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Server Heave Inquiries

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** No crazy high settings! **



Current Status: Offline


Please read our server settings section before joining.


** Check out our website for more details about our server **


Our Website



**Please join our email and text update list on our website to get updates on our server and the events**



The Mad Hatter Server is a one of a kind server which has what we call no bull****. We have easy but still realistic settings and we only have 2 rules. 

Our server is a balanced server that is realistic, rewarding, fun, and much easier. We also have no offline raiding (offline prevention kicks in 2.5 minutes after someone leaves) or turrents on platforms! If you like offline raiding please join us for purge day. We hold a monthly purge day where offline raiding will be allowed for 24 hours. The admins will purge so look out alpha tribes! Our admins will NEVER over power you! It is our promise to be fair with all players.

 The Mad Hatter team is a group of  guys that are very laid back and fun to play with. We are nice to new members. We also have 2 members that are comedians so it makes gameplay that much more fun! 

We are always welcome to new players.


Please add: MadHatterServer (Gamertag)

To join us anytime go to our xbox profile then click "invite to game" and scroll down to "join game."



** Add us then send a message so we can add you back **


Find us on Twitter:




Facebook: MadHattersServer 



GroupMe group name: (Great for talking to people in our server whenever you want. You can also see which events are going on that day. Can be used on any mobile device without downloading the app.)

Mad Hatter Server



We do wild dino wipes daily between 1-2am American EST. Please do not tame before depending on how long it will take and between those times. We are not responsible for dino loses!


Our only 2 rules...

  • No killing or robbing any event competitor or bystander. 
    • *Banable offence*
  • No Catapults! (They cause server crashes and wipes!)

Punishments: (If you Fu** with us)

 We will lock you in our prison and throw feces at you!



  • Gladiator Battles 

    • Up to 10 people battling to be the best as well as win a prize!

    • Everyone gets 2 medical brew, 5 meat jerky, and 1 full water jar.

    • Arena has storage boxes throughout full of weapons and ammo.

    • Competitors can be either volunteers or random people we will knockout and place in cages until the battle begins.

    • Their inventory will be placed in a locker.

    • The will have locker pin codes to receive their stuff anytime.

    • We will inform everyone when battle is going to begin.

    • Winner gets...

      • Full Flak, Fur, or Riot Armor

      • 25 of each resource*Except Rare Mushrooms and Flowers you will get 5 of each*

      • 10 of every color

      • Metal Hatchet, Pick, and sickle

      • 1 weapon of your choice with 25 ammo (Except explosives, any type of grenade, electric prod, and fabricated firearms)

      • Radio

      • Canteen

      • 10 Medical or Energy Brew

      • 25 Meat Jerky


  • Dodo fights

    • Bring your dodo

    • Fight until one dodo is left standing

      • You must break alliances before the battle so all dodos fight each other.

        • If more than one dodo stands there is no winner.

        • 1 dodo per tribe.

    • Winner gets...

      • 25 Jerky

      • 1 Water Jar

      • 25 Narcotics

      • 10 of each resource (Except Mushrooms and flowers)

      • 5 of every color


  • Dino Battles 

    • Bring any animal you want in the class specified

    • Each battle will be either land, land superior, water, or air.

      • Land Superior - Bears, T-Rexs, Giganotosauruses, and Spinosaures

    • Fight to the death

    • Will be held at the following locations

      • Land: Dino battle Arena

      • Water: Specified location on our website update

      • Air: Above Arena

    • Winner gets... (Losers also get a prize due to their animal loss)

      • Full Flak, Fur, or Riot Armor 

      • Metal Sword

      • Metal Shield

      • 50 of each resource *Except Rare Mushrooms and Flowers you will get 10 of each*

      • 5 Plant x seeds or 5 metal spike walls

      • 1 animal of your choice plus saddle (Except Mosasauruses, Plesiosauruses, Giganotosauruses, T-Rexs, Spinosaures, Bears, and Queztals) *Random Level*

      • 25 of every color, 3 paint brushes, and 1 spray painter

      • Metal Hatchet, Pick, and sickle

      • 1 weapon of your choice (Except explosives, any type of grenade, electric prod, and fabricated firearms)

      • 50 ammo of your choice (Not including darts)

      • 2 Radios

      • 2 Canteens

      • 25 Medical or Energy Brew

      • 25 Prime Meat Jerky


  • Tribe Wars *Limit 1 per tribe per week*

    • Tribes start it themselves

    • ** Put up signs near enemy base to ask them to battle. (Gets their attention!) **

    • Tribes choose a time and place

    • Must inform us so an admin can watch

    • Winners get...

      • 1 animal of tribe choice plus saddle (Except Mosasauruses, Plesiosauruses, Giganotosauruses, T-Rexs, Spinosaures, Bears, and Queztals) *Random Level*

      • 3 weapons of tribe choice (Except explosives, any type of grenade, electric prod, and fabricated firearms)


  • One on Ones

    • One on Ones are at the battle arena. 

    • Winner gets...

      • The feeling of kicking a**!

      • Everything taken off enemy's body and locker.

      • Water Jar

      • 10 meat jerk

      • 5 Medical or Energy Brew


  • One on One tournaments

    • One on Ones tournaments are started by admins. We allow tribes to choose one participant. Weapons that are allowed vary. 

    • Winner gets...

      • Everything taken off bodies

      • Radio

      • Canteen

      • 25 Prime Meat Jerky

      • 10 Medical or Energy Brew

      • A post on our website advertising your win.


  • Races 

    • Courses made for each animal type

    • Prizes vary.

  • Yeti Basketball

    • You will get 3 trys to throw yourself into a 1 foundation building.

    • Prizes

      • Through the hatch frame: A FREE PAINTED YETI! *Limit 1 per person*

      • 1st (Most times landing in the building): Full Chitin, Crossbow with 25 arrow, 10 tranq arrows, and all prizes given to 2nd and 3rd place winners.

      • 2nd: Saddle of your choice (Must be within your level range)

      • 3rd: 25 narcotics & 10 metal

  • Fesces Basketball

    • Try to get poop through the hoop.

    • You get to pick the prize.

      • 10 Meat Jerky

      • 1 Water Jar

      • 5 Medical or Energy Brew

  • Animal Scavenger Hunt

    • Location: Scavenger Hunt Pins next to blue Obilisk

    • Losers get a gift as well.

    • Winner Gets....

      • 1. 1 Pteranodon with saddle

      • 2. 25 of each resource*Except Rare Mushrooms and Flowers you will get 5 of each*

      • 3. 1 weapon of your choice (Except explosives, any type of grenade, electric prod, and fabricated firearms)

      • 4. 25 ammo of your choice (Not including darts)

      • 10 Medical or Energy Brew

      • Radio

      • Canteen

      • 10 prime meat jerky or 25 meat jerky


  • Fesces Dodgeball

    • Teams throw poop at each other!

    • Whoever gets hit is out.

      • Winners get...

        • Water jar

        • 10 meat jerky

        • 5 of each color

        • 2 Medical or Energy Brew


  • Comedy Shows 

    • Enjoyable and hilarious event!

    • BEER!

  • Even more posted on our website.


 Server Settings

*We have tested these settings for weeks to allow for a enjoyable, rewarding, and realistic experience.

(Tired of.. getting killed by level 5 dilos, running around looking for water, always dying when getting meat, or the worst of all everything is spoiled or gone when you get back on?)

  • No offline raiding or platforms turrents!

    • Offline raiding protection begins 2.5 minutes after logout.

    • Our server Purge day will be once a month and offline raiding will be allowed for 24 hours!

      • Admins do purge (We still keep our promise to never over power anyone.)

        • Alpha Tribes lookout!

  • 2.5X XP!

  • 3.0X Resource Harvesting (Increased harvesting, realistic, as well as equal chance for everyone)

  • Currently at 1.0 difficulty  ** Will increase overtime to 5.0 **

  • 2X faster resource respawn (No more waiting forever for resources to grow back)

  • 7.5X Taming (Realistic yet doesn't take forever) (5-60 minutes depending on level and animal)

  • 75% of normal animal food consumption (Not as much animal feeding required)(Also doesn't slow taming as much)(Perfect balance of taming and animal maintenance) 

  • 50% of the normal food and water consumption (Tired of running to find water or dying while trying to get food? We fixed that.) (Somewhat realistic)

  • 5X spoiling time(Real life spoiling times!)(1 raw meat lasts 1 hour in your invetory) 

  • Balanced Stamina Consumption for players and animals

  • Balanced damage, resistance, and health recovery of players and animals.(Realistic yet very enjoyable)(Much easier)

  • 80% of normal structure resistance(Tired of breaking 3 stone hatchets to break down a thatch door? We fixed that.) (Perfect balance for easier raiding and safety for the structure owners)

  • Increased player and tamed animal stats(Significant increase in health, weight, stamina, and more)

  • Increased mating, egg laying, egg hathcing, and pooping

  • Very slow structure decay

  • Enabled text & voice chat

  • Enabled Player location

  • Always PVP

Please contact us with any suggestions!






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Sorry to hear that your having issues joining. Send us a message and we will add you back and invite you as soon as possible. 


Everyone please look at our entire post so you know how our community works. We also have a website that tells you everything about our server as well as updates on the server. Please sign up for email updates so you can be updated directly. 

Our Website: www.MadHattersServer.wix.com/ServerHeaven


Please check our updates tab for more info on events like our Parasaur Races shown in the picture. 


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