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pvp [PC] [STEAM] [PVP]- The return of #Sour Cluster


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Who are we? We are a cluster that has been existed before on console. All the founders have been switched over to PC. So here we are! With a fully new experience for the pc players. What we want to achieve is quick and fun PVP. On the oldschool way. No genesis one or two.
What do we offer:
  • 50X Harvest
  • Custom Crafting
  • 20X Taming
  • 50X Breeding (12 hours giga)
  • 6 Man Tribes
  • No Alliance
  • Urgent Auto Engram(No tek)
  • Boosted Drops
  • Custom Boss Loot
  • Ingame Shop
  • Donations = Random
  • Challange System (Rewards are Donation points + Non-Obtainable engrams)
  • 5+ Founders Experience.
  • 3 - 5 Maps
  • Player decided Settings
- There is alot of room to change anything in here. Do you want to help changing the game?
Join Our discord:
Launch Decided when discord hits 500 Members
See also our epic trailer:
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