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pvp [SurviveTheArk 10x] Trios


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Survive The Ark Trios 10x


Player Rates:

-/Xp Multiplier 15x/-
-/Damage Multiplier 1x/-
-/Resistance Multiplier 1x/-
-/Water&Food Drain Multiplier 0.2x/-
-/Stamina Drain Multiplier 0.4x/-
-/Health Recovery Multiplier 1.3x/-
-/Harvesting Damage Multiplier 1.3x/-
-/Crafting Skill Bonus Multiplier 1.0x/-
-/Crafting Skill Per Level Multiplier 2x/-
-/Fortitude Per Level Multiplier 10x/-
-/Weight 3x 30 Weight PerLevel/-

Dino Rates:

-/Damage Multiplier 1.0x/-
-/Resistance Multiplier 1.0x/-
-/Stamina Drain Multiplier 1.0x/-
-/Health Recovery Multiplier 1.0x/-
-/Harvesting Damage Multiplier 3.0x/-
-/Imprint Multiplier 1.15x/-
-/Mating Interval Multiplier 0.14x/-
-/4x Weight/-

Weapon Caps:

-/Damage [310%]/-
-/Armor Durability [Flak 1000-1266 Depends on What Armor Riot etc]/-
-/Saddle Armor [145%]/-

Join Today And Become Alpha WIPING[09.12.22]

discord bk9ekZVVXf


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