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pvp ⚠️ NEW ⚠️ | Ephemeral Ark | 🏝️ Ragnarok 🏝️ | Just Wiped | Mods!

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Ephemeral Ark

A new server with a classic take on Ark!


Community Events 
We enjoy organizing community events for everyone! The more players we gain, the bigger and better these events will become!

Quality support
Our management team has 5 years experience with running various game servers. Adding to that a professional support team. You are guaranteed a reply to a ticket within 48 hours!

Active Discord Server
Want to make friends with your neighbours but just can't connect in game? Try dropping them a message through our discord server in one of the dedicated ARK channels!

Dedicated Quality Servers
Tired of those sudden shutdowns or playing on a server that isn't running the latest version? Not here, our servers are fully automated and run completely on their own.
The system checks every hour for an available update, finding one and it will launch the restart process, giving all active players a countdown!
Additionally we have a fully automated backup system to make sure we have all user and map data stored safely. 


Our servers

EU - PvP - Ragnarok | Discord #Servers-info Channel


Structures Plus (S+)
Arkitect Structures (Core)
Arkitect Structures (Atlas)
Classic armors skins
RP Visual Storage


Click the link below to join our discord and get access to one of the best communities out there!

Join the Discord Today!


Happy Hunting Survivors!


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  • JamieBH911 changed the title to ⚠️ NEW⚠️ | Ephemeral Ark | 🏝️ Ragnarok 🏝️ | ⬆️ Boosted ⬆️ | Mods!
  • JamieBH911 changed the title to ⚠️ NEW ⚠️ | Ephemeral Ark | 🏝️ Ragnarok 🏝️ | Just Wiped | Mods!

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