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  • GroveStreet



  • Restored functionality to Cloning Chamber
  • Adjusted lighting in Genesis Pt. 1 map


  • Minor performance and lighting improvements


  • Added support for Genesis: Part 1 Expansion Map
  • Added support for Summer Bash event
  • Tuned the Double Tap L to Whistle Attack Target command
  • Fixed cinematics to play correctly when viewed from the Explorer Note menu
  • Fixed Carcharodontosaurus saddle crafting
  • Fixed cryopods to no longer allow for duplicating items
  • Fixed cryopodded tames not eating after transferring maps
  • Fixed Ice & Fire Wyverns to properly apply elemental immunity in PvP
  • Fixed missing option to spay or neuter a tamed Rock Drake
  • Fixed helmet armor slot to properly account for headshot damage
  • Fixed input issue that could cause Raptor jump to break
  • Fixed invisible crops growing on crop plots (Single Player)
  • Restored ability for Gacha to consume inventory items while in stasis (Multiplayer)
  • Fixed a crash when grabbed by the Forest Titan (Extinction)
  • Fixed nighttime lightning visuals on Desert Titan (Extinction)
  • Fixed a hole in the ceiling of The Caverns of Lost Faith (The Island)
  • Fixed numerous holes in underwater caves (The Island) 
  • Fixed the emissive effect on the ground of Swamp Cave (The Island)
  • Single Player Map Selection screen now defaults to last played map
  • Numerous localization fixes for Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean & Russian


  • Fixed Carcharodontosaurus Saddle being craftable in remote inventories
  • Fixed console command access for Unofficial Server admins
  • Restored Cryo Sickness functionality on PvP servers


  • Added support for upcoming Extinction DLC
  • Carcharodontosaurus can now be found roaming The Island, Ragnarok & Extinction
  • Radial Structure limit increased by 15%
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean languages
  • Fix for launching Non-Dedicated Sessions with DLC maps
  • Improvements to Supply Drop accessibility
  • Palm Tree bridges in Ragnarok are now usable
  • Fixed Wyvern overspawning on Ragnarok
  • Fix for Kaprosuchus doing massive damage when attacking players
  • Fixed camera position becoming offset while flying tames
  • Restored audio to Spray Painter
  • Fixed Tek Dedicated Storage to visualize inventory numbers
  • Fixed Jetpack visuals in low frame rate situations
  • Fixed Holograms in Overseer Arena on The Island
  • Fixed Spawn Regions not showing on Create New Survivor screen
  • Fixed invisible buttons in painting menu
  • Fixed Explorer Note chests to open when discovered while mounted on a tame
  • Fix for items in the midst of crafting when exiting and re-entering Single Player
  • Disabled UI on Radio as this item is cosmetic-only on Switch
  • Painting your Survivor or Tame in Multiplayer now saves properly
  • Fixed Ban functionality in Admin Manager on Unofficial Servers
  • Disabled access to Engine & Console Command UI for all non-admins in Multiplayer
  • Fix for very small inventory numbers when playing in Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Korean
  • Wooden Billboard is now appropriately named "Wooden Billboard"


  • Added support for upcoming Ragnarok DLC
  • Non-dedicated sessions now available
  • Fixed broken state in which wild dinos would stop moving online
  • Fixed creature spawning issues
  • Fixed broken anti-mesh logic incorrectly killing players on entry to pearl caves online
  • Fixed days not saving online
  • Significantly improved melee combat performance
  • Fixed some creatures being lost during ascension
  • Fixed crash that would occur when Network Error dialog was present
  • Fixed beehives floating on the island
  • Fixed tree sap taps
  • Fixed Aberration exterior lighting
  • Fixed multiplayer movement issues with parachute and zip line
  • Improved underwater post process visuals
  • Improved Aberration cave lighting
  • Fixed overly bright tooltip icons
  • Improved Baby Reaper vfx
  • Fixed Reaper King aggro issues
  • Fixed Reaper impregnation issues whilst riding a creature
  • Fixed Rockwell trophy visual issues
  • Fixed Manticore trophy colors to be accurate
  • Fixed lighting in Rockwell boss arena
  • Fixed Rockwell tentacle animation issues
  • Fixed issue in which tamed Megalosaurus would stand whilst asleep
  • Fixed Megatherium to preserve sitting state on save/load
  • Fixed many ground seams and collision issues on all maps
  • Fixed bad movement on flyers if player logged out whilst mounted online
  • Fixed flickering mating icons online
  • Fixed animation hitches online opening map or cycling tools
  • Fixed creatures in caves to be untamable by design
  • Fixed Cryopod tool tip not displaying stats correctly
  • Fixed visuals on "She Who Waits" explorer notes
  • Fixed ballista turret visualizing ammo when it had none
  • Cheat fly no longer interrupted when colliding with water


  • Added support for upcoming Aberration DLC
  • Added support for Holiday Events
  • Added Option to disable Shadows
  • Added Option called 'Default Survivor Items' to allow players to spawn without additional cosmetic skins
  • 'View Info for Tribe' now properly shows tribe information
  • Fix for Cryopod issues in Single Player
  • Fix for a handful of creatures that could not be painted
  • Tamed Onycs will no longer prompt you to equip a saddle
  • Nerdry Glasses skin now properly hides helmet
  • Dye now properly colors clothing
  • Fixed 'Maximum Difficulty' tooltip to properly show Max Dino Level of 120
  • In handheld mode, touching the Chat box in multiplayer will bring up the keyboard
  • Fix for turrets not targeting properly in Multiplayer
  • Various fixes to map topography
  • Various localization fixes
  • Various UI fixes
  • Various minor bug fixes & stability improvements


  • Boosted gamma when Light Bloom option is toggled off
  • Explorer Note audio now continues to play when the Note is closed. This can be toggled in Options
  • Pressing + button while highlighting a server in the server browser will immediately join it
  • Improved hand animations when switching between weapons, tools and the map
  • Fix for tames starving unexpectedly in Single Player
  • Cryo sick tames no longer hover
  • Fixed Plasma Cannons on Tek Saddles firing properly
  • Fix for mate boosted heart icon properly appearing in Multiplayer
  • Improvements to gliding while using an Archaeopteryx
  • Fix for sorting by weight in inventory
  • Fixed scaling on C4 & Transponders when attached to creatures
  • Hot Bar now hides when using a scope
  • Fix for overlapping demolish timer text
  • Various localization fixes


  • Fixed crash when quickly knocking over and/or harvesting multiple trees
  • Fixed crop plots and farming
  • Fixed crash bringing creatures out of cryopods
  • Fixed rare crash entering or exiting the game underwater
  • Fixed issues with Ascension not returning to main menu properly
  • Fixed mappings issues with TEK leggings and map
  • Fixed camera issues while riding raft
  • Fixed missing info when targeting creatures with spyglass
  • Fixed torches & flamethrower disabling when player was slightly touching water
  • Fixed duplicated HLNA when resuming while equipped
  • Fixed errant intense wind physics on trees
  • Fixed main menu music to use music slider within options
  • Fixed Dilo blind visual issues
  • Fixed Yutyrannus fear debuff visual issues
  • Clarified inventory transferring controls on options screen
  • Disabled previewmode toggle
  • Improved crop LODs
  • Improved TEK LODs
  • MP: Fixed timeout issues when watching cinematics
  • MP: Fixed Archaeopteryx going invisible sometimes when picked up
  • MP: Fixed structure pick up timers
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