where it can cause structural damage; bigger the herd, the more damage and the wider the AOE.  A large herd could trample thatch with ease, bust through wood structures with little issue, and even weaken stone, possible even metal, due to the ground shaking and impact.


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I really hope the bison gets voted in, the Carcha people got their Carcha! No please help us get our bison! We really would love to have a bovine.

My suggestion for it is that they also follow each other as a group in the wild and can be herded over land and into a corral where you have to then keep one at a distance from the rest for a set time to tame, must also use the lasso from a horse right near the end of taming. You could make it so that if fencing etc is to closely surrounding the bison it will jump out or break or won’t tame to prevent cheating by enclosing it fully from its herd. You could also help pacify them by dropping carrots and potatoes which will help calm them.

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