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pve [PVE] Odyssey Cluster -NO MODS -All Official Maps -3x Rates -7x Breeding

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Welcome to Odyssey 
This NEW cluster officially started 10/24/2022. All Official Maps are on the cluster. The rates are below, some
other small tweaks to server settings were made based on the community (nothing game breaking). The goal
is keeping it vanilla. The admin is hosting the server himself and not through a 3rd party.
Come be apart of a new community!

Discord Invite Link:

Server Rates:
-3x Taming
-3x Gathering
-3x Exp
-7x Egg Hatch Speed
-7x Baby Mature Speed
-10x Mating Interval

Server Settings:
-Unlimited Mind Wipe
-Pick-Up Structure Always On
-All Structures Are Auto-Locked
-Element Transfer

Current Event:
X2 Tame + X2 Breed

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