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pve SquirtleArk.com 👑 50X PVE - #1 PVE PRIMAL FEAR & ARK OMEGA SERVERS IN NA & EU!


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Welcome To SquirtleArk.com - 50x Primal Fear PvE & 25x Omega PvE with KITS, Shop, & No-Wipes!

💥–STEAM 50x PvE Primal Fear & 25x PvE Omega Clusters with No-Wipes - Keep your progress forever! –💥


50x PVE Primal Fear Server Settings:
Vanilla/Primal Fear Enhancing Mods
20x B/T, 10x G, 50x EXP
24/7 Lag-Free Servers
Active Playerbase
More/Special Dinosaurs
Custom Events and Features
Mods that improve the QoL of ARK. Nothing game-changing.
Server IPs:
(Paste in your browser)
Primal Fear Fjordur: steam://connect/
Primal Fear Ragnarok: steam://connect/
Primal Fear Crystal Isles: steam://connect/
Primal Fear The Island: steam://connect/
Primal Fear Valguero: steam://connect/
Primal Fear Genesis 2: steam://connect/
Primal Fear Lost Island: steam://connect/
Primal Fear The Center: steam://connect/
Primal Fear Extinction: steam://connect/

Primal Fear Boss Map: steam://connect/

25x PVE Omega Server Settings:
Omega Enhancing Mods w/ Optimization Assistance by Devs
10x B/T, 25x G, 75x EXP
24/7 Lag-Free  Servers
Active Playerbase
Zytharian Dinosaurs + More Unique Dinos
Custom Events and Features
No Wipes
Mods that improve the QoL of Omega. Nothing game-changing.
Server IPs:
(Paste in your browser)

Omega Valguero: steam://connect/
Omega Fjordur: steam://connect/
Omega Ragnarok: steam://connect/
Omega Crystal Isles: steam://connect/
Omega The Island: steam://connect/

None of our PVE Servers will ever WIPE! Play forever and never lose your progress.

NOTE: Primal Fear & Omega are each seperate clusters with different main mods.

Server settings, Join Links, Detailed Mod Descriptions can all be found on our official website.


Mod List



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