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after dino wipe dinos not respawning PS5, xbox (NOT A MOD)


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On regular ark the destroywilddinos command works great when I want event dinos to spawn and need to wipe the non event color dinos. On primitive plus however, when I used this command the dinos wiped and never ever have come back. which means something is broken between destroy and respawn in the code. is there a forcerespawndino command that works for console? My understanding is -forcerespawndinos is for PC and is part of a command line. which obvo isnt going to work on Playstation.

Anyone know what that force respawn command might be? I have tried
1) clear ps cache
2) delete and reinstall game
3) destroywilddinos and waiting a very long time
4) deleting the saved map and starting with new character. NONE of my primitive plus maps now have ANY dinos.

would like to add that prior to last event the turkey trial there were no dinos on the center on either version of single player, vanilla or primitive+ after turkey trial I went back to check and there were dinos. so I went ahead and did a dino wipe because I wanted to use turkey trial and please note I even tried not using any event...and now the dinos on that map are gone again and not returned after two days. if Im correct they will respawn then devs activate winter holiday. which of course I will not get on single player unless I enter the code and I wont get any colors unless I kill all dinos. and if I kill all dinos on single player on some maps never coming back. the center is supposed to be dead. so why do I have dinos there but not on the island and this is true of p+ and normal map.
something when event is enacted by devs brings the dinos back. though not in colors. asking devs for a FORCE DINO SPAWN COMMAND FOR CONSOLE PLEASE?

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