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ARK: The Survival of the Fittest Patch Notes. v474.13/474.13


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Balance changes:

  • Supply drops fall faster, changed from 100 seconds to 50 seconds
  • Dino crates fall faster, from 100 seconds to 75 seconds
  • Rockets can no longer be launched when mounted on a dinosaur

Gameplay changes:

  • Fixed players jumping out of the Quetz and getting stuck outside the world border
  • Fixed the new ring being outside of current ring
  • Fixed Bosses spawning at the same location
  • Improved initial ring to be less likely to encompass ocean
  • Improved final ring location so it doesn't overlap the world barrier


Gameplay changes:

  • Ring of death now covers ~70% of the map at start
  • Quetz will always fly over first ring
  • Bosses will always spawn in the 1st ring
  • Shorter wait times between ring phases
  • Quetz can fly in from any direction, no longer just the North
  • Match time should be approximately 25 mins total now instead of 45 mins
  • Ring phase specific multipliers will increase XP earned and token reward as the match progresses.

For unofficial servers, the multiplier can be modified in the GameUserSittings.ini. The official servers will be using the settings below:


Note: Phase 0 is the "Preparing" phase as the Quetz is flying across the map. Phase 1 is the starting ring of the same size. Phase 6 is the final ring.

Time taken to start a game has been reduced, with the long timer to start the match once critical tribe number has been reached changed to 300 seconds (from 600 seconds)


Balance and minor changes:

  • Starting blood packs increased to 2x to increase player survival against early game PVE
  • Shotguns are now looted with 2 shells for a complete reload
  • Shotgun shells are now crafted 2 at a time to save crafting time
  • Tamed AI controlled Direwolves no longer pause and howl before attacking a target (players can still ride them and howl)
  • Tamed AI controlled Rexes no longer pause and roar before attacking a target (players can still ride them and roar)
  • Kentro Health reduced -15%
  • Kentro Speed increased +15%
  • Daedon Health reduced -15%
  • Daedon Speed increased +15%
  • Daedon Speed multiplier when healing increased from 0.65x to 0.85x
  • Procoptodon Health reduced -10%
  • Titanosaur can now break stone with its melee attack
  • Titano can now instantly break rocks and trees when walking through them
  • Yutyrannus Speed reduced by 7%
  • Yutyrannus Damage reduced by 9%
  • Yutyrannus Health reduced by 14%
  • Megaloceros no longer pings as "stag" when pinging a female deer. Both sexes now show as Megaloceros.
  • Chalico Speed increased +25%
  • Broodmother Acid attack damage increased +50%
  • Beelzebufo Health increased +100%
  • Paracer Speed increased +25%
  • Paracer Health increased +25%
  • Allosaurus melee socket radius increased approx. 12% to better hit small downed dinos
  • Carnotaurus melee socket radius increased approx. 12% to better hit small downed dinos



  • Balance
    • Creatures
      • Global change
        • Tier 3 Health of creatures reduced from 325% to 300%
      • Bronto
        • Speed increased +25%
        • Kill reward increased to 86 tokens
        • Taming cost reduced to 68 tokens
      • Broodmother (Boss)
        • Health increased +10%
        • Damage increased +10%
      • Carcha
        • Takes +25% more damage from explosives
      • Daedon
        • Health reduced -10%
      • Giganotosaurus
        • Stamina recovery time decreased from 20 seconds to 15 (-25%)
      • Megaloceros (Stags)
        • Now consume stamina on sprint.
      • Megatherium
        • Bug buff duration increased from 60s to 90s (+50%)
      • Paracer
        • Cost to tame reduced from 79 to 60 tokens
      • Procoptodon
        • Stamina cost to jump increased +200% (it would actually regen in the air before)
        • Stamina recovery rate decreased -50% (6 seconds instead of 3 seconds for full stamina)
      • Therizino
        • Health increased +10%
      • Triceratops
        • Kill token rewards increased from 32 to 40 tokens
      • Velonosaur
        • Speed increased 10%
      • Yutyrannus
        • Feared de-buff Melee Damage increased from -30% to -15%
        • Feared de-buff Damage received decreased from 50% to 15%
        • Courage buff Damage resistance decreased from -20% to -15%
        • Courage buff of Melee Damage reduced from +30% to +15%
        • Kill reward and Taming cost increased to be the equivalent of 550 drag weight (+55/-85)
  • Bug fixes
    • Yuty Drag weight reverted back to 500 from 550 to once again allow Yuty's to be net-gunned
    • Yuty can no longer fear Rexes
    • Pinging Magmasaur no longer shows as LavaLizard
    • Pinging Karkinos no longer shows as CaveCrab
    • Nighttime appearing on some servers due to config issue should be resolved
    • Increased Giga and Carcha damage from config issue should be resolved
    • Word filters missing on some servers from config issue should be resolved


Console version equivalent: v472.3


  • Balance
    • Creatures
      • Carcha
        • Bloodlust speed boost reduced by 33%
      • Rex
        • Stamina increased by 15%
        • Movement speed increased by 6.8%
      • Carno
        • Bleed damage increased by 100%
      • Saber
        • Attack stamina consumption reduced by 20%
      • Wolf
        • Attack stamina consumption reduced by 20%
      • Megatherium
        • Movement speed increased by 20%
      • Triceratops
        • Drag weight reduced by 20%
      • Stego
        • Movement speed increased by 20%
      • Titanosaur
        • Movement speed increased by 10%
      • Mantis
        • Health reduced by 20%
      • Stag
        • Health reduced by 11%
      • Reaper
        • Health increased by 12%
      • Yuty
        • Drag weight increased by 10%
    • Weapons
      • Grenade damage increased by 50%
    • Supply Crates
      • Netgun drop chance increased by 70%
    • Utility
      • Parachute duration increased by 67%

v472.3 (client only)

  • Mini Map Refactor
    • Further improvements to mini map refactoring


Our primary focus is still the upcoming console release, but we've fixed up some bugs, made a few balance changes, and refactored the mini map.

  • Balance
    • Broodmother
      • Increase movement speed by 15%
    • Broodmother Spiders
      • Increased health by 300%
      • Increased damage by 50%
    • Megapithecus
      • Increased rock throw damage by 100%
      • Increased punch damage by 100%
    • Microraptor
      • Reduced stun duration to 1 second
    • T-Rex
      • Increased stamina by 10%
      • Increased stamina regen by 15%
    • Megaloceros
      • Reduced health by 10%
    • Kangaroo
      • Reduced health by 15%
      • Reduced jump impulse by 20%
    • Raptor
      • Increased movement speed by 10%
    • Carno
      • Increased bleed duration by 100% (damage has been halved, to equal the same amount)
      • Increased damage by 10%
    • Yuty
      • Decreased fear and courage buff duration by 33%
      • Increase stamina cost of fear by 20%
    • Giga
      • Increased token taming cost to 120
      • Reduced damage by 30%
      • Increased stamina by 10%
    • Carcha
      • Increased token taming cost to 130
      • Reduced movement speed by 10%
      • Reduced movement speed bonus by 20%
      • Reduced health by 15%
      • Reduced damage by 30%
      • Reduced stamina by 15%
      • Reduced stamina regen by 20%
  • Mini Map Refactor
    • Mini Map now maintains a fixed size in the game.
      • Zooming in does not enlarge the mini map
      • Mini Map decreases opacity when your character moves with your map open
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that enabled the Thylacoleo Riders to equip weapons
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Paint Brush from being equipped by pressing its hotkey
  • Config:
    • GameUserSettings.ini
      • [TSOTF]
      • PreventRetameBoss=1 // Defaulted to 1. Set to 0 to enable the retaming of Bosses.


  • Balance
    • Removed Giga's and Carcha's default tame damage reduction (previously after taming, their damage would be reduced by 60%)
    • Increased Giga's damage by 15%
    • Reduced Carcha's damage by 10%
    • Reaper
      • Health increased to 850
      • Removed Non-Charge Damage resistance
      • Reduced tail swipe impulse by 700
      • Damage reduced by 15%
    • Mantis
      • Increased base health to 750
      • Increased base stamina to 250
      • Increased stamina regen by 20%
    • Velonasaur
      • Increased base health to 800
      • Increased base stamina to 850
      • Increased stamina regen by 20%
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Bosses were not able to be retamed after being defeated
    • Fixed multiple gamepad bugs
    • Fixed some bugs that would cause desync or rubberbanding when possessing other characters and returning back to your player


  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where players weren't dropping their inventory cache
    • Fixed a bug where Dinos were not spawning from the Dino Crates
    • Fixed a bug where players had to re-equip the paint brush to see dye
    • Fixed a bug where Tapping Ping with gamepad would always show the wheel, interfering with the smart ping system
    • Fixed a bug where your camera could get stuck during the Quetz phase when using gamepad
    • Fixed some incorrect tooltips on gamepad
  • Quality of Life
    • Parachute has now moved to the same keybinding as Healing. When a player is in a fall-state, the game will dynamically adjust the hotkey from healing to releasing the parachute (as you can't heal when in the fallstate anyway). This change also allows us to display how many parachutes a person has, when in the fall state.
    • Added Magmasaur control tooltips
    • Further iteration on Gamepad support
    • Supply Crates now fall 30% faster


Our primary focus this week (and next week) will be focusing on getting the game mode ready for it's upcoming console launch. As such, there aren't too many changes happening to the current live game. However we do have a small patch ready to go out today, including a new point of interest.

  • New Point Of Interest: Dino Crates
    • After the first ring has collapsed, each subsequent ring will spawn a special "Dino Crate" at a random supply crate location. This crate will contain a special wild creature that cannot normally be found on the island. They can be killed for tokens, or tamed to join your army. 
      • List of available creatures in initial implementation. Note these creatures have had some slight balance adjustments to make them more TSOTF-viable:
        • Karkinos
        • Reaper
        • Mantis
        • Rollrat
        • Rock Golem
        • Magmasaur
        • Velonasaur
  • Quality of Life improvements
    • Improved Gamepad controls to make them more user friendly
    • Parachute deployment key has changed from double-tap jump to 'C' when in the falling-state.
  • Config:
    • GameUserSettings.ini
      • [TSOTF]
      • PreventDinoSupplyCrates=0 // Defaulted to 0. Set to 1 to disable the Dino Crate POI system.


  • Balance
    • Supply Crate Loot Pass
      • With the addition of a bunch of new items, it's become increasingly rare to get some of the others. So we plan to do a quick pass on crates to get them into a better place
    • Arrows
      • Adjusted hitbox collision to make them more reliable on servers (similar to original SOTF)
      • Projectile is destroyed on impact
    • Player Characters
      • Increased collision versus projectile attacks to make them more likely to hit (similar to original SOTF)
    • Harpoon
      • Increase damage by 30%
      • Significantly reduced ammo crafting costs
    • Bear Trap
      • Decrease trap activation timer to 5 seconds
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Reduce Rocket Launcher Projectile Gravity to near zero
      • Increase Rocket Projector Velocity by 150%
    • Triceratops - We want it to have more of a role as a fighting/bruiser type herbivore and a choice versus some of the later game carnos
      • Increased health by 100%
      • Increased melee damage by 10%
      • Increased maximum ram damage by 20%
      • Increased stamina by 50%
      • Reduced maximum speed by 5%
    • Kentrosaurus
      • Increased health by 15%
    • Drag Weight Changes
      • Drag Weight affects how much EXP a creature needs to level, how much it costs to tame, how much it costs to heal, and how many tokens it provides on death
        • Carcha drag weight reduced to 750
        • Giga drag weight reduced to 750
        • Titanosaur drag weight reduced to 850
        • Bronto drag weight reduced to 650
        • Kapro drag weight reduced to 250
        • Gallimimus drag weight reduced to 200
        • Procoptodon drag weight reduced to 250
        • Tricaratops drag weight increased to 400
        • Spino drag weight increased to 575
    • Experience shared by T3 creatures has been increased to 75% (previously was 50%)
    • Design Changes
      • Spending tokens to level creatures
        • In the current game, no matter what creature you had, it would always cost the same amount of tokens to level them. This was an intentional part of the design for launch, so that we could prevent power-leveling. However, with the addition of shared EXP, we've more or less introduced that as a factor, so we wanted to rework the tokens-for-exp costs so that they better reflect the Dino's drag weight (GENERALLY a good metric for identifying how strong a creature is).
          • To go from T0 to T1: (((Drag Weight*5) / 500) * 40)
          • To go from T1 to T2: (((Drag Weight*10) / 500) * 40)
          • To go from T2 to T3: (((Drag Weight*15) / 500) * 40)
            • This change means that it would be easier to spend tokens to level up a Raptor for example, when compared to a Rex. Under the previous settings, all creatures required 1200 tokens to level up. With this change, a Raptor requires 204 Tokens for T3, whereas a Rex would require 1320. 
      • Instant Tier 3 Creature Changes
        • Giga, Carcha, and Titanosaur have been balanced so that they start off in the match as T0, just like every other regular tame. This means that they'll be less strong when encountering them in the wild and will be easier to tame, however will require more of an investment to achieve their end game strength. This does bring into question the strength of Bosses with this change and we'll be evaluating that as we move forward with this patch, making changes as necessary. Our goal still intends for bosses to be an additional to an arsenal as opposed to the main component. We were struggling to find a place for insta-T3 creatures that weren't bosses without them being too strong, or ultimately underwhelming. Plus we felt that it was a confusing mechanic because they are acquired the same way as regular tames. 
        • Tier 2 and 3 Re-tame cost adjustments
          • We felt that acquiring T2 and T3 tames was too little of a token investment versus leveling a fresh one. We do want it to be cheaper because it takes an investment to kill one of these creatures, but it was skewed too much towards it being easy. We have adjusted the calculation as such:
            • Tier 2
              • ((Default Tame Cost * 5 ) + 75)
            • Tier 3
              • ((Default Tame Cost * 7.5 ) + 100)
        • Rewards for killing tamed creatures
          • With all the other changes being made around tokens from re-taming to spending for EXP, we felt it was necessary to also adjust the rewards for killing tamed creatures.
            • (((Total Experience / 500) * 10) + DefaultDinoTokenReward)
        • Looting Changes
          • When a player or dino (tamed or wild) kills another player, the dead player's loot will fall onto the ground into a loot cache - so you'll have the choice of looting it (this also solved a problem we were experiencing where loot was duplicating from player deaths, a previous issue where deaths by unridden creatures (wild or tamed) were not providing player rewards, and an issue where players did not realise they were receiving loot from enemy players after killing them.
          • Loot bags will immediately vanish when harvested
          • Players will still automatically loot resources after killing wild/untamed dinos
          • No resources are going to be provided when an unridden creature (tamed or wild) has killed a wild/untamed dino.
      • Bug Fixes and Quality of Life
        • Bear Trap
          • Cleaned up placement visuals
          • You now get the correct item when looting it.
        • Shields are now automatically replenished and equipping when looting bags from dead players
      • Configs:
        • GameUserSettings.ini
          • [TSOTF]
          • TamedDinoDamageAgainstPlayer=1.0 // multiplier for tamed creatures damage against player's specifically -- set to 0.5 on Official Servers
          • WildDinoDamageAgainstPlayer=1.0 // multiplier for tamed creatures damage against player's specifically -- set to 0.85 on Official Servers


We plan to release this patch sooner than intended, just so we can get some of the EXP changes out earlier. There are some additional new items, QOL changes, balance changes and minor bug fixes. We're still possibly planning on some additional EXP/Token-Cost to level changes in a future patch but we'll share more on that later. 

  • Balance
    • Triceratops
      • Increased movement speed by 30%
    • Kentro
      • Increased movement speed by 30%
    • Bronto
      • Increased movement speed by 30%
    • Mammoth
      • Increased movement speed by 20%
      • Increased stamina recovery rate by 300%
      • Increased sprinting modifier by 10%
    • T-Rex
      • Increased stamina recovery rate by 33%
      • Increased movement stamina recovery rate by 20%
    • Stego
      • Increased movement speed by 15%
      • Increased sprinting modifier by 10%
    • Crossbow
      • Increased damage by 33%
    • Slingshot
      • Increased damage by 100%
  • Content
    • New Ranged Weapons
      • Simple Shotgun
      • Harpoon Gun
      • Sword
        • Can be used to break stones/rocks
    • New Grenades
      • Smoke Grenade
      • Plant Z Grenade
    • New Trap
      • Bear Trap
    • New Defensive Items
      • Shields - these work similarly to armour. They'll block damage, can be destroyed, replenished, or replaced with a better shield. If you have a weapon out, you can switch to your shield by unequipping it (q)
        • Wooden Shield
        • Metal Shield
        • Riot Shield
  • Bug Fixes
    • Convert to tokens UI now takes focus preventing accidental dismounts or weapon unequips
    • Pike now breaks stone
    • Bosses can no longer farm piranhas for points
    • Cleaned up some notification messages
    • Cleared whistle/stance on tame and re-tame to stop weird AI bugs
    • Fixed some camera bugs related to possession and token conversion
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to unequip weapons using hotkeys
    • Cleaned up some broken configs
  • Death Changes
    • When an unridden creature (tamed or wild) kills a player who has items, they'll now drop a loot cache.
    • Killing a player now provides a team-wide buff, rather than a solo buff. Meaning AI/possessed creatures are able to secure token/wild damage boost buffs for their team.
  • Experience Changes
    • Removed the 2x drag weight experience change
    • Reduced how much experience is shared from your T3 creatures by 50%
  • Quality Of Life
    • Added a 2 second delay before being able to deactivate your parachute to prevent accidentally deactivating it.
    • You can now swap between weapons in a category outside the wheel. You do this by holding down the Q button. It'll display a hud which you can scroll through to quickly access weapons.
      • e37c46db6c2c866cf536dbcf0ea36884.png


  • Fixed a bug where heal costs were too high on t1/t2/t3 dinos


Happy New Year!

We've focused on some more meatier changes which is why this patch has taken longer to come out. This patch won't introduce much on the weapon side of things as we're planning for that in the following update, instead we'll be focusing more on: design, balance, QOL, bug fixes, and UI optimisation. 

  • Balance
    • Thylacoleo - TLDR: still in a very strong place and very versatile as a creature. This patch will focus more on it's tankiness, how long it can climb for, and the impact of it's bleed effect.
      • Reduced bleed debuff scale from 2x to 1.25x
      • Reduced bleed amount from 5% of victim's health to 3% of victim's health (over the full duration).
      • Reduced health from 600 to 450.
      • Increased stamina cost required to climb from 20 to 40, and usage from 10 to 20.
      • Increased stamina cost required to wall jump from 10 to 20.
      • Introduced a stamina cost when latched to a wall, currently set to 6 stamina per second.
    • Rhino
      • Increased time it takes for Rhino to charge up by 15%
      • Reduced damage bonus from max charge by 15%
    • Titanosaurs
      • No longer randomly die
    • Archaeopteryx
      • Can no longer be tamed (we've added Parachutes)
    • Triceratops
      • Rivalry Buff
        • No longer provides health benefit as this was overriding health benefits from the Tier Buffs, causing Tamed Tiered Triceratops to have much less health than intended
        • Increased resistance bonus from 3% to 15%
        • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 25%
    • Carcharadontosaurus
      • Bloodrage
        • Reduced healing effectiveness by 50%
    • C4 - it's too powerful right now with not much counterplay, so we're introducing some changes to make it more counterplay friendly.
      • Enabled friendly-fire.
      • Reduced damage by 15%
      • When C4 has been attached to a dino, the HUD will display for both enemies and allies.
    • Fire - TLDR: Too strong, needs to come down a bit.
      • Fire Bow
        • Reduced debuff health drained per second from 8% to 2.4% (before taking into account fire resistance on some creatures)
        • Increased max damage per second clamp from 100 to 135(so that fire arrows are still more effective versus high health targets (some wilds, bosses, insta-T3s) but less effective versus regular tamed dinos (regular T3/2/1/0/players)
        • Decreased duration of fire debuff from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.
        • Ammo crafting requirements adjusted
          • Propellant increased from 1 to 3
      • Dragon
        • Reduced fire attacks health drain from 10% to 7.5%
        • Increased fire attacks stamina cost by 50%
        • Reduced Dragon flame breath damage per hit by 30%
      • Flamethrower
        • Reduced cannister ammunition from 200 to 150
        • Reduced max cannister ammo capacity to 5
        • Only available in red crates
        • Ammo Crafting Requirements adjusted
          • Hide requirement increased from 10 to 12
          • Propellant increased from 30 to 40
    • Bosses - TLDR: Giving bosses more specific roles in teams 
      • Dragon
        • Now plays sleeping animation when unconscious
        • Reduced health by 20%
        • No longer gets winded at 30% Stamina (preventing run and other things)
        • Reduced stamina regen
        • Increased base stamina by 50 to 600.
        • Now vulnerable to the on-fire debuff from flame attacks
      • Megapithecus
        • Increased health by 12.5%
        • No longer gets winded at 30% Stamina (preventing run and other things)
        • Reduced stamina regen
        • Reduced impulse from melee attack by 20%
        • Increase melee attack damage by 10%
        • Now vulnerable to the on-fire debuff from flame attacks
      • Broodmother
        • Reduced maximum amount of Spiders spawnable to 18
        • Reduced maximum amount of Spiders spawnable at one time to 6
        • Increased stats of Spider spawns significantly
        • Now vulnerable to the on-fire debuff from flame attacks
    • Piranhas
      • Now provide 3 tokens on kill
    • Pike
      • Melee attacks destroy stones doesn't seem to be working, investigating a bug.
    • Spear
      • Melee attacks destroy stones
    • Initial implementation of Parachute
      • Can only carry 2 at a time
      • Not craftable, only lootable from drops. Blue crates and above.
      • Start the game with 1
      • Currently slotted in the consumable slice with Bloodpack
      • Can be activated and deactivated by pressing Jump twice, when in the fall state.
      • Grapple Hook has been moved to the same slice as Crossbow and Slingshot
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Now does friendly fire
    • Improvised Explosive Device
      • Now does friendly fire
  • Quality of Life Changes
    • Keybinds on new TSOTF keys.
      • keybinds.jpg
    • Total match time remaining on HUD
    • Only display in-world POIs that are under 2000metres
    • Optimised mini map, compass, on-screen text, and in-world POI UI/HUDs.
    • Convert to tokens now has a confirmation prompt
  • Bug & Exploit fixes
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get tokens easily
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to have the lobby protection buff outside the lobby
    • Some possessed creatures were not getting their movement state related benefits when being possessed, this is now fixed.
      • Including but not limited to: Rhino, Direbear, and Terrorbird.
    • C4 kills now count towards the tribe/player kills
    • Painting is no longer off-set by 1. This will break all existing TSOTF paintings, but paintings from ARK: Survival Evolved will display the correct colours again.
    • Fixed a bug where if a creature took too much damage too quickly or from a multiplier, it would instantly die rather than going unconscious.
  • TSOTF Billboards
    • Champions are now highlighted in green upon victory
    • Tribe flag now shows on billboards
    • Hair styles, beard styles, hair colour, and beard colour now display on the bill boards.
  • Design Changes:
    • Experience
      • Increased the total amount of experience a dino can get from a single kill by 2x.
      • When your dinos are at max experience points and kill a creature, the experience points earned will be shared with nearby ally creatures.
      • Bosses do not share experience points with creatures.
      • Creatures that are defaulted to T3 will provide 4k experience upon death, remember that the maximum amount of experience any single creature can earn is based on their drag weight*2, so to get maximum effiency, killing a T3 with a T3 and having allies nearby for it to be shared.
    • Ring of Death
      • After 600 seconds, the Ring of the Death will close even further during the End Battle.
      • The final ring of death stage, End Battle, no longer provides stamina regeneration for being outside of it
      • Removed some not so great mountain based potential end points for the ROD
    • Taming
      • Eliminated additional cost for taming Tier 0 creatures
    • Tier Creature Gameplay Changes
      • Killing
        • Tiered creature now provides 30% of it's total experience points to the killer (or shared to nearby allies if that creature is T3)
        • You are also provided with addtional token
          • Tier 1 kills provide 50 tokens + default token reward
          • Tier 2 kills provide 75 tokens + default token reward
          • Tier 3 kills provide 100 tokens + default token reward
        • Similarly to Tier 0 creatures, killing your own tame does not provide any additional benefit.
        • Default Tier 3 creatures and Bosses will cost their default amount/are unchanged.
      • Taming
        • You can now re-tame Tiered dinos for a token cost. Experience points and tiers are retained.
          • Tier 1 tames cost (Default tame cost*2) + 50
          • Tier 2 tames cost (Default tame cost*3.5) + 75
          • Tier 3 tames cost (Default tame cost*5) + 100
  • Configs:
    • GameUserSettings.ini
      • [ServerSettings]
      • RiderDinoCollision=false // Defaulted to false. We're still tinkering with how we want collision to work. This is a new config that has been added to the game mode to minimize some pain of creatures stacking together when having follow armies, therefore making them easier to kill -- however this also means that they won't follow as easily due to having collision with their allies -- hence why we're tinkering to find the best/optimal way. For now we are not planning on enabling this on our official servers. If enabled the following occurs:
        • Ridden and Possessed creatures can go through corpses, unconscious creatures, and ally tames
        • AI driven creatures (so commander mode, unridden, and unpossessed) cannot go through ally tames
        • AI driven creatures (so commander mode, unridden, and unpossessed) can go through sleeping creatures and corpses.
      • bFilterTribeNames=True // Filters out tribe names based on the badwords/goodwords list.
      • bFilterCharacterNames=True // Filters out character names based on the bad words/good words list.
      • bFilterChat=true // Filters out character names based on the bad word/good words list
      • BadWordListURL="URL GOES HERE" // for hosting your own bad words list
      • BadWordWhiteListURL="URLGOESHERE" // for hosting your own good words list


This is likely to be our last patch of the year as we'll be taking a few days to recoup before we get started on some new features and systems in TSOTF. We won't cover all the information just yet, as there are some finer details we need to work out, but here's some of the things we're planning to addressing.

  • Incentivizing aggressive play via rewards. Something we're noticing is that players who are playing aggressively and picking fights early are more often than not finding themselves getting the short end of the stick by the end game. Winning fights sometimes feel like losing because you've already spent your tokens and lost your dinos annihilating other players thus making yourself more vulnerable to those who chose to avoid conflict and farm until the end game. Our initial thoughts on this prior to launch as we wanted to be careful about introducing heavy snowball mechanics, where strong tribes just become stronger and stronger to the point that they're unbeatable but we have gone too far in that direction, so we just want to even the playing field a little bit.
  • Adding new weapons/items and adjusting existing item/armour balance.
    • Diversity in strategies
    • Better ground pvp
    • More counter play
    • Higher skill cap
  • Re-balance bosses. Right now bosses feel pretty meh to play with, Dragon is strong (Monkey less so) but there's no real excitement or strategy around how they're being used. We want to try and slot them into specific roles within the game, so they exist to compliment your army and not as the sole/primary acting force.

The goals outlined above will be our initial gameplay focused priority, of course there are other things we plan to work on beyond that but this will get us started. We really appreciate everyone's feedback so far and we hope that you're having fun playing. Now for the patch notes:

  • General
    • Increased the starting Quetzal's flying speed (we may want to adjust the spawn time, but for now it'll travel across the map faster).
    • Crosshair is now shown when riding or possessing creatures
  • Creatures
    • Thylacoleo
      • Reduced movement stamina recovery rate by 10%
      • Reduced stamina recovery rate by 20%
    • Kapro
      • Increased health by 20%
    • Amargasaurus
      • Increased health by 10%
      • Increased stamina by 10%
      • Increased movement speed by 5%
    • Carnotaurus
      • Increased movement speed by 20%
      • Increased stamina recovery rate by 50%
      • Increased attack radius by 10%
    • Sabertooth
      • Increased attack radius by 20%
    • Direwolf
      • Pack Leader Howl Changes
        • Cooldown reduced from 180 seconds to 90 seconds
        • Duration reduced from 90 seconds to 45 seconds
          • Pack Leader 
            • Damage reduction increased from 25% to 50%
            • Damage bonus increased from 50% to 100%
          • Pack
            • Damage bonus increased from 50% to 75%
    • Terrorbird
      • Increased attack radius by 20%
      • Increased health by 11%
    • Sarco
      • Increased health by 10%
      • Increased damage by 15%
    • Tripwire
      • Increased damage by 255%
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented possessed creatures from being netted
  • Configuration changes
    • GameUserSettings.ini
      • [TSOTF]
        MaxPlayersPerTribe=4 // set this as a number between 1 and 4 to limit tribe members
    • Game.ini
      • [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
        PreventDinoTameClassNames=Yutyrannus_Character_BP_TSOTF_C // PreventDinoTameClassNames is now supported in TSOTF.
  • Duo servers have been added.
    • Tribe Limit is set to 2.
    • The following config changes will be made to Duos until more balance/redesign can take place next year.
      • Game.ini
        • [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]

v462.7 - Server only

  • Fixed multiple server crashes


Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of all the patch notes, we'd like to explain where we're at with our decision-making. One (yes, we have more things we want to do, but just one) long-term intention for The Survival of the Fittest is to make sure that we have a lot of variety in creatures being used in each match. We would love to try and create roles for specific dinosaurs and ensure that everyone has their place at some stage of the game, whether it's start/mid/end, whether they're used for battle, great rewards for tokens/loot, or exist as a map threat. Going further than that, we'd love to be able to redesign and define some of the creatures to make them more interesting to play, as well as increase the skill ceiling. With that in mind, we've opted for the following quick balance changes based on our current view of the game and where we'd like it to go.

  • Thylacoleo - Of all the changes, this is the most extreme. Thyla's current kit is incredibly versatile. It has great mobility, can climb, has solid damage, bleed, a situational dismount wears armour, has a solid health pool, and great stamina (especially with TSOTF's general stamina changes -- and this endless jumping sucks (not just with the Thyla)). With all of this in mind, this is where we've taken the creature to find a better place in the meta but not the be-all-end-all. We may not always provide this additional context, but as this is the first *big* change we're making by taking away some functionality, we wanted to shed some insight, and as always, this may not be the last time we visit this creature.
    • Can no longer use mounted weaponry
    • Reduced health by 15%
    • Increased Jump stamina cost by 2x
    • Reduced stamina by 45%
    • Increased damage by 5%
  • Sabertooth
    • Increased Jump stamina cost by 2x
    • Increased damage by 15%
  • Direwolf
    • Increased health by 35%
    • Increased Jump stamina cost by 2x
    • Increased damage by 20%
  • Carcha
    • Reduced damage by 10%
    • Reduce movement speed by 15%
  • Therizino
    • Reduced damage by 20%
    • Reduced health by 20%
    • Reduced stamina by 10%
    • Reduced movement speed by 10%
  • Rex
    • Increased stamina by 40%
  • Hesperonis
    • Disabled taming
  • Triceratops
    • Increased damage by 25%
    • Increased stamina by 25%
  • Stego
    • Increased health by 7.5%
    • Increased stamina by 17.5%
    • Increased movement speed by 10%
  • Kentro
    • Increased health by 10%
    • Increased movement speed by 10%
    • Increased stamina by 17.5%
  • Toad
    • Drag weight has been decreased to 85. This is in line with a Raptor regarding taming, leveling it up, healing, and tokens earned for killing.
  • Yutyrannus
    • Fear debuff duration reduced by 25%
    • Fear force-flee movement duration reduced by 15%
    • Stamina increased by 20%
  • Megatherium
    • Energized Buff
      • Decreased duration from 120 seconds to 60 seconds
      • Decreased damage reduction from 75% to 40%
      • Decreased damage bonus from 250% to 200%
  • Daeodon
    • Can no longer heal bosses
  • Bosses
    • Removed legacy ultra-passive heal (remnant of ARK boss fights)
  • Weapons
    • Prevented Netgun and Flamethrower from being used when riding a creature
  • Tokens
    • Increased cost to heal creatures by 33%
  • Armour
    • Increased shield value by 30% at all tiers
  • Tier System
    • Fixed a bug where the Dino Tier system was using the default stats of the creature and multiplying that rather than the TSOTF stats; you will experience some stat changes on some creatures now that this has been fixed. Namely giving more creatures additional stamina.
    • Increased the maximum health bonus of achieving T1 from 175% to 215%. Previously T1 creatures had too little health, enabling them to get crushed when coming head to head with any tier above it or bosses. Whilst they still aren't as strong versus T2 or T3, they will have better defensive capabilities for a cheap investment of tokens/experience. Overall this change aims to:
      • Reduce the gap between T1 and T3 creatures
      • Makes T2 less rewarding overall (driving players to commit to T3)
      • Aim to incentivize having more T1 creatures to help bolster your Dino Army (Dino Armies are outclassed at the moment and we're trying to bring them into a place where they could be considered an option). 
    • Fixed a bug where when leveling up a Dino Tier, it was resetting your current values to the default and then increasing them. This resulted in players sometimes having more or less current health when leveling (max was unaffected). For example, if you had 100 current health left and leveled up, you would be increased to whatever your default tier 0 health was and then have your max increased. Alternatively, if you had 2000 current health and then leveled, you would be decreased to your default and then have your max increased. This fix means it will respect your current health when leveling.
  • New client-side option/setting available:
    • Disable Paintings
      • Prevents client-side replication of per-pixel painting (on dinos, humans, and players) on YOUR computer only.
  • Initial testing/implementation of word filter 
  • New Config available for GameUserSettings.ini
    • [TSOTF]
      PreventBosses=0 // set to 1 disables Bosses
  • New Configs available for Game.ini
    • [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
    • TamedDinoClassStaminaMultipliers=(ClassName="",Multiplier=1) // Config allows overriding a tamed dino's stamina. Example: TamedDinoClassStaminaMultipliers=(ClassName="Spino_Character_BP_TSOTF_C",Multiplier=50)
    • TamedDinoClassSpeedMultipliers=(ClassName="",Multiplier=1) // Config allows overriding a tamed dino's speed. Example: TamedDinoClassSpeedMultipliers=(ClassName="Spino_Character_BP_TSOTF_C",Multiplier=20)
    • DinoClassSpeedMultipliers=(ClassName="",Multiplier=1) // Config allows overriding a wild dino's speed.
      Example: DinoClassSpeedMultipliers=(ClassName="Spino_Character_BP_TSOTF_C",Multiplier=20)
    • We have removed the config values on Tribes of 4 that were affecting the Therizino and Carcha following this balance pass.
    • We have removed the config value on Solos that is affecting the Therizinio following this balance pass.


  • Adjusted the drag weight of some creatures. Drag weight in TSOTF is used to determine how many tokens a creature provides when killed, how many tokens it needs to be tamed, how many tokens it costs to heal, and how many experience points are required to tier up.
    • Therizino drag weight has been increased to 500 (matches Yuty)
    • Thylacoleo drag weight has been increased to 400 (matches Mammoth)
    • Daeodon drag weight has been increased to 200 (matches Pachyrhinosaurus)
  • Overrode the Daeodon token tame cost to 80 tokens due to its role as an aoe-healer.
  • OFFICIAL ONLY - CONFIGURATION CHANGE - Temporarily (don't panic it's a bandaid) reduced the damage/resistance of various creatures and bosses in both modes until further balance work can take place after the holidays.
    • Tribes of 4:
      • Reduced Dragon damage by 25%
      • Reduced Dragon resistance by 15%
      • Reduced Therizino damage by 20%
      • Reduced Carcha damage by 10%
      • Increased Broodmother's resistance by 15%
        • This goes inside of Game.ini
          • [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
          • TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_TSOTF_C_C",Multiplier=0.75)
    • Solo
      • Reduced Dragon damage by 35%
      • Reduced Dragon resistance by 35%
      • Reduced Megapithecus damage by 30%
      • Reduced Megapithecus resistance by 30%
      • Reduced Giga's damage by 20%
      • Reduced Carcha's damage by 25%
      • Reduced Therizino damage by 20%
        • This goes inside of Game.ini
          • [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
          • TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_TSOTF_C",Multiplier=0.65)


  • Fixed some issues where admins were not being properly initialised, preventing them from running commanders as spectators. 


  • Match In Progress servers are now auto-sorted to the bottom of the session list


  • Configs available for GameUserSettings.ini
    • [ServerSettings]
    • AutoCreateTribes=true // force players into a tribe automatically (good for prevent tribe servers (1 player)


  • Configs available for GameUserSettings.ini
    • [ServerSettings]
    • bEnablePlayerMoveThroughAlly=False // if enabled allows players to walk through ally dinos
      bEnablePlayerMoveThroughSleeping=False // if enabled allows players to walk through unconscious dinos


  • Game mode released
  • Configs available for GameUserSettings.ini
    • [TSOTF]
      PreventTribes=0 // set to 1 disables tribes
      PreventSpectator=0 // set to 1 disables spectator as an eliminated player
      MinTribesToStartMatch=5 // how many tribes you need to start the normal timer
      MinPlayersToQuickStartMatch=32 // how many players you need to start the quick timer
      TimeToStartMatch=600 // normal timer
      TimeToQuickStartMatch=120 // quick timer
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