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pvp Dark Karma Gaming server admin wanted

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Here at Dark Karma we have always been a huge fan of ARK, hosting a cluster of all official maps. With much consideration, we have realised that many people struggle with online play due to lack of time,  due to work, family or anything else. so we are unveiling our new cluster, with higher rates, to ensure even people with very limited time aren't stuck only playing single player, as they can't find the time to log on and grind for hours at a time. Due to this new opening, we are looking for an admin or two, who can be online when I am not available. the rules of the server are as followed: 

1.) Stay Classy

2.) No Mods or Hacks

3.) No Advertising

4.) English Only

5.) No Random raiding. War must be declared.

6.) No pickup mod in raiding or caves

7.) No Spamming

8.) No Racial Slurs

If you are interested in the position of an admin, please message me on discord at "PrOsKiTtLeSs2#0504" using the following template:

1) Name and age

2) time zone

3) languages you speak

4)hours of play time on ark (with a screenshot to back it up) 

5) any previous experience being an admin

6) why you want to be one

From there I will personally interview people and ensure that the only people who are accepted are genuine gamers that will help to progress the community.

The rules the new admin are expected to follow are simple, be respectful of players, message me if not sure on any altercations or issues in the game, ensure the rules are being followed in the game and most importantly, enjoy yourself, a community is always so much better when the staff are doing something they love.

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updated rules
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