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Giga TLC



The giga is in dire, dire need of a tlc. The model's outdated, it's mechanics are outdated, etc.  One of my ideas is that the giga could grab creatures smaller than a carno and toss them up in the air, catch them, and eat them whole, killing them instantly and healing. A model refresh could definitely add some new life into the giga. Maybe some other new abilities. This is just a template for an idea, so very rough. Add your suggestions in the comments below!

Good luck, and happy ARKing!

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What I would do is change his role from "Supreme Predator" to a "Giant Slayer"

this new "Giant Slayer" would be a little taller than the tyrannosaurus but it would bring much more HP (for example, a tyranosaurus has 12k hp, a giganoto would have 15k to 17k health points) its damage would depend more on its bleeding than it would scale depending on its size (ideal for bosses) thanks to its new ability "hunt giants" very similar to that of triceratops that when it comes across an animal equal to or larger it would increase its stamina, and it would recover it faster, it would be immune to fear, its attacks could accumulate the bleeding and these could slow down its victims but so that the boss fights do not last less than 10 minutes If giganoto stays too long, it generates fear to both friends and enemies and his fear is consumed by giganoto, he will go for him as well as in Mei ying's explorer notes when he goes for the megapithecus So in a boss fight, the ideal would be to sweat it periodically so that it doesn't cause a massacre.

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you're right but the premise of giga is like a level 200 rex with 80k health and 500 base damage and taming him at a high level was trying to keep a larger fraction of his immense power but then new dinosaurs and fantastic creatures came along with unique features. skills and I want the concert to have that.
In lore, the great beast/demon (as Mei yin calls it) is big and strong and all other creatures feared it and rightly so because good
the rage mechanic of him is to increase his bite power as he takes damage from another side.
    the Giganotosaurus carolini that existed in the Cretaceous knew that its food was the titanosaur and its skulls and teeth, like other carcharodontosaurs, are based on cutting and tearing the meat and bleeding its victims, hence the idea of
giant hunter
I that his rework would be like this
It would be based on removing the giga's size, damage and base health (also the carcha) so that they remain similar to the rex and the spino
give him the giant slayer roll he described
and if the char kills stronger it becomes
on the other hand, the gig, the more damage it takes, the stronger it becomes, giving it a tanky roll
and if the carcha has a tail, the gig will have a stomp
being like a carcha but more defensive

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An excerpt from a thread of my own discussing large theropod dinosaurs, which happened to include my idea for a Giga TLC


Giganotosaurus(Rework/TLC): The War Machine


Slightly Larger than Rex-Sized Carnivore


HP: 2000 Stam: 350 Oxygen: 150 Food: 4000 Weight: 700 MD: 76


Giganotosaurus is a large carnivore often found on mountains and in the Redwoods. They are physically imposing theropods that sit above all others on the food chain, and thus even an adult Tyrannosaur won’t dare attack one. Gigas will hunt anything and everything they can get their jaws around, and their large knife-like teeth cause deep lacerations with every bite. If this wasn’t bad enough, Gigas are relentless fighters, and don’t go down easily. Due to their large size, Gigas don’t take knockback from other dinosaur attacks and can’t be stunned by any means. In fact, even just fighting a Giga head on can be dangerous for other large carnivores, because Giga will become more and more infuriated as it loses health. At 75% health, it will gain a 15% boost to attack and damage resistance. At 50% health, it gains a further 10% damage boost and a 20% speed boost. Finally at 25% health, it will gain a 50% increase to both stamina and health regeneration for two minutes, as well as 10% more damage resistance. A Giga’s roar is ear splittingly loud, and can be used to deafen creatures for a short time, making them unable to receive positive effects from sound based abilities like Yutyrannus or Zhuchengtyrannus roars. This means launching an attack on a Giga is all about brute force, being able to outgun the Giga quickly and effectively. 


Taming a Giga is almost the same as it always has been, but it's relatively easier to KO this time around. Once you have it KO’d though, you should be careful, as every single creature in the area won’t hesitate at the chance to be rid of the Giga, and will attack it in a group effort to destroy it. You need to keep the Giga protected throughout the tame, but once you tame it you come into possession of the strongest theropod on the Arks. 


Tamed TLC Gigas have MUCH better stat growth than the current Gigas we have now. In addition, TLC Gigas gain access to the War Machine saddle, a heavy metal plated saddle that turns the Giga into a veritable tank. This saddle, much like the Andrewsarchus saddle, is heavily plated, and protects the Giga and its rider from being stunned by any means, as well as granting the rider infinite oxygen and some protection from the elements. Its armor value starts off at 75, and though blueprints for better ones are very rare, they can indeed be found. This does come at a cost however, as the War Machine Saddle makes swimming much more stamina intensive and it weighs quite a bit in the Giga’s inventory(100 units for primitive saddles, higher for saddles with a higher armor stat). This saddle boosts their usefulness in raids when combined with their overall strength, ability to remove/nullify sound based boosts, and bleed damage from their bites. 


Available On: The Island, Extinction, Genesis P1, Genesis P2, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Lost Island, Fjordur


Variants: Tek, Corrupt, R(Eden and Rockwell’s Garden)

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