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Official random map rotation



After starting on the official beginner server to get some level 1 dinos I had the idea of a map rotation.

I think it would be fun if there are a few servers which are connected with the main servers which rotate random every few months.

Transfering to these servers wouldn be active but transfering off so players need to restart with a new character.

These servers will have a different map each time with a different "effect" so f.e. like the beginner server: Island with low levels.

After f.e. 3 months these servers get wiped and restart again with a new map and another effect (or the same since its random).

Some effects I thought of:

- wild dinos low level (1-20)

- wild dinos high level (150-200) <- which would make a new breeding start better since max is normally 150.

- wild dinos in 1 color / or a color sheme (more colors)

- wild dinos with skins

- and maybe hardcore settings/perma death random on/off

- and maybe primitive on and off (no metal/tek)


This would make the endgame more fun since you can restart on servers again to get dinos/skins/items you need for the main servers + have a decent challenge.

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