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End of game suggestions



Since work on the game is ending soon, and the devs are actually overhauling important things finally, i figured now would be a good time to suggest tweaks to finalize the overhaulings and perfect the base game.

Theres been a lot of controversy about the mana since extinction released.  As a pve'er and SP'er, i feel a sadness that i never got to experience the mana in its prime.  So my idea is to add a revert button(box) to our server settings for unofficial and SP players that allows us to revert the manas nerfs, at least to some degree.  My 1st time i messed with a mana was christmas like 2 or 3 years ago.  Back then you could still do as many dashes as ur stamina allowed tho each dash costed more stamina.  As extinctions "dragon" tame it felt about right.  It got around faster but it paid by being unable to actually hover and stay airborne, having to constantly shift and burn stamina.  By that time i think the freeze ray had been nerfed too. With all these insane super beasts and items we have now does the mana still need to be so decimated?  As the greatest of the non boss tames of our 3rd dlc, the end of the original chapter of the game, being its "dragon" should it not be an improvement over wyverns and drakes?  We have giant "god" beasts and life leeching super dragons.  A walking machine gun apc beast and an artillary spike dino.  Furthermore all the comparable beasts that used to be the counter arguments for why the mana has to b weakened have also been overhauled to make them even better, Ex: wyverns and drakes gain the manas ability to breed, plus retaining the wild level cap of 190 and access to better wild level spawns on non story maps(Wyvern only).  The server option would allow the pve and maybe some of the pvp fanbase to revert some of the manas crippling nerfs without interfering with the official servers and pvpers.  Its a win win for everyone that fought over this for a long time.

The lil good luck charm sea beast, Leo something, darn thing disappears after 15mins.  I dont like hunting an uncommon creature down and taming it just for it to ghost my hindend later.  Adding a keep box for server options again would be ideal for everyone again.  That way online play wouldnt be bothered by players getting "better" loot but pve and SP players on unofficial could maybe get better loot without going into a coma...Especially where SP cave drops spawn drastically slower.

Speaking of that, can we plz fix the broken loot spawns in the caves, esp the SP ones.  Afaik the crawl cave still has 0 loot including the artifact.  The horridly low cave spawn rate makes no sense for SP as well.  We are solo, everything is harder for us because we have no help...Why did the devs create coding to purposefully hinder us further?  Its not like we get our good guns or saddles easier...

Id still like to be able to breed more of the creatures.  The phoenix and basilisk would be awesome.  Neither of them is OP and the basilisk has fallen behind badly as ark evolved.  Id like a breedable reaper too but i understand if it doesn't happen.

To get the word out ima invite a few people @invincibleqc @GP @AngrySaltire@Cedric

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