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Best mid-game creature


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4 hours ago, Lagonbreezey said:

Following the poll I made yesterday, when expanding into mid-game you can manage to tame a whole plethora of unique creatures that were once much harder to tame, so whats your best mid-game tame?

argy......since their saddle was moved up to level 62, it takes forever to get to x.x
wyvern too I suppose. Basil, mosa, rock drake.....yeah. More or less the "one OP tame to tame the map proper" kind of dino

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I think the Thyla is a really great mid-game tame, since it opens the ability to deal with alphas easily (bleed damage) and get yourself ready for caving, an important step to take when preparing for Bosses (endgame)
Its saddle if unlocked at lvl 51, so thats actually a good indication its mid-game. Players with levels above 105, are probably archieved after doing end-game stuff.
Taming-wise its not the hardest thing to tame, but functional-wise, it might be that dino that indicates you are mid-game...

This is PvE

For pvp, its the same, but for getting Alpha, the mid-game dino might just be a good Giga or Mana line

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