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An Update on ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition for Nintendo Switch


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Although we planned to release the upgraded Ultimate Survivor Edition for Nintendo Switch on October 25th, the release process has been paused due to the unforeseen and unprecedented environment situation happening in the Pacific Northwest. This unfortunately means that our scheduled release isn't possible.

We're working with Nintendo closely and are now targeting an very-early November release, with EU and other regions to follow shortly after. We'll keep you updated as the situation progresses and we have more information to share about the release schedule.


If you're a returning Nintentdo Switch ARK Survivor, there's a wealth of useful information that will prepare you for the upcoming release.  Server information, space requirements, Discord information and more can all be found in the returning player guide!


image (115).jpgimage (114).jpgimage (107).jpgimage (106).jpgimage (108).jpgimage (109).jpgimage (110).jpgimage (111).jpgimage (112).jpgimage (113).jpg


image (105).jpg


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  • Volunteer Moderator
8 minutes ago, Griffin998 said:

What about mobile? Give some love to those people too! I checked mobile out once, and it was...not up to scratch. Today's iphones can do much better than what mobile is now.

Mobile isn't be developed anymore. They are looking for a new mobile developer.

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12 hours ago, GP said:

I think he might mean the new content that the Switch will get, i.e. Scorched Earth ascension, Island intro, dossiers etc.

Gotcha, I thought those had already been added. I haven't done anything in game to warrant seeing them. Will be nice for new players. For us crusty old folk, I figured once you've seen it on Youtube you've, well, seen it.

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